The Family Bible of Samuel Hyde of Meadowbank

The following transcription is from the Family Bible of Samuel Hyde, of Meadowbank, P.E.I.


Clarenda Mary Hyde born 12 Nov 1858
Lydia Cecelia Hyde born 29 Aug 1860
Isabella Jane Hyde born 28 Feb 1862
Blank born 26 March 1863
M. Adelaide Hyde born 20th March 1867
Samuel Hyde born 13th Aug 1821
Mary White born (no date) [date from tombstone 1822]
Elizabeth Hyde born 25th July 1852
Matilda Shaw born 27th March 1835
Matilda J. Mutch born Oct 29 1843
James Mason Hyde born February 24th 1857
Roberta H. Hyde born 9th September 1868
Gertrude Hyde born 22nd March 1870


Samuel Hyde and Mary White married 7th November, 1850
Samuel Hyde and Matilda Shaw married 19th Feb 1856
Samuel Hyde and Matilda Jane Mutch married 22nd March 1866


Lydia C. [Hyde] Turner died April 21st 1919
Adelaide [Hyde] MacMillan died May 1914
Samuel Hyde died Dec 6th 1897
Mary [White] Hyde died 3rd September 1852
Elizabeth [Hyde] Mutch died January 15th 1836
Matilda J. [Mutch] Hyde died May 16th 1916
James Mason Hyde died January 1858

Note: All but the latest entries were in Samuel's handwriting, the ones after 1897 mostly in the handwriting of Matilda JANE [Mutch] Hyde, Samuel's third wife. The handwriting on Lydia C. Turner's death is unknown.

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