The Family Bible of William Lowe Jr.

William Lowe Bible - we called him William Lowe "Jr." but he was 2nd of 3 William Lowes in the line. There were no formal information pages in this bible, but simply one blank page with the information handwritten as follows:

Mary Tamsean Smith Lowe Born in the year 1836 January 16th
William Lowe Born in the year 1840 August 4th
Walter Lowe Born in the year 1841 Decr 6th
George Lowe Born in the year 1847 june 1st
Henry Caleb Lowe Born in the year 1849 August 20th
Samuel Lowe Born in the year 1851 August 14th
Walter Lowe Died April 26th 1917
George Gaudin son of Philip Gaudin and Mary Tamsean Smith Lowe died January 2nd 1917
William Lowe, junr, ceased to breathe Sunday morning March 4th 1855.
George Lowe Died March 1884
William Lowe Sr. Died Sept. 15th 1887
Eliza Sentner wife of Wm. Lowe Sr. Died July 18th 1902
Mary Tamsean Smith Lowe Died Jany 1st 1898
Ann Lowe Died August (?) 1848

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