The Descendants of William Bowles and Ann Buchanan

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Submitted by Barb Bowles - [email protected]

There are additional generations of this family to share. Please direct Queries and requests for source information to the email link above. Barb would like to thank Kathy Sencabaugh, Ivan Munn, Stafford MacSwain, Martin Nehring Bowles, George Harvey Bowles and the many people on PEI who have helped her with this file!

The Descendants of William Bowls and Ann Buchanan

Generation No. 1

1. WILLIAM1 BOWLS was born Abt. 1799 in Surrey, England, and died Unknown. He married ANN BUCHANAN Abt. 1820. She was born Abt. 1804 in Scotland, and died Bet. 23 December 1888 - 1889 in PEI.


i. ANN2 BOWLES, b. 18 December 1821, Belfast, PEI; d. Unknown.

ii. CATHERINE BOWLES, b. 27 May 1826; d. Unknown; m. JAMES MURPHY, 28 January 1850; d. Unknown.

2. iii. JOHN BOWLES, b. 14 January 1829, Pinette, PEI; d. 1 February 1889, Dover, PEI.

3. iv. ELIZABETH BOWLES, b. 27 June 1832, Pinette, PEI; d. 19 March 1892, Glen William, PEI.

4. v. JANE BOWLES, b. 4 November 1834, Pinette, PEI; d. 1898, PEI.

5. vi. MARGARET BOWLES, b. Abt. 1841; d. Unknown, PEI.

6. vii. WILLIAM BOWLES/BOLES, b. 17 May 1844, PEI; d. 17 January 1917, Derry, New Hampshire, USA.

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN2 BOWLES (WILLIAM1 BOWLS) was born 14 January 1829 in Pinette, PEI, and died 1 February 1889 in Dover, PEI. He married CHRISTINA ROSS 9 November 1853 in Valleyfield Presbyterian Church, PEI. She was born 4 October 1835 in Isle of Skye, Scotland, and died Unknown.


7. i. FLORA3 BOWLES, b. 15 February 1855, Glen William, PEI; d. 7 April 1888, Dover, PEI.

8. ii. MARY JANE BOWLES, b. 7 June 1858, Glen William, PEI; d. 1923, Murray River, PEI.

9. iii. ARCHIBALD BOWLES, b. 1 April 1859, Glen William, Kings County, PEI; d. 7 July 1932, Dover, PEI.

10. iv. JAMES WALTER BOWLES, b. 1 April 1862, Murray Harbour Road, Lot 57, PEI; d. 12 December 1897, Glen William/Caledonia, PEI.

v. ELIZABETH BOWLES, b. 1869; d. Unknown.

vi. HAYDEN BOWLES, b. 1869; d. Unknown.

vii. JACOB BOWLES, b. 1871; d. Unknown.

viii. BRUCE BOWLES, b. 1872; d. Bet. 1898 - 1923, Dover, PEI; m. MINNIE MACKAY, 18 April 1898, PEI; b. 12 February 1873, Murray River, PEI; d. Unknown.

ix. GEORGE BOWLES, b. 7 July 1874; d. Unknown.

x. EARNEST BOWLES, b. 1875; d. Unknown.

3. ELIZABETH2 BOWLES (WILLIAM1 BOWLS) was born 27 June 1832 in Pinette, PEI, and died 19 March 1892 in Glen William, PEI. She married ARCHIBALD MACDONALD 22 February 1852 in PEI, son of NORMAN MACDONALD and CATHERINE MACDONALD. He was born 1829 in Isle of Skye, Scotland, and died 6 May 1901 in Glen William, PEI.


11. i. JOHN3 MACDONALD, b. Abt. 1853; d. Unknown.

12. ii. ELIZABETH CAROLINE MACDONALD, b. 21 February 1854, Woods Island, PEI; d. 1933, Caledonia, PEI.

13. iii. ANNIE MARIE MACDONALD, b. 18 March 1856, Little Sands, PEI; d. 21 April 1933, DeSable, PEI.

14. iv. KATHERINE J. MACDONALD, b. 26 February 1858; d. 25 February 1948, Marray River, PEI.

v. ARCHIBALD C. MACDONALD, b. June 1860; d. 17 October 1882, Glen William, PEI.

vi. ALEXIS MACDONALD, b. 1862; d. Unknown; m. JOHN MACLEOD; d. Unknown.

vii. CHARLES MACDONALD, b. 29 March 1865, Little Sands, PEI; d. Unknown.

viii. NEIL C. MACDONALD, b. 1867; d. Unknown.

ix. IDA MACDONALD, b. 1869; d. Unknown; m. MELVIN ATHERTON; d. Unknown.

x. JOHN W. C. MACDONALD, b. 20 September 1871; d. Unknown.

15. xi. MALCOLM MURDOCH MACDONALD, b. Abt. 1875, PEI; d. 1961.

4. JANE2 BOWLES (WILLIAM1 BOWLS) was born 4 November 1834 in Pinette, PEI, and died 1898 in PEI. She married CHARLES T. MACWILLIAMS, son of CHARLES MACWILLIAM and JANET DUFF. He was born 1817 in PEI, and died 1891 in PEI.


16. i. THOMAS WALLACE3 MACWILLIAMS, b. Abt. 1867, PEI; d. 1950.

ii. GEORGENIA A. MACWILLIAMS, b. 1868, PEI; d. 1890.

iii. GEORGE YOUNG MACWILLIAMS, b. Abt. 1870; d. Unknown.

iv. WILLIAM ISSAC MACWILLIAMS, b. Abt. 1873, PEI; d. Unknown.

v. LUCY ANN MACWILLIAMS, b. Abt. 1876, PEI; d. Unknown.

vi. CHARLES E. MACWILLIAMS, b. 1882; d. 1883.

5. MARGARET2 BOWLES (WILLIAM1 BOWLS) was born Abt. 1841, and died Unknown in PEI. She married JAMES MCWILLIAMS, son of CHARLES MACWILLIAM and JANET DUFF. He was born Abt. 1836 in PEI, and died 31 December 1890 in PEI.


i. ANCELLINA3 MCWILLIAMS, b. 29 June 1868, Surrey, PEI; d. Unknown.

ii. WILLIAM THOMAS MCWILLIAMS, b. 7 May 1870, Surrey, PEI; d. Unknown.

iii. CATHERINE LOUISA MCWILLIAMS, b. 15 May 1872, Surrey, PEI; d. Unknown.

iv. FLORA ANN MCWILLIAMS, b. 17 October 1875, Surrey, PEI; d. Unknown.

v. LEBELLA MARGARET MCWILLIAMS, b. 8 December 1878, Surrey, PEI; d. 1934, PEI; m. FINLAY A. MACDONALD; b. 1879; d. 1952.

vi. LEMUEL JAMES MCWILLIAMS, b. 1 February 1881, Surrey, PEI; d. Unknown.

vii. JESSIE MCWILLIAMS, b. 29 March 1884, Surrey, PEI; d. Unknown.

6. WILLIAM2 BOWLES/BOLES (WILLIAM1 BOWLS) was born 17 May 1844 in PEI, and died 17 January 1917 in Derry, New Hampshire, USA. He married FLORENCE (FLORA) ROSS, daughter of JAMES ROSS. She was born 1842 in Glasgow, Scotland, and died 16 February 1918 in Spring Road, Londonderry, New Hampshire, USA.


17. i. ANN ELIZABETH3 BOWLES/BOLES, b. 6 August 1861, Belfast, PEI; d. 7 May 1938, Alexander Eastman Hospital, Derry, New Hampshire.

18. ii. WILLIAM ANTHONY BOWLES/BOLES, b. Bet. 8 May 1865 - 1867, Prince Edward Island; d. 24 May 1942, 7 Pleasant St., Derry, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.

iii. JAMES BOWLES, b. 11 September 1866, Surrey, PEI; d. Unknown.

iv. ELIZABETH MCD. BOWLES/BOLES, b. 15 February 1868, Surrey, PEI; d. Unknown; m. (1) ? HARTOP, Bef. 1916; d. Unknown; m. (2) EDWIN T. STAPLES, 1929, Hampton, New Hampshire; b. 16 February 1863, Kennebunkport, Maine; d. Aft. 1935, Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.

v. FLORA BOWLES, b. 12 March 1870, Surrey, PEI; d. Unknown; m. ? HARTOP; d. Unknown.

vi. MARGARET (MAGGIE) BOWLES, b. 12 March 1872, Surrey, PEI; d. Unknown.

19. vii. GEORGE M. BOWLES/BOLES, b. 1 May 1874, Surrey, PEI; d. 22 December 1925, Derry, New Hampshire.

viii. JOSEPH ALBERT BOWLES, b. 10 September 1876, Surrey, PEI; d. Unknown.

ix. MALCOLM ROBERT BOWLES, b. 12 March 1879, Surrey, PEI; d. Unknown.

x. MARY CATHERINE BOWLES, b. Aft. 17 January 1881, Surrey, PEI; d. Unknown.

Generation No. 3

7. FLORA3 BOWLES (JOHN2, WILLIAM1 BOWLS) was born 15 February 1855 in Glen William, PEI, and died 7 April 1888 in Dover, PEI. She married LEVERETT JOHN BISHOP, son of LEVERETT BISHOP and FRANCES HOWE. He was born 12 May 1853 in Murray Harbour, PEI, and died 4 May 1931 in Murray River, PEI.


i. WILLIAM4 BISHOP, b. 3 May 1878; d. 1912.

ii. FLORA BISHOP, b. 3 May 1878; d. 17 May 1878.

iii. JOHN ERNEST BISHOP, b. 26 July 1879; d. Unknown.

iv. ADAM DANIEL BISHOP, b. 2 August 1881; d. 2 March 1900.

v. JAMES BOWLES BISHOP, b. 23 April 1883, PEI; d. Unknown.

vi. GEORGE BISHOP, b. 9 June 1885; d. 11 August 1887.

vii. ALEXANDER BISHOP, b. 21 July 1887; d. 6 March 1955.

8. MARY JANE3 BOWLES (JOHN2, WILLIAM1 BOWLS) was born 7 June 1858 in Glen William, PEI, and died 1923 in Murray River, PEI. She married ROBERT WHITEWAY, son of ROBERT WHITEWAY and BARBARA MACLEOD. He was born 1859 in Unkown, and died 1934 in Murray River, PEI.


i. ROBERT4 WHITEWAY, b. 8 October 1880; d. Unknown.

ii. ARCHIBALD LORNE WHITEWAY, b. 22 September 1881; d. 1955; m. MARTHA LULU GIDDINGS; b. 31 August 1886; d. 1976.

iii. BARBARA MCLURE WHITEWAY, b. 17 February 1884; d. 8 August 1924, Murray River, PEI; m. WALLACE NATHANIEL CAMPBELL; b. 13 October 1882; d. 26 May 1971, Murray River, PEI.

iv. CHRISTINA GOODWILL WHITEWAY, b. 16 August 1885; d. Unknown.

v. JOHN BENNETT WHITEWAY, b. 21 October 1886; d. 18 December 1918, Murray River, PEI.

vi. BRUCE WHITEWAY, b. 8 November 1892; d. Unknown.

vii. STERLING WHITEWAY, b. 1903; d. 1966; m. EVELYN DERBY, Private; b. Private.

9. ARCHIBALD3 BOWLES (JOHN2, WILLIAM1 BOWLS) was born 1 April 1859 in Glen William, Kings County, PEI, and died 7 July 1932 in Dover, PEI. He married MARGARET ELIZABETH (MAGGIE) LOWE 11 April 1885, daughter of JOHN LOWE and ELIZABETH WHITE. She was born 26 November 1867 in Murray River, PEI, and died 27 July 1962 in Murray River, PEI.


i. GEORGE WATSON4 BOWLES, b. 25 April 1887, Dover, Kings County, PEI; d. 23 November 1976.

ii. JOHN MALCOLM BOWLES, b. 28 June 1889, Dover, PEI; d. 3 January 1980; m. EVELYN JANE MCLURE; b. 6 December 1896; d. 1991.

iii. ELIZA BOWLES, b. 21 October 1891, Dover, Kings County, PEI; d. 1949, New York, USA; m. HAROLD LEVENTHAL; d. Unknown.

iv. ELIZABETH MAY BELLE BOWLES, b. 21 April 1894, Dover, Lot 63, Kings County, PEI; d. 3 August 1974, Murray River, Kings County, PEI; m. LEONARD LESTER HOOPER; b. 9 September 1889, PEI; d. 19 May 1972, Murray River, PEI.

v. CHRISTINA MYRTLE BOWLES, b. 27 November 1897, Dover, Lot 63, Kings County, PEI; d. 12 March 1974, Murray River, PE; m. EARL MUNN, 15 June 1921; b. 7 May 1898, Murray River, PEI; d. 26 August 1976, Montague, PEI.

vi. ERNEST RUSSELL BOWLES, b. 11 June 1899, Dover, PEI; d. 12 April 1999, Montague, PEI.

vii. MARGARET JANE BOWLES, b. 21 October 1901, Dover, Lot 63, Kings County, PEI; d. 24 November 1953, Murray River, PEI; m. HUBERT SYDNEY (SYD) MUNN, 3 February 1925; b. 20 January 1900, Sydney, Nova Scotia; d. 21 June 1998.

viii. FLORENCE LOUISE BOWLES, b. 3 September 1905, Dover, PEI; d. 15 August 1997, Sherwood, PEI; m. SILAS DOUGLAS HUGH, 25 March 1925; b. 27 June 1906; d. 10 May 1989, King's County, PE.

10. JAMES WALTER3 BOWLES (JOHN2, WILLIAM1 BOWLS) was born 1 April 1862 in Murray Harbour Road, Lot 57, PEI, and died 12 December 1897 in Glen William/Caledonia, PEI. He married MARY MARTIN 4 April 1888, daughter of WILLIAM MARTIN and SARAH MONTGOMERY. She was born 12 April 1865 in Murray Harbour Road, PEI, and died 25 December 1899 in Glen William/Caledonia, PEI.

Children of JAMES BOWLES and MARY MARTIN are:

i. JOHN ANGUS4 BOWLES, b. 10 December 1889, Dover, PEI; d. 4 November 1963, White Rock, British Columbia; m. IDA NEHRING, 17 September 1914, Knox Church Manse, South Fort George, British Columbia; b. 18 October 1898, Winnepeg, Manitoba; d. 17 March 1982, Westminster, British Columbia.

ii. WILLIAM MARTIN BOWLES, b. 26 December 1890, Dover Road, Lot 63, PEI; d. Abt. 1920.

iii. JAMES ERNEST BOWLES, b. 25 July 1892, Murray harbour Road, Lot 57, PEI; d. 1988, Penticton, British Columbia; m. KATHERINE ?; d. Unknown.

iv. CHRISTINE (CHRISTY) ANN BOWLES, b. 28 January 1894, Glen William, Lot 63, PEI; d. Unknown; m. FRANK POLLARD; d. Unknown.

v. GEORGE HARVEY BOWLES, b. 6 December 1895, Lot 63, PEI; d. 19 August 1961; m. DAPHNE LORRAINE GRANFIELD, Boston, Mass., USA; b. 3 May 1896, Vermont, USA; d. 1 November 1982.

vi. MALCOLM MARTIN BOWLES, b. 29 December 1897, Glen William, Lot 63, PEI; d. 5 October 1978, Vancouver, British Columbia; m. (1) AILEEN SHEILA BLAIR, Abt. 1922, Oakland, California; b. 1901, Cleveland, Ohio; d. 1936, Berkley General Hospital, Oakland, California; m. (2) HELEN GWENDOLIN KERSHAW, Bef. 1927, Bellingham, Washington; b. 26 December 1909, Vancouver, British Columbia; d. April 1990, Vancouver, British Columbia.

11. JOHN3 MACDONALD (ELIZABETH2 BOWLES, WILLIAM1 BOWLS) was born Abt. 1853, and died Unknown. He married CATHERINE MCLEOD. She was born Abt. 1864, and died Unknown.


i. LORA4 MACDONALD, b. Abt. 1886; d. Unknown.

ii. ELIZABETH (BESSIE) MACDONALD, b. Abt. 1888; d. Unknown.

iii. ARCHIBALD MACDONALD, b. Abt. 1890; d. Unknown.

12. ELIZABETH CAROLINE3 MACDONALD (ELIZABETH2 BOWLES, WILLIAM1 BOWLS) was born 21 February 1854 in Woods Island, PEI, and died 1933 in Caledonia, PEI. She married ALEXANDER D. MACLEOD, son of ALEXANDER MACLEOD and ISABELLA MACLEOD. He was born 8 November 1854 in PEI, and died 1938 in Caledonia, PEI.


i. ANNIE4 MACLEOD, b. May 1877, Appin Road, PEI; d. 23 February 1891, Caledonia, PEI.

ii. ISABELLA (BELLA) MACLEOD, b. 7 April 1878, PEI; d. 1951, Murray Harbour, PEI; m. (1) DAVID BENJAMIN CLOW, 7 October 1896; b. 10 September 1861, Murray Harbour North, PEI; d. 16 January 1905, Murray Harbour, PEI; m. (2) THOMAS LORNE CLOW, 3 October 1906, Georgetown, PEI; b. 19 April 1864; d. 1921, Murray Harbour, PEI.

iii. MURDOCK MACLEOD, b. 1881; d. 1961, PEI; m. GEORGIA FOSTER; d. Unknown.

iv. ARCHIBALD MACLEOD, b. 9 February 1882; d. Unknown; m. GERTRUDE DIXON; d. Unknown.

v. ELIZABETH MACLEOD, b. 1 February 1885, Alliston, PEI; d. 31 October 1979, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada; m. ARTEMAS ALLAN MACSWAIN, 1911, Caledonia, PEI; b. 8 August 1884, Greek River Road, PEI; d. 14 April 1965, Lower Montague, PEI.

vi. ALEXANDER MACLEOD, b. 27 May 1886, Prince Edward Island; d. 1973; m. IDA MACSWAIN; d. Unknown.

vii. SUSAN MACLEOD, b. 27 December 1889; d. 1890.

viii. CHRISTIE ANNE (ANNIE) MACLEOD, b. 3 June 1891, Prince Edward Island; d. 14 September 1980; m. FREDERICK WILLIAM JOHNSTON, 16 June 1918; b. 24 January 1892; d. 9 March 1969.

ix. JOHN WILLIAM MACLEOD, b. 10 April 1893; d. Unknown; m. MAE CRAWFORD; d. Unknown.

x. CHARLES MACLEOD, b. 16 April 1894; d. 1986; m. ESTHER BRUCE, 25 August 1920, Valleyfield, PEI; d. Unknown.

xi. LUCY MACLEOD, b. 24 November 1897; d. 1918.

xii. MARGARET LORENA MACLEOD, b. 22 November 1900; d. 1901.

13. ANNIE MARIE3 MACDONALD (ELIZABETH2 BOWLES, WILLIAM1 BOWLS) was born 18 March 1856 in Little Sands, PEI, and died 21 April 1933 in DeSable, PEI. She married DONALD (DAN) FORBES MACNEILL 16 November 1875 in Free Church of Scotland, DeSable, PEI, son of ARCHIBALD MACNEILL and EUNICE CAMPBELL. He was born 6 August 1852 in DeSable, PEI, and died 28 September 1934.


i. EUNICE DINA4 MACNEILL, b. 24 March 1877, DeSable, PEI; d. 19 March 1969, Boston, Mass.; m. DUNCAN J. CAMPBELL, 27 November 1898, Boston, Mass.; b. 7 October 1868; d. 7 June 1951.

ii. BERTHA MAY MACNEILL, b. 21 July 1879, Hampton, PEI; d. Unknown; m. HERBERT NELSON; d. Unknown.

iii. ARCHIBALD ABNER MACNEILL, b. 13 November 1881; d. Unknown.

iv. ADA MACNEILL, b. 22 September 1885, DeSable, PEI; d. 11 June 1974; m. WILLIAM GILLIS; d. Unknown.

v. CATHERINE JEMMIMA MACNEILL, b. 29 September 1888, Dover, Prince Edward Island; d. Unknown; m. WILLIAM EARL ROGERSON, 15 June 1917; d. Unknown.

vi. WALTER DANIEL MACNEILL, b. 29 March 1891; d. Unknown.

vii. HECTOR MACKAY MACNEILL, b. 15 October 1897, DeSable, PEI; d. 3 May 1982, Charlottetown, PEI; m. FREDA GRACE MACKINNON, 11 August 1922; b. New Hampshire, PEI; d. Unknown.


14. KATHERINE J.3 MACDONALD (ELIZABETH2 BOWLES, WILLIAM1 BOWLS) was born 26 February 1858, and died 25 February 1948 in Marray River, PEI. She married WILLIAM J. BEARS, son of JAMES BEARS and UNKNOWN. He was born 21 December 1860 in PEI, and died 26 May 1933 in Murray River, PEI.


i. AMELIA4 BEARS, b. 12 August 1890; d. Unknown; m. GUS KEENAN; d. Unknown.

15. MALCOLM MURDOCH3 MACDONALD (ELIZABETH2 BOWLES, WILLIAM1 BOWLS) was born Abt. 1875 in PEI, and died 1961. He married ANNIE P. STEWART, daughter of ANGUS STEWART and CHRISTINE MACLEOD. She was born Abt. 24 December 1873 in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and died 1953 in Boston, Massachusetts.


i. MELVILLE (MIBS) BOWLES4 MACDONALD, b. 17 June 1903; d. Unknown; m. MARGARET (SULLY) O'SULLIVAN, Private; b. Private.

ii. HAROLD (HAPPY) BOWLES MACDONALD, b. 17 March 1906; d. 1962, Boston, Massachusetts.

iii. GEORGE ARCHIBALD (PEANY) MACDONALD, b. 26 May 1908; d. 23 August 1993; m. KATHERINE, Private; b. Private.

iv. MILDRED MACDONALD, b. 16 December 1910, Boston, Massachusetts; d. 19 September 2001; m. PHILIP AMARU, Private; b. Private.

v. IDA MAE (DOLLY) MACDONALD, b. 25 May 1914; d. 12 November 1999; m. PAUL TATSEOS, Private; b. Private.

vi. ELIZABETH ANNIE (BETTY) MACDONALD, b. Private; m. NORMAN KRAMER, Private; d. 25 July 1989.

vii. WILLIAM WALLACE (BILLY) MACDONALD, b. Private; m. STELLA DEGIOVANNI, Private; b. Private.

16. THOMAS WALLACE3 MACWILLIAMS (JANE2 BOWLES, WILLIAM1 BOWLS) was born Abt. 1867 in PEI, and died 1950. He married REBECCA E. STUART. She was born 1881, and died 1941.


i. NEIL R.4 MACWILLIAMS, b. 1918; d. 9 September 1944, France.

17. ANN ELIZABETH3 BOWLES/BOLES (WILLIAM2, WILLIAM1 BOWLS) was born 6 August 1861 in Belfast, PEI, and died 7 May 1938 in Alexander Eastman Hospital, Derry, New Hampshire. She married (1) ARTHUR HARTOP Bef. 1886. He was born 1862 in England, and died 7 January 1918 in Londonderry, New Hampshire. She married (2) CLINTON W. SMITH Aft. 1918. He died Unknown.


i. GEORGE B.4 HARTOP, b. 29 January 1886; d. Unknown.

ii. JAMES B. HARTOP, b. May 1888, Waltham, Massachusetts; d. 25 June 1909, Londonderry, New Hampshire.

iii. BESSIE HARTOP, b. Abt. 1894; d. Unknown; m. ? WOODWARD; d. Unknown.

iv. WILLIAM LIONEL HARTOP, b. 25 July 1898; d. Unknown.

v. ARTHUR DANIEL HARTOP, b. 11 August 1900; d. Unknown.

vi. FREDERICK WINSTON HARTOP, b. 22 April 1904; d. Unknown.

vii. ANNIE E. HARTOP, b. 1 October 1906, Londonderry, New Hampshire; d. 9 April 1908, Londonderry, New Hampshire.

18. WILLIAM ANTHONY3 BOWLES/BOLES (WILLIAM2, WILLIAM1 BOWLS) was born Bet. 8 May 1865 - 1867 in Prince Edward Island, and died 24 May 1942 in 7 Pleasant St., Derry, Rockingham County, New Hampshire. He married (1) EFFIE BEATON. She died Unknown. He married (2) MARY CATHERINE MACPHERSON 6 May 1903 in Manchester, New Hampshire, daughter of JOHN MACPHERSON and MARY TOWNSEND. She was born Abt. 1877 in Cape Breton, Canada, and died Unknown.


i. EFFIE E.4 BOWLES/BOLES, b. 1 October 1891, Everett, Massachusetts; d. 10 February 1908, 1 Davis Ave., Derry, New Hampshire.


ii. GLADIS C.4 BOLES, b. Private.

iii. GEORGE A. BOLES, b. 1906; d. Unknown.

iv. PEARL T. BOLES, b. Private.

v. JOSEPHINE C. BOLES, b. Private.

vi. WILLIAM BOLES, b. Private; m. BEATRICE PROCTOR, Private; b. 1900, Londonderry, New Hampshire; d. Unknown.

vii. MILDRED ROSS BOLES, b. Private.

viii. DONALD A. BOLES, b. Private.

ix. CLYDE J. BOLES, b. Private.

x. MAY BOLES, b. Private.

xi. FLORENCE BOLES, b. Private.

19. GEORGE M.3 BOWLES/BOLES (WILLIAM2, WILLIAM1 BOWLS) was born 1 May 1874 in Surrey, PEI, and died 22 December 1925 in Derry, New Hampshire. He married CLARA LOUISE BALLOU 8 June 1908 in Derry, New Hampshire, daughter of ALBERTO BALLOU and PHOEBE/PHEBIE KELLY/KELLEY. She was born 4 December 1891 in Auburn, New Hampshire, and died Unknown.


i. ESTELLA (STELLA) C.4 BOLES, b. Private.

ii. ETHEL L. BOLES, b. Private.

iii. FLORENCE BOLES, b. 16 April 1913, Londonderry, New Hampshire; d. 20 July 1913, Londonderry, New Hampshire.

iv. EFFIE M. BOLES, b. Private.

v. ROXIE ANNA BOLES, b. 16 May 1915, Londonderry, New Hampshire; d. 1 November 1919, Merrill Road, Londonderry, New Hampshire.

vi. JOSEPH ALBERT BOLES, b. Abt. 1916, Londonderry, NH; d. 31 March 1991, Alton, NH; m. GRACE A. PASCHAL; b. Jefferson, NH; d. 29 July 2002, Alton, NH.


viii. JAMES B. BOLES, b. 14 May 1919, Londonderry, New Hampshire; d. 7 July 1932, Balch Hospital, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA.

ix. MARY ANNABELL BOLES, b. 28 May 1920, Londonderry, New Hampshire; d. 3 August 1920, Londonderry, New Hampshire.

x. GERALDINE BOLES, b. Private.

xi. LOTTIE BOLES, b. Private.

xii. GEORGE ELLERY BOLES, b. Private; m. FRANCES GROVER, Private; b. Private.

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