Registered Voters in California from Prince Edward Island in 1872

John Russel - [email protected] has compiled the following list of P. E. Islanders in California in 1872 from a database by Jim Faulkinbury of the 1872 Great Register of the State of California. This information is used here with permission given by Mr. Faulkinbury June 25th, 1998 in a phone call made by John on behalf of the Register and is
© Jim W. Faulkinbury and FEEFHS, 1996

Our thanks goes out to both John for his efforts on behalf of the Register, and to Jim for his wonderful database.

Registered Voters in California, 1872

From Prince Edward Island

The following is a list was compiled from the Great Register of the State of California of 1872 which listed some 61,691 foreign born voters. There were 79 registered voters in the State of California who listed their birth location as Prince Edward Island. Other birth locations listed (and number of voters) include Canada (1821), British America (10), British North America (1), and Canada East (27).

Surname/Given Name Age in Registration Year Born* Rec. #
Auld, George50 in 1871 PEI1373
Baker, Charles 'L' 35 in 1868PEI 1666
Baker, Montagu Charles 41 in 1872PEI 1692
Baker, Moutague Clark 41 in ----PEI 1693
Baldwin, Martin35 in 1871 PEI1733
Beaton, Angus36 in 1869 PEI2585
Beaton, John James 27 in 1869PEI 2586
Black, William42 in 1867 PEI3652
Boover, David46 in 1868 PEI4214
Bovyer, Edward Albert 29 in 1871PEI 4439
Bovyer, John Samuel 23 in 1871PEI 4440
Boyle, Thomas37 in 1869 PEI4630
Cantelow, William41 in 1866 PEI7341
Cardiff, Thomas44 in 1868 PEI7416
Coin, John46 in 1873 PEI9356
Collins, John Wellen 49 in 1871PEI 9549
Connell, Charles Martin 36 in 1868PEI 9802
Cooper, John Woodcocks 49 in 1866PEI 10294
Coulthard, Christopher 37 in 1871PEI 10737
Davidson, David40 in 1868 PEI12197
Davison, Artemus45 in 1868 PEI12412
Davison, Douglas41 in 1872 PEI12413
Fitzgerald, James37 in 1871 PEI17498
Fitzgerald, Thomas 30 in 1871PEI 17570
Fitzpatrick, Arthur George 31 in 1867PEI 17603
Floyd, Edmund28 in 1868 PEI17976
Harvey, George25 in 1871 PEI23769
Henderson, Alexander 26 in ----PEI 24569
Henderson, Duncan41 in 1868 PEI24580
Henley, John44 in 1872 PEI24640
Hewson, Robert27 in 1866 PEI25090
Jackson, James23 in 1868 PEI27083
Jackson, John Layton 23 in 1871PEI 27090
Kearney, Richard Michael 30 in 1868PEI 28723
Kelly, William Henry 43 in 1867PEI 29360
Lamont, James36 in 1872 PEI31383
Little, Cornelius Ciprian N 42 in 1867PEI 33191
Macdonald, John Hugh 33 in 1868PEI 34217
McCuchen, Benjamin D St Croix 34 in 1867PEI 36752
McDonald, Angus Franics 34 in 1871PEI 36933
McDonald, Donald Augustus 41 in 1866PEI 36948
McDonald, John Henry 35 in 1870PEI 37007
McDougall, Neil37 in 1871 PEI37140
McEwen, Duncan42 in ---- PEI37229
McGinnis, John28 in 1869 PEI37403
McGregor, Alexander 44 in 1871PEI 37645
McIsaac, Donald33 in 1868 PEI37860
McKana, Patrick 'A' 24 in 1871PEI 37867
McKenzie, William39 in 1868 PEI38018
McKinnon, Andrew25 in 1871 PEI38089
McKinnon, John Joachim 39 in 1866PEI 38092
McLaine, Laughln36 in 1866 PEI38113
McLauchlan, John40 in 1866 PEI38133
McLean, Neil31 in 1868 PEI38274
McLellan, Rolando Guy 30 in 1868PEI 38286
McPhee, John42 in 1870 PEI38655
McPhee, John36 in 1872 PEI38656
Milner, John Frederick 29 in 1869PEI 39943
Montgomery, John Murry 30 in 1867PEI 40380
Morrison, John31 in 1871 PEI40933
Morrow, William47 in 1867 PEI40970
Parks, James Van34 in 1867 PEI44995
Pidwell, Cyril Trevosso 28 in 1866PEI 46045
Pippey, Edward Walter 32 in 1869PEI 46164
Pollard, Thomas30 in 1868 PEI46324
Pool, John Thomas21 in 1871 PEI46355
Purdie, Robert Innis 24 in 1871PEI 46851
Ramsey, William36 in 1867 PEI47361
Sellers, William31 in 1868 PEI52042
Stapleton, William 44 in 1867PEI 54458
Strang, Jared31 in 1867 PEI55060
Strang, Nathaniel63 in 1867 PEI55061
Strang, Nathaniel Nelson 21 in 1868PEI 55062
Taylor, James43 in 1867 PEI56078
Terney, John32 in 1869 PEI56221
Wallace, William Isaac 30 in 1866PEI 58513
Webster, Artemus34 in 1870 PEI59188
Williams, Joseph Merrill 50 in 1866PEI 60347
Woodside, William Mason 26 in 1870PEI 61089

* The record number refers to the original database created by Jim Faulkinbury. The complete database may be seen at:, on the FEEFHS site!

Explanation of 1872 Census of Foreign-born voters in California:

"California became a territory of the United States of America on February 2, 1848 by the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. It was news of the discovery of gold later that same year, however, that resulted in the explosion of California's population. Prior to the discovery of gold, the population was estimated at 15,000 persons. The news of the gold discovery quickly circled the globe and hopeful miners of every nationality migrated to the California gold fields in hopes of finding their share of riches in the precious metal. By the end of 1849 the population had reached 100,000. In 1852 it was 224,000, in 1860 the official census showed 380,000, in 1870 the population had reached 650,000, and by 1880, 865,000."

"The administration of government with this quick growth required that formal voting procedures be implemented to create voter districts and avoid fraud. Voter registration became necessary and the "Great Registers of Voters" were created. The earliest Great Registers were produced in 1866 as a result of the enactment of Chapter CCLXV, Laws of the 16th Session of the California State Legislature; 1865-66. This legislation, approved 19 March 1866, and known as the Registration Act provided "for the registration of the citizens of the State, and for the enrollment in the several election districts of all the legal voters thereof, and for the prevention and punishment of frauds affecting the elective franchise."

"Section 3 of the Act required that "The manner of registration shall be as follows: Clear and distinct entries shall be made in said books, setting forth in separate columns the name at full length (without the use of initials) of the person registered; his age, omitting fractions of years; the country of his nativity; his occupation; the particular city, town, township, ward, or district of his residence; if a naturalized foreigner, when where, and by what Court he was admitted to become a citizen of the United Sates; also the date of registry, and a number affixed to each name, which numbers shall run successively in the order of registration; and to the truth of the facts stated in such entries the person registered shall be duly sworn, which shall also be noted and verified by the word "sworn", to be entered in a separate column opposite his name."

"Each county government was directed to establish a Great Register for population of their county. The various county's Great Register of Voters resulting from this legislation contain a wealth of information concerning the citizens, especially the naturalized citizens of California."

"A printout of the complete database record can be obtained from the compiler (see below). The database record will contain the following:

� Surname
� Given Name(s)
� Age at the time of registration
� Place of birth (usually the country)
� Date of naturalization
� Place of naturalization (usually the city)
� Court of record for the naturalization
� Year of voter registration
� Year of the Great Register used
� County where the voter was listed in the Great Register."

"Note that of the nearly 62,000 records in the database,
�About 70% have complete or partial naturalization data (date, place and court of record),
�14% contain no naturalization information at all,
�4% transferred from another county where they previously had voting rights thus no naturalization data was entered in the Great Register,
�4% were naturalized by virtue of their father's naturalization,
�1% were naturalized by the treaties with Mexico or Russia,
�4% had lost their papers and were naturalized by the affidavits of two other citizens who had known them to be naturalized, good citizens for at least five years.
�Another 3% of the records contain miscellaneous remarks."

Additional Information Available

"1) Transcript of the record
The request for a transcript/extract of the full extent of the database record should include the database record number and the name of the individual being requested together with US$5.00 and should be sent to the address below.

2 ) Photocopy of the actual record from the Great Register
A photocopy of the actual Great Register record can also be obtained from Mr. Faulkinbury. He will obtain a photocopy of the page on which the voter is registered for a fee of US$12.00"

(1) "The database record number and name of the individual together with this fee should be sent to the following address:"

Jim W. Faulkinbury, CGRS,
P.O. Box 60727,
Sacramento, CA,

(1) The above has been extracted from:
"61,691 Foreign-Born Voters of California - in 1872 - The Great Registry"
© Jim W Faulkinbury and FEEFHS, 1996. Used with permission given by Mr. Faulkinbury June 25, 1998.

Dave Hunter and The Island Register: Source Code and Graphics© 1998

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