The Descendants of Michael Broderick and Margaret Bagnell

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Submitted by Betty Dean Holmes - [email protected]

This is a beginning lineage and as such, may contain errors and omissions. There may be additional generations of this family to share. Please direct Queries and requests for source information to the email link above!

The Descendants of Michael Broderick and Margaret Bagnell

1. Michael Broderick b. Waterford, Ireland, m. Margaret Bagnell.


2. i James Broderick b. ___ 1807.

Second Generation

2. James Broderick (1.Michael1) b. ___ 1807, Dungarven, Waterford City, Ireland,1 m. Ellen Cahill, b. ___ 1813, Wexford County, Ireland,1 d. 20 Nov 1885, PEI., Interred: St. Mary's RC, Lot 7, PEI. James died Feb 1889, Interred: St. Mary's RC, Lot 7, PEI. Ellen: Also shown as Helen and Helene in various records. Daughter of Walter Cahill and Anastasia Cody.


3. i Michael Broderick b. 14 Aug 1841.

4. ii Thomas Sarsfield Broderick.

5. iii Walter Broderick.

iv Mary Broderick b. 29 Jun 1838, Baptised: 22 Jul 1838, Tignish Parish, m. Walter (Joseph?) Ashley. Mary died Ca. 1879.

v Catherine Broderick m. James Coleman, Note: Resided, Portland, ME. Catherine Note: Resided, Portland, ME.

vi Alice Broderick m. (1) Mr. Trotter, Note: Resided, Colorado, m. (2) Mr. Green. Alice Note: Resided, Colorado.

vii Martha Broderick m. Mr. Stone, Note: Resided, Portland, ME. Martha Note: Resided, Portland, ME.

viii Ellen Broderick m. Mr. MacDonald, Note: Resided, Portland, ME. Ellen Note: Resided, Portland, ME.

ix Anastasia Broderick m. William Luttrell, Note: Resided, Portland, ME. Anastasia Note: Resided, Portland, ME.

Third Generation

3. Michael Broderick (2.James2, 1.Michael1) b. 14 Aug 1841, Kildare, PEI., m. Eliz Lacey. Michael died 29 Apr 1923, Summerside, PEI. Eliz: Daughter of James DeLacey and Helen Dempsey (d. of Garrett Dempsey and Mary MacDonald).


i Thomas Sarsfield Broderick b. ___ 1880,1 Occupation: Farmer, m. Polona Coughlan, Note: Resided, Abington, MA. Thomas died ___ 1952, Note: Resided, Abington, MA.

ii Mary Ellen Mae Broderick b. ___ 1881,1 Occupation: Milliner and Dressmaker, m. William Hallisey, Note: Resided, Lynn, and Swampscott, MA. Mary died ___ 1954, Note: Resided, Lynn and Swampscott, MA.

iii Lawrence Patrick Broderick b. ___ 1884,1 Occupation: Construction, d. cir 1956, Note: Resided, Burnaby, BC.

iv Alice DeLacy Broderick b. ___ 1886,1 Occupation: Accountant, d. ___ 1911. Alice died of meningitis and attended college.

v Georgina Winifred Broderick b. ___ 1887,1 m. Edward O'Donnell, Occupation: Police Officer, Note: Resided, Portland, ME. Georgina died ___ 1933, Note: Resided, Portland, ME.

vi Josephine Eleanor Broderick b. ___ 1889,1 Occupation: Telephone Operator, m. Andrew B. Holmes, Note: Resided, Lynn, MA. Josephine died ___ 1976, Note: Resided, Lynn, MA. (After marriage, lived in Swampscott)

vii Philip Franklin Broderick b. ___ 1891,1 Occupation: Farmer, m. Bess Pitman, Note: Resided, Abington, MA. Philip died ___ 1948, Note: Resided, Abington, MA.

viii Elizabeth Carmelita Broderick b. ___ 1896,1 Occupation: Telephone Operator, m. (1) Ed Buckley, Note: Resided, Lynn, MA., m. (2) Ralph Cressey. Elizabeth died ___ 1966, Note: Resided, Lynn, MA.

ix James Raymond Broderick b. ___ 1879,1 Occupation: Chef, d. ___ 1935, Note: Resided, Montreal, PQ.

x John Patrick Broderick born Dec 4, 1898 m. Mary Burgette d. 1964

4. Thomas Sarsfield Broderick (2.James2, 1.Michael1) m. Mary Ann Woods, Note: Resided, Portland, ME. Thomas died ___ 1903, Note: Resided, Portland, ME.


i Ellen Gertrude Broderick.

ii Mary Theresa Broderick.

iii Alice Broderick.

iv Anastasia Broderick.

v Margaret Broderick m. James McKenna.

5. Walter Broderick (2.James2, 1.Michael1) m. Mary Ann Woods, Note: Resided, Portland, ME.


i Georgina Broderick.

ii Josephine Broderick.

iii Mary Ellen Broderick.

iv James Broderick.

v Charles Broderick.

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