The Family Bible of Henry Caleb Lowe

Henry Caleb Lowe Bible Family Record


Husband: Henry Caleb Lowe Born August 20th 1849
Wife Mary Elizabeth Mortimer Born August 30th 1857
Married August 15th 1876


Harry Gerald Lowe born Nov 10th 1877
Louis Samuel Lowe born August 3rd 1879
Elsie Lowe born February 14th 1881
Aimee Helen Lowe born March 5th 1884
Thomas Weston Lowe born July 20th 1888
Mary Alexa Lowe born November 27th 1898


Louis Samuel Lowe and Mary Bradley married Feb 21 1905
Aimee Helen Lowe and Parker Ritchie married October 21st 1914
Mary Alexa Lowe and Waldron Earl Prowse Married Sept 15th 1926
Aimee Helen Lowe Ritchie and Harry J. James November 4th, 1940


Harry Gerald Lowe died February 19th 1912
Louis Parker Ritchie died July 14th 1933
Henry Caleb Lowe died January 18, 1939
Louis Samuel Lowe died February, 4th, 1940
Mary Elizabeth Lowe died April 14th, 1940
Aimee Helen Lowe Ritchie James April 16th, 1956
Thomas Weston Lowe died March 18th, 1963
Elsie Lowe died Nov 3rd, 1974
Mary Alexa Lowe Prowse Died September 18, 1984

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