The Family Bible of Mary Hiscox Sneeston Mutch

Mary Hiscox Sneeston Mutch Family Bible

"Here is a transcript of a family Bible owned by my grandmother, who now lives in Halifax, NS. Her mother was Elsie Maud Dewar, from Charlottetown, and this Bible was started by Elsie's grandmother, Mary Hiscox Sneeston Mutch. Mary was born in North River, PEI, on Nov 20, 1824 and she recorded the births of her children, her siblings, and some other relatives." Katherine Maddox - [email protected]>

The Illustrated Domestic Bible
By the Rev. Ingram Cobbin, M.A.
Holy Bible
The Old And New Testaments
According to
The Authorized Version;
with the
Marginal References, and the Usual Various Readings.
(Illustrated with Numerous Descriptive Engravings)

Printed and Published by Case, Tiffany and Company.

Family Record.

Jane Thedosia Sneeston was Born on (monday two oclock morning) August 6 1855.
Elizabeth Sarah Sneeston was Born Wednesday (fore oclock morning) July the 22 1857.
Annie Caroline Sneeston was Born in Charlottetown Nov'r 9 1859 Wednesday 3 oclock PM.
William Hutchinson Sneeston was Born in Charlottetown on Tuesday Monday June 10th 1861 AD in the year of our Lord.
John, Major Pollard, Sneeston was Born in Charlottetown on Wednesday Morning November 10th 1863.
Mary Elizabeth Dewar was Born in Charlottetown May 13th / 78.

Family Record.

John Hiscox was Born at North River P. E. Island 1831 - October 14th
my Brother
William Sneeston was Born in England in the year 1805 February 5
Mary Sneeston was Born in P. E. Island in the year Nov 20 1824 at North River
Mary Elizabeth Dewar (on Sunday was born in Charlottetown May 13 / 78
Robert B. Dewar Born May 28th, 1857. Date of Baptism April 23rd. Mother's name Elizabeth Young. Father James Dewar.

Family Record.

William & Mary (Hiscox) Sneeston was married at Milton by the Rev'd C. Lloyd in the year 1854 P E I
George Mutch and Mary Sneeston in Ch Town by Rev M- Duncan March 31, 1867
Joseph Moreside ----- and Mary ann Walsh was Married in Ch Town Feb 7th 1872 by Rev'd Thos Duncan.
Annie Caroline Sneeston and Robert B. Dewar was Married in Charlottetown Nov 27th / 876 Dec / 9 / 1876
Wm H Sneeston & Annie Lee Van Wyhe married at Waltham Mass July 2nd 1888.

Family Record.

Jane Theadosia Sneeston Died on the 25th of February 1861 Aged 5 years and 6 months
William Sneeston Died November 23rd 1866 aged 61 years and 9 months
Sarah (Thomas) Moreside Died Nov 16th 1870 Aged 76 years & six months & four days
my mother
At French Fort on Sunday Nov 17th 1878 John Major Pollard Sneeston Aged 15 years.
James Hi Cox Died at North River in Aug 1882
Mary J. Hiscox Sneeston Mutch died in Charlottetown June 21st 1907
W. H. Sneeston William Hutchenson died may 29.. 1928, at somerville mass in his 67 year Born 1861


Annie C Sneeston Dewar at Charlottetown April 17th 1930 at the age of 70 years.
Robert B. Dewar died at Charlottetown, Feb 26th 1936 at the age of 78 years and 9 months.

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