The Family Bible of Martha Jane (Chappell) Mellish

This bible was given to Martha J. (Chappell) Mellish. The inscription says: This bible was presented to Mrs. John T. Mellish by the trustees of the Wesleyan Church, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, on the occasion of her marriage. It being the first solemnized within its walls. Signed on behalf of the trustees. Henry Pope Jr. Official Minister, July 18, 1867

John Thomas Mellish and Martha J. Chappell in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island, July 18, 1867, by Reverend Henry Pope, Jr. Wesleyan Minister.
John Thomas Mellish at Pownal, Prince Edward Island, January 26, 1841.
Martha Jane Chappell at Charlotte Town, P.E.I. November 15, 1843.

Arthur James Benjamin, at Amherst, Nova Scotia May 16, 1868.
Alfred Ernest, at Amherst, N.S. September 4, 1869.
Mary Sophia, at Sackville, New Brunswick, February 16, 1871.
Annie Elizabeth, at Sackville, N.B. April 8, 1873.
John Thomas, at Halifax, N.S. October 16, 1875 (died).
Martha Louise, at Halifax, N.S. October 24, 1880.
Frances Margaret Catherine, Charlottetown, P.E. I. June 11, 1885.
John Wesley, born at Charlottetown 5 November, 1890.

Arthur James Benjamin Mellish to Evangeline Hutton at Shirley, England May 17, 1904

Arthur Preston Born June 10, 1905 at Charlottetown.
Ellen Fortescue Born October 23, 1906 at Charlottetown.
Humphrey Walter B. December 7, 1909 at Charlottetown.
Martha Violet June 16,1912, at Vancouver, B.C.
Marjorie Evangeline B. May 17, 1916, Vancouver, B.C.

Alfred Ernest to Emily Matilda Brown Sept 4, 1907 at Charlottetown, P.E.I. (no issue).

Martha Louise to Calvin Daniel McCallum at Charlottetown, P.E.I.

Mary Sophia to Rev. Christopher Reed at White Horse, Yukon Territory 1905 by Bishop Bompas (no issue).

John Wesley to Ruth Burns May 18, 1930 at Banff, Alberta.

John Thomas Mellish at Vancouver, B.C. Sunday March 30, 1924 age 83.
Annie Elizabeth Mellish at Victoria, B.C. 31 Aug, 1923 age 50.
John Thomas Mellish, died at Halifax, N.S. on the fourth day of September, 1876 aged 10 mos. 19 days.
Frances Margaret Catherine (Blandy) at Alberni, B.C. 11 Aug, 1916 age 31.
John Wesley Mellish at Harrison Hot Springs, B.C. 24 Feb, 1967.

Annie Mellish wrote a book called "Our Boys Under Fire" a book listing all the soldiers that were in the Boer War from P.E.I. and their history.

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