The Family Bible of James and Mary (Sellick) Smith, Smith's Road

Here is a list of births in the family bible of James Smith, b. Apr 5, 1842 and Mary Jane (Sellick) Smith, b. Jul 31, 1847, of Smith's Road, PEI, in the order in which they appear on the family page from their Bible.

Rick Smith, [email protected]


Samuel J. Smith, b. Apr 22, 1870
Richard C. Smith, b. Aug 9, 1875
Elizabeth C. Smith, b. Sep 21, 1873
Maggie A. Smith, b. Jan 9, 1877
George C. Smith, b. Jul 30, 1879
Permines W. Smith, b. Mar 21, 1880
Janey K. Smith, b. Oct 21, 1888
James W. Smith, b. Oct 21, 1888
* Ruth J. Hisketh??, b. Jun 17, 1901?
* M. James Smith, b. Feb 3, 1908

*Note: These last two are unknown by Rick. If you know the connection to these individuals, please let Rick know...

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