The Descendants of Patrick Cluney/Clooney and Mary Cummings

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The Descendants of Patrick Cluney and Mary Cummings

Generation No. 1

1. PATRICK1 CLUNEY was born Abt. 1803 in Ireland. He married MARY CUMMINGS. She was born in PEI, and died Bef. 1881.


2. i. ELIZABETH2 CLUNEY, b. 1842, PEI; d. Sep 15, 1936, Tignish, PEI.

ii. MARY ANN CLUNEY, b. 1844, Charlottetown, PEI.

3. iii. BRIDGET ALICE CLUNEY, b. Abt. Feb 1847, PEI, Canada; d. May 28, 1894.

iv. JAMES CLUNEY, b. Jun 19, 1849, PEI.

v. LOUISA CLUNEY, b. Jul 23, 1851, PEI.

4. vi. JAMES FRANCIS CLUNEY, b. May 15, 1854, PEI.

vii. MARGUERITE CLUNEY, b. Jul 05, 1856, PEI.

Generation No. 2

2. ELIZABETH2 CLUNEY (PATRICK1) was born 1842 in PEI, and died Sep 15, 1936 in Tignish, PEI. She married PATRICK O'CONNOR Jan 16, 1866 in Tignish, PEI, Canada, son of EDWARD O'CONNOR and MARGARET O'CONNOR. He was born Abt. 1836 in Kildare, PEI, and died Nov 24, 1886.


i. STEPHEN JOHN3 O'CONNOR, b. Dec 26, 1870, Prince Edward Island.

ii. MARGARET ROLETTA O'CONNOR, b. Abt. 1867, Prince Edward Island.

iii. EDWARD IGNATIUS O'CONNOR, b. Dec 25, 1868, Prince Edward Island.







3. BRIDGET ALICE2 CLUNEY (PATRICK1) was born Abt. Feb 1847 in PEI, Canada, and died May 28, 1894. She married SIMON O'CONNOR, son of EDWARD O'CONNOR and MARGARET O'CONNOR. He was born Abt. 1832 in Alberton, PEI, Canada, and died Apr 30, 1887 in PEI.


i. EDWARD FRANCES3 O'CONNOR, b. Jan 12, 1868, PEI, Canada.

ii. JAMES FREDERICK O'CONNOR, b. Sep 01, 1869, PEI, Canada.

5. iii. MARY ANNE O'CONNOR, b. Apr 19, 1872, PEI, Canada; d. Dec 22, 1971, Bath, Maine.

iv. JOSEPH PATRICK O'CONNOR, b. Aug 10, 1874, PEI, Canada.

v. MARGARET GRACE O'CONNOR, b. Oct 03, 1876, PEI, Canada; d. Abt. Aug 23, 1938, Linden, N.J.; m. BILL MACKEY.

vi. CATHERINE ALICE O'CONNOR, b. Feb 15, 1879, PEI, Canada; d. Bef. 1881, Not listed on 1881 Canada census.

6. vii. ROBERT EMMETT O'CONNOR, b. Jun 18, 1881, Alberton, PEI, Canada; d. Nov 11, 1953, Keansburg, New Jersey.

7. viii. ZITA AKA SADIE O'CONNOR, b. Jun 06, 1884, Lot 5, PEI, Canada; d. Aft. 1935.

ix. LUCY ADELINE O'CONNOR, b. Dec 22, 1886, Lot 5, PEI, Canada; d. Oct 17, 1901, 4 Meadow Street, Bath, Maine.

4. JAMES FRANCIS2 CLUNEY (PATRICK1) was born May 15, 1854 in PEI. He married (1) UNKNOWN. He married (2) LUCINDA HUGHES Aug 26, 1890 in Prince Edward Island, daughter of BERNARD HUGHES and MARY DONOLY. She was born Abt. Jul 1858 in PEI.

Children of JAMES CLUNEY and UNKNOWN are:

i. JOHN3 CLUNEY, b. Abt. 1877.

ii. JAMES FRANCIS CLUNEY, JR., b. Abt. Jun 1885.


iii. INEZ ELLEN3 CLUNEY, b. Aug 17, 1898.

iv. VICTOR CLUNEY, b. Apr 1893.

Generation No. 3

5. MARY ANNE3 O'CONNOR (BRIDGET ALICE2 CLUNEY, PATRICK1) was born Apr 19, 1872 in PEI, Canada, and died Dec 22, 1971 in Bath, Maine. She married MAXIME PETERS Jun 29, 1898 in St. Mary's Church, Bath, Maine, son of ANDREW PETERS and MARGARET DOUCET. He was born 1871 in PEI-French.

Children of MARY O'CONNOR and MAXIME PETERS are:

i. MARGARET E.4 PETERS, b. May 1899, Maine; m. WILLIAM J. FOLEY; b. Abt. 1899, Philadelphia, PA; d. Abt. 1950, Maine.

ii. PAULINE V. PETERS, b. Sep 18, 1900, Maine; d. Jul 19, 1977, Bath Maine; m. (1) ARTHUR GILBERT STACKPOLE, Oct 17, 1921, Bath, Maine; b. Massachusetts; m. (2) JOSEPH T. BEAUDOIN, Jun 28, 1941, Bath, Maine; b. Abt. 1896; d. Jan 09, 1965.

iii. FRANCES C. PETERS, b. 1903, Maine; d. Abt. 1994; m. NAPOLEON J. GUERETTE, Jun 16, 1926, Brunswick, Maine; b. Jul 25, 1904, Maine; d. May 04, 1979, Bath, Maine.

iv. LOUISE M. PETERS, b. Mar 12, 1905, Maine; d. Aug 13, 1982, Bath, Maine; m. WINFRED (TED) SEAWARD SNOWDON, JR., Jul 09, 1937, Bath, Maine; d. 1954.

v. HARRIET PETERS, b. 1911, Maine; d. Abt. 1996; m. UNKNOWN LEARY.

6. ROBERT EMMETT3 O'CONNOR (BRIDGET ALICE2 CLUNEY, PATRICK1) was born Jun 18, 1881 in Alberton, PEI, Canada, and died Nov 11, 1953 in Keansburg, New Jersey. He married LUCY BELLE ELDRED Apr 19, 1900, daughter of BENJAMIN ELDRED and JULIA ROGERS. She was born Oct 31, 1882 in Brooklyn, NY, and died Aug 06, 1966 in Keansburg, New Jersey.

Children of ROBERT O'CONNOR and LUCY ELDRED are:

i. EMMA4 O'CONNOR, b. Aug 17, 1902, New Jersey; d. Mar 1996, Keansburg, N.J.; m. MICHAEL J. BARNA; b. Sep 28, 1899, Jersey City, N.J.; d. Aug 27, 1968, Keansburg, N.J..

ii. ROSE MARY O'CONNOR, b. Nov 09, 1903, New York (1930 census); d. Aug 1980; m. THEODORE RAYMOND J. NELSON, Jan 19, 1924, Jersey City, N.J.; b. Mar 18, 1902, Rhode Island; d. Jun 05, 1970, Tulare, California.

iii. LUCY GWENDOLYN O'CONNOR, b. Dec 04, 1905, New Jersey; d. Oct 04, 1997; m. HARRY G. PEIRANO, Jan 19, 1924, Jersey City, N.J.; b. Aug 11, 1903, NY; d. Dec 04, 1988, N.J..

iv. WINIFRED O'CONNOR, b. Jan 23, 1909, New Jersey; d. Apr 18, 2004; m. MELBOURNE AMOS BROWN; b. May 30, 1909, Prince Edward Island; d. Abt. 1984.

v. ROBERT O'CONNOR, b. Aft. 1909, New Jersey.

vi. WILLIAM ANDREW O'CONNOR, b. Aft. 1909, New Jersey.

vii. EDWARD BENJAMIN O'CONNOR, b. Dec 29, 1912, New Jersey; d. Dec 06, 2006, Luling, St. Charles, Louisiana; m. (1) ANGELINA CARREIRO, Abt. 1938, Linden, New Jersey; b. Abt. 1920; m. (2) ANN LARGEMAN, Aft. 1939; b. Abt. Aug 11, 1915.

viii. FREDERICK DANIEL O'CONNOR, b. Mar 06, 1916, New Jersey; d. Jul 1981.

ix. WOODROW PERSHING O'CONNOR, b. Sep 19, 1918, New Jersey; d. Mar 03, 1998, Florida; m. MARY YATES, Methodist Church, Wood Avenue, Linden, NJ; b. Dec 30, 1924, Elizabeth, New Jersey; d. Mar 13, 2010.

x. JOSEPH ALBERT O'CONNOR, b. Feb 05, 1921, New Jersey; d. Sep 1947, New Jersey.

xi. DOROTHY JULIA O'CONNOR, b. Jan 02, 1924, New Jersey; d. Abt. 1954, New Jersey; m. DON VAUGHN, Methodist Church, Wood Avenue, Linden, N.J..

xii. RUTH HARRIET O'CONNOR, b. Aug 13, 1925, New Jersey; m. (1) CLARENCE I. HYER, Apr 11, 1943, Methodist Church, Wood Avenue, Linden, N.J.; b. Mar 13, 1924, New Jersey; d. Mar 13, 1990, New Jersey; m. (2) RICHARD SCHWINGE, Aft. 1990.

7. ZITA AKA SADIE3 O'CONNOR (BRIDGET ALICE2 CLUNEY, PATRICK1) was born Jun 06, 1884 in Lot 5, PEI, Canada, and died Aft. 1935. She married BENJAMIN JEREMIAH ELDRED Abt. 1906, son of BENJAMIN ELDRED and JULIA ROGERS. He was born Apr 15, 1889 in Bayonne, New Jersey, and died Dec 21, 1954 in New Jersey.


i. EVELYN "TOOTSIE"4 ELDRED, b. Abt. 1908, New Jersey.

ii. BENJAMIN R. ELDRED, b. Nov 19, 1909, New Jersey; d. Sep 08, 1934, New York.

iii. MARCELLA ELDRED, b. Apr 28, 1913, Jersey City, New Jersey; d. Apr 22, 1973, Brooklyn, New York; m. MATTHEW HEFFRON; b. Mar 14, 1909; d. Nov 11, 1986.

iv. ALICE PAULINE ELDRED, b. Feb 19, 1916, Bayonne, New Jersey; d. Feb 18, 2006, Rye, New York.

v. EDWARD ELDRED, b. May 05, 1918, New Jersey; d. Apr 1983, Keansburg, New Jersey.

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