The Stramberg Family Bible

The Stramberg Bible


HUSBAND: Nathaniel Philip Stramberg Born June 20th 1835 Died Tues. 3.50 a.m. Dec 17th 1912
WIFE Elizabeth Hudson Born Aug 22nd 1831. Died Feby 6th 1875
MARRIED: Thursday Jan 14th 1858.

HUSBAND: Nathaniel Philip Stramberg
WIFE: Mary Ann Fraser Born Feby 1840 Died Sept 3rd 1912
MARRIED: Wednesday Nov 10th 1875


John Alexander: born Tues Nov 9th 1858
Mary Ellen born Mon Jan 16th 1860
George James born Thurs Nov 21st 1861
Ann born Sunday Dec 13th 1863
Margaret born Sat Dec 16th 1865
Elizabeth born Thursday Oct 24th 1867
Charles Mord born Tuesday Nov 1st 1870
Philip Erick born Friday Sep 13th 1872
David born Sat Sep 5 1874
Edith Margery born Sat Oct 26th 1879
James William born Wed Nov 3rd 1880


Mary Ellen To Samuel Lowe May 5th 1880
John Alexander To Elia LaValle' Dec 14 1884 at Woonsocket
Margaret to Samuel Burns Sept 15 1886 at Boston, Mass
Philip Erick to Janet Downey Cook March 8th 1902 in Sydney, Australia
Edith Margery To Leonard Fraser at Winnipeg, Man April 3rd 1907
Elizabeth To John Archibald Wallace MacCallum Monday, July 14, 1913 at Charlottetown.


George James 9 Oclock PM. Sat Aug 5th 1865 After 15 days illness of Scarlet Fever.
David 9.30 AM Sunday Oct 25th 1874
John Alexander at his home, Freeport, L.I., on Saturday July 5th 1902 Paralysis of the heart from acute Rheumatism.(8:30 AM)
Mary Ellen. 15 minutes before twelve Friday night - March 23rd 1923
Charles Mord. July 20th 1918. Killed in France in the Great-World war

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