The Family Bible of James and Martha Smith

James Smith and Martha E.(?) Praught were married at St. Dunstan's by Rev. Fr. McIntyre on the 2nd. Of July, 1884. Witnesses were Susan Praught and Peter McLellan. James and Martha Smith lived in Charlottetown at 64 Great George St.



Martha E.(?) Smith, born Praught, Feb. 11th, 1865. Baptized at St. Joachim Church, Vernon River by Rev. Fr. Phalen.

James Smith, born Sept. 5th, 1856. Baptized at St. Joachim Church, Vernon River.


Annie May born May 25th, 1885
Georgina Adele born May 3rd, 1888
Margaret Ellen born Nov. 27, 1889
William Henry born Sept. 23, 1891
Martha Winifred born July 12, 1894
James Edward born July 4, 1896


Georgina Adele and A. M. Woodside - April 13th, 1910
Margaret Ellen and James J. Marshall - July 6th, 1914
Martha Winifred and Leo A. Lobsinger - August 5th, 1918
Annie May and John McIsaac - August 16th, 1948


William Henry - March 23, 1901
James Edward - Sept. 15, 1916 - Courcellette, France
James Smith (father) - August 23, 1933
Martha Smith (mother) - Sept. 28, 1947
Annie May - May 5th, 1949
Martha Winifred - Oct. 1952 (Regina, Sk.)
Margaret Ellen - 1967 (Regina, Sk.)
Georgina Adele - Oct. 2, 1971 (Vancouver, BC)


I believe that Martha Praught was actually baptised Catherine Martha. Also, I always understood that the son James Edward was actually Edward James (that is how it appears on his army records. He was called Ted). The last death appearing in the bible is that of Annie May. I added the last three myself. I am the daughter of Martha and Leo Lobsinger. - Leona Lang, Regina, Sask.

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