The Family Bible of Dougald MacEachern

MacEachern Family Bible


Captain B.H. Cumberland to Dugald McEachern July 10th, 1840

Following the inscription, possibly in different handwriting (note difference in spelling of ‘Dougald’), is a second inscription:

In memory of Dougald McEachern who Departed this life the eight of December 1846 Aged 63 Sixty three

Below the above two inscriptions, the following written account - possibly in a 3rd handwriting:

Dougald MacEachern son of Charles MacEachern and Christina MacDougall, born in Killiemore Ardmianach, parish of Kilfinichen, Isle of Mull, Argyle Shire was Married at Glasgow by the Revd. Mr. ????? to Sarah Fletcher, Daughter to Donald Fletcher of (sic) Catherine MacPhail, of Rohil Glenforsa on the 11 August 1808, returned to Killiemore where son John was born, moved to Glenfroom Dumbarton in 1811 where were born Dond., Charles, Duncan --all? moved tarop?? to Tora, near Garelock where was born Niell in? ???? to Roseneath in 1821 where was born Peter (Chas??? and Jane who both died there, and are buried in Clachan??. Emigrated thence to P.E. Island, was ordained an Elder by the Revd...cannot read last line on page...

On a separate page, a very similar account, as follows:

Dougald MacEachern (son of Charles MacEachern & Christina MacDougall, was born at Killiemore Ardmianach, Parish of Kilfinichen, Mull, in Nov. 1785, and baptized by Rev. Dougald Campbell of said Parish. Was married in Aug. 1808 at Glasgow by Rev. ......MacLaren to Marion i.e. Sarah Fletcher (daughter to Donald Fletcher & Catherine MacPhail), she who was born in Bradale in March 1787 and baptized by Rev............ of Torosay, Mull, said Minister being afterwards drowned on his way from Oban to Mull.

Dougald MacEachern was ordained an Elder of The Church of Scotland by the Rev. Donald MacDonald at 9 Mile Creek the first on the list of Elders. He died on Dec. 8th 1846 Aged 63 years. Buried in the Burying Ground at Canoe Cove Church, Township No. 65, Prince Edward Island.

Please note that since the pages in this Bible are detached and separate, it is very difficult to determine the correct order of the pages. Therefore, I have indicated where a new page begins, but I DO NOT presume to know the correct order of the pages. Also note: In many places in this document, it seems as if the surname "Mc/MacEachern" is quite deliberately spelled "MacEachern" for the males in the family. Usually the surname for the females is spelled "McEachern". - JLD

On a separate page:

Note: Outer edges of very old pages broken off - therefore final digits of some of the following dates are missing. - jld

John MacEachern was born Aug. 30, 1809

Mary McKinnon was born about Dec. 14, 1817 d. Sept. 17, 1875

Jane McEachern was born on April 23, 1838

Mary McEachern was born Feb. 27, 1840 d. Nov. 20, 1842

Dougald MacEachern was born March 1, 1842 d. 1900

Mary McEachern was born Feb. 29, 1844 d. May 4, 1887

Was delivered of a son still borne Mar. 23, 1846

Was delivered of a son still born Oct. 23, 1847

I. Malcolm MacEachern was born Jan. 9, 1849

II. Malcolm MacEachern was born May 16, 1850

x Mary McEachern departed this life Nov. 20, 1842

I. Malcolm McEachern d. this life Feb. 10, 1849

II. Malcolm McEachern d. this life Sept. 18, 1850

Sarah McEachern was born Aug. 24, 1852 and baptized by the Rev. Dond. McDonald Nov. ???? d. March 13, 1878

Christina McEachern was born Mar. 1854 & baptized by the same on Aug. ???. d. Dec. 11, 1881

Neil MacEachern was born on Tuesday 8 July and baptized by the Rev. Dond. McDonald Aug. 3, 18??

Lauchlin MacEachern was born Friday, June 18th, 4 a.m. and baptized by Rev. .............. on Aug. 30 in the new Church at Sable 18??. d. Aug. 1, 1887

Note: Dates in this colour from copy of information obtained from Janet MacQuarrie (wife of Wayne, .......a g.g.grandson of John MacEachern).
Dates in this colour are taken from the cemetery transcription of the Canoe Cove Presbyterian Church Cemetery, PEI. - jld.
Dates in this colour obtained from John MacEachern "A Collection of Fragments of Family History Derived from Ancient Records & Authentic Traditions". ..jld.

On a separate page:

Prince Edward Island Township No. 65

Charles Neil MacEachern was born Mar. 30th 1879 was baptized by Rev. J. Goodwill Sept. 9th 1881.

John Duncan MacEachern was born Mar. 20th 1880 was baptized on Sept. 9th 1881 at Rice Point Lot 65.

Donald Lauchlin MacEachern was born May 26th 1881. Was baptized on Sept. 9th 1881 at R.Pt. Lot 65.

Mary Christina McEachern was born on Febry. 7th 1884 and baptized by Elder Donald MacEachern and died May 16th 1884 aged 3 months and 9 days.

Malcolm MacEachern was born Feb.25th, 1885 was baptized by Rev. John Goodwill June 17th, 1885.

Janet MacEachern was born Nov. 19th, 1886 and Bapt. by Rev. John Goodwill on Dec. 10th 1886 and died June 4th 1887, aged 6 months and fifteen days.

Dougald MacEachern was born April 14th, 1888. Baptized by Rev. John Goodwill August 17th, and died Sept. 8th, 1888 aged 4 months and 22 days.

Jane McEachern born July 6th, 1889 died August 28th, aged 7 weeks and 4 days.

On a separate page:

Mary Issabella born Dec. 25th 1890. Baptized April 23rd, 1891, by Rev. John Goodwill. Died August 10th, aged seven months and….???

Neil Fletcher born Oct. 1, 1892 and baptized by Rev. John Goodwill the first in new church in Nine Mile Creek.

Mary Ann McEachern born May 7th, 1894, and baptized by Rev. Daniel McLean at Nine Mile Creek.

Julia Janet McEachern was born Feb. 10th, 18??. Baptized on July 2nd, 1896 at N.M. Creek by Rev. D. McLean.

Margaret Jane MacEachern born November 12th, 1897 and baptized by the Rev. Daniel McLean at Nine Mile Creek.

Sarah Christiana MacEachern born July 24th, 1899 and baptized by the Rev. Daniel MacLean at Rice Point.

Family of Dougald MacEachern

On a separate page:

Malcolm MacEachern & Robina MacKenzie

Donald Alvah MacEachern born Sept. 6th, 1910, Baptized by the Rev. Daniel McLean At Nine Mile Creek Sept. 1911

Doris Jean born Nov. 13th, 1920 Baptized Oct. 11th, 1923 by D.M. Lamont at Rice Point

On a separate, smaller sheet of paper - obviously other pages missing.

Names and Ages of the family

John William Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, British North America on the 9th June 1868.

Mary Ann Mullins born in Weedon??? On the 8th March 1870.

Helen Amelia born in the North Camp Aldershot on the 8th October 1871.

Sarah Jane born in the Curragh Camp Ireland June 17th, 1875.

Ethel Hannah born in Chester 5th October, 1877.

Alfred James born in Chester 4th June 1879, Boughton Parish.

Note: The above persons have been identified as children of John MacEachern’s first child, daughter Jane/Jean, by examining excerpts from "A Collection of Fragments of Family History….." by John MacEachern…..see following quote: …jld.

In the City of Chester, England

On July 22nd 1881 after an illness of over twelve months which she bore with Christian patience in the blessed hope of a glorious immortality beyond death and the grave. Jean MacEachern, beloved wife of Sergt. Peter?? Mullins??, 4th King’s Own, in the 44 year of her age. Leaving a loving husband, 2 sons & 4 daughters, father, 3 brothers, 2 sisters, many Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, relatives & friends to mourn their loss. March 14th, 1882.

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