The Family Bible of John Cummins 1802

Bible of: John Cummins 1802

By Donald W. Stevenson

A leather bound volume size 16" X 10" X 3.5" On the front cover embossed in the leather is:



This Bible has been in the possession of Elliott Kells since the death of his mother, Mary (Stevenson) Kells. She in turn must have inherited it from her mother Emeline (Ackland) Stevenson the daughter of Mary Ann (Cummings) Ackland. Emeline was also this writer’s grandmother.

It is in rather poor condition with most of the faceplate missing except for a small top left portion. We were unable to establish a date of printing but it was printed in the era in which "s" was printed as "f" unless it was the final letter of the word.

Based on entries on the engraved illustrations we learn:

"Engraved for the Rev T. BANKES's CHRISTIANs FAMILY BIBLE Published as the act directs by C. Cooke, No 17 Pater-noster Row, London

Rev Thomas Bankes of St Mary, Oxon; was the vicar of Dixton in Monmouthshire and the morning and afternoon preacher at Hamstead.


The missing faceplate was found with the following information written just inside the front cover.

John Cummins born November 6th 1771
Ann Cummins born April 5th 1773
Thomas Cummins born January 19th 1776
William Cummins born October 1st, 1783
and departed this life January 2nd, 1784

Mrs Janet Cummins mother of the above departed this life 14th June 1797 aged 56 years. Mr John Cummins father of the above departed this life the 30th October 1816 in the 74 year of his age.

Johns sister Ann Cummins the above or Ann R of _____ _____ _____ _____ departed this life on Monday the 27th March 1843

John Cummins departed this life the 12th June in the 73 year of his age 1844

On the reverse side of the engraved plate in II Chronicles X11
[Written in a large hand with charcoal pencil]

Mary T Cummings born Novemeber 14, 1874 Corn
Catherine J Cummings Dec 20, 1876 North River
Maggie V Cummings Jan 28 1877 North River
Bessie M Cummings Nov 3 1879 North River
Charles J Cummings Feb 5 1881 North River
Jacob P Cummings June 5, 1883 North River
Katie B Cummings July 18 1885 North River
Robert G Cummings Oct 12, 1887 North River
Mattie H Cummings Sept 5, 1890 North River
Harry T Cummings Dec 25 1895 North River

On the reverse side of the engraved plate before the Gospel of Saint Matthew
[Appears to be written all in the same handwriting in ink]

Marriages in 1831


John Cummings and

William Cummings

Catherine Hearts

born November 10th 1831

were married by _license??_

Catherine Cummings

the 27th day of January 1831 both

born September 15, 1833

ages together 43 years

George Cummings was born


July 15th, 1836


John Cummings was


born November 5th 1838


Francis Cummings was

William Cummings

born November 17, 1839

was born May 4, 1764

Robert G Cummings was

John Cummings

born October 8th 1841

Born June 4, 1801

Mary Ann Cummings

Catherine Hearts

born June ____, 1843

Born January 3, 1813

Jane Cummings


born August 15, 1847


Ann Cummings


born October 28, 1849


Jacob Cummings


July ___, 185__


Elizabeth E Cummings


born June 10, 1858

Robert Cummings


born October 8, 1841


Adelaide Jenkins


born Dec 12, 1854


Married Nov 26, 1874


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John Cummings died February 7, 1884

Catherine Heartz died May 6, 1898

Mary Ann Cummings married
Enoch Ackland May 1872.

Mary Ann Cummings died Hampshire Prince Edward Island April 1919.

Enoch Ackland born Devonshire England Aug 2, 1837, died Hampshire, P.E.Island Aug 26, 1926.

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