The Descendants of John Costin and Catherine Power

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Submitted by Edward Fitzgerald - [email protected]

This file has been put together from a number of sources. Information contained herein may or may not be accurate; however, whenever possible information has been taken from primary sources and family information. You are welcome to e-mail with any additional information or questions that you might have.

The Descendants of John COSTIN and Catherine POWER
Also contains Descendants of William Levert BLIZZARD and Catherine COSTIN

First Generation

1. John COSTIN was born in 1760 in Dungarvan, Co Waterford Ireland. He died on 19 Feb 1843 Prince Edward Island. He is buried in St. Joachim�s R.C. Church, Vernon River Cemetery PEI.

John was a land owner of Lot 49 PEI. Farmer 435 Acres On Crown Point, PEI:. He joined religion Roman Catholic Parish of ST. Dunstan.

July 28,1840 John Costin the elder and his wife Catherine sign their will leaving their Charlottetown property for the care of their daughters Bridget, later to be the wife of Cornelius Little, and Catherine Costin.

Last will and Testament is on file

Public Archives of PEI (Record Group 6.2, series 1 -Probate Records 1807-1900 v. 4. p149+

John married Catherine POWER in 1791 in Dioceses of Waterford And Lismore Ireland-Reel 0100872. Catherine was born in 1766. She died in 1842 and is buried at St. Joachim�s R.C. Church Vernon River, PEI, Canada.

They had the following Children:

2 F i. Ann COSTIN. Ann married JONES. Mentioned in father�s will. Jan.7, 1834 "Thomas Jones to Ann Costin by Banns. Witnesses Cornelius Little and Auty Henepsy. Justice of the Peace Marriages, CS88, P74, P712, Reel 1, NEHGS April 2,1838 John Little and Catherine Little are the sponsors to Ann, baptized to Thomas Jones and Ann Costin at St. Dunstan's. Ann Costin (John COSTIN), m. 7 JAN 1834 Captain Thomas Jones


Ann Jones, b. 02 APR 1838

Mary Ellen Jones

Elizabeth Jones, b. 1839

Anne Jones, b. 1840

Rebecca Jones, b. 1845

3 F ii. Bridget COSTIN. Bridget married Cornelius LITTLE. Mentioned in father�s will. Nov.17,1830 Margaret Ellen is born to Cornelius Little and Bridget Costin. Nov.21,1830 Cornelius Little and Bridget Costin baptize Ellen Margaret , born the 19th,at St. Dunstan's. The sponsors were Thomas Turin and Mary Moripon of Charlottetown. Page 83. July 4,1832 One day old Peter Christopher is baptized to Cornelius Little and Bridget Costin at St. Dunstan's. The sponsors were Allan McDonald and Margaret Kinan. Page 12. July 27,1855 John Costin gives in a deed of trust possession of Charlottetown property to Patrick Walker and Donald McDonald for them to use till Costin's daughter Bridget Little or her children, need it. June 26,1877 Bridget Little relict late Cornelius Little died aged 85 res. of her son Joseph J. Little on 19th. Bridget Costin (John COSTIN), b. 1791 in Dungarvan, m. Cornelius Little, b. 1791, d. 4 SEPT 1864 in Charlottetown.


Kate Little, b. 1818, d. 1895

John Little, b. 1820, d. 1864, lawyer in Charlottetown

Theresa Little, b. 1821, d. 1827

Philip Francis Little, b. 1824, d. 25 OCT 1897 aged 75, m. Mary Jane Holdwright of Dublin, Ireland. 1824-1897, Prime Minister of Newfoundland from 1855 to 1858.

Anne Little, b. 1825, d. 1827

Cornelius Little, b. 1826, d. 1904, served in the British Navy

Margaret Ellen Little, b. 17 NOV 1830 in Charlottetown

George Little, b. 1831, d. 1894, physician in Dublin

Peter Christopher Little, b. 3 JUL 1832 in Charlottetown

Mary Little, b. 1833, d. 1864

Sir Joseph Ignatius Little, b. 7 JAN 1836 in Charlottetown, d. 1903, Chief Justice of Newfoundland in 1898

Ellen Little, b. 1837, d. 1911

4 F iii. Catherine COSTIN. Catherine married John HAWKINS. Mentioned in father�s will. Catherine Costin, (John COSTIN) m. 11 APR 1835 John Hawkins.


Eleanor Hawkins, b. 1835

William Hawkins, b. 1835

John Hawkins, b. 1842

Theresa Hawkins, b. 1846

Susan Hawkins, b. 1848

5 F iv. Eleanor COSTIN. Eleanor married McCarthy and DOYLE. Mentioned in father�s will. June 15,1846 John Little - Eleanor Costin land conveyance. 56-503. Eleanor Costin (John COSTIN), m. (1) John M(a)cCarthy, (2) 06 JAN 1834 Patrick B. Doyle

Children by John M(a)cCarthy:

John McCarthy

James McCarthy

Children by Patrick B. Doyle:

Bartholomew Doyle, b. 8 JAN 1838

6 F v. Elizabeth COSTIN. Elizabeth married James MURPHY. Mentioned in father�s will. Elizabeth Costin, (John COSTIN) b. 1806 in Charlottetown, d. 1881, m. James Murphy (sone of Michael Murphy and Mary Ryan), d. 1881.


Mary Eleanor Murphy, b. 1833, m. Peter Kinch of Tignish

Theresa Murphy, b. 1840

James Murphy, b. 1842, m. Agnes McCarthy of Tignish

Catherine 'Kate' Murphy, b. 1844

Patrick Murphy, b. 1847, d. 1927, m. Amanda Finey in 1881. Patrick was a teacher

Joseph Murphy, b. 1849, m. - Doyle

Francis Augustine Murphy, b. 1852, m. Ann Bridget Doyle of Tignish

John G. Murphy, b. 1850, d. 1873, m. Catherine Doyle of Minimigash in 1860. John was a teacher in Missouri, USA.

7 M vi. James COSTIN. Mentioned in father�s will. Dec.3, 1840 "I baptize Ann, two days old of the following parents Mr. James Costain and Ann Costin. John Costin and Bridget Costin sponsors. M. Reynolds" St. Dunstan�s Cathedral, Charlottetown, PEI. Page 249 St. Dunstan�s register. NEHGS

8 M vii. John COSTIN. John was employed as a merchant. Mentioned in father�s will. John Costin (John COSTIN), b. 1804 in Charlottetown, m. Rebecca Kirvan


Mary Ann Costin, b. 14 SEP 1832 in Charlottetown

John Costin, b. 01 MAY 1834 in Charlottetown

Patrick Costin, b. 17 MAR 1836 in Charlottetown

Rebecca Costin, b. 08 JUL 1838 in Charlottetown

Francis Costin, b. 22 AUG 1845 in Charlottetown

Catherine Costin, b. 1833, d. 04 JUN 1847

Mary Ann Costin, b. 1843

9 F viii. Mary COSTIN. Mary married FITZPATRICK. Mentioned in father�s will. Sept.27, 1839 Catherine Little is a sponsor with Donald Bastin to the baptism of John, born to William Fitzpatrick and Mary Costin, at St. Dunstan's. Mary Costin (John COSTIN), b. 1800, d. 1866 in Charlottetown, m. William FitzPatrick b. 1796 in Co. Wexford, was an innkeeper in Charlottetown.


Mary Eleanor FitzPatrick, b. 07 JAN 1833 in Charlottetown

Catherine FitzPatrick, b. 07 APR 1834 in Charlottetown, m. - Burns of Lawrence, MA

Arthur George FitzPatrick, b. 08 JAN 1836 in Charlottetown, d. 14 FEB 1906 in Lawrence, MA, m. Ellen Mary Loughlin. Emigrated to California in 1862.

William FitzPatrick, b. 13 APR 1837 in Charlottetown

Margaret FitzPatrick, 29 MAY 1838 in Charlottetown

John William FitzPatrick, b. 27 SEP 1839 in Charlottetown, m. Catherine MacDonald

William FitzPatrick, b. 17 DEC 1840 in Charlottetown Emigrated to Boston in 1847.

Ann FitzPatrick, b. 10 APR 1842 in Charlottetown

10 M ix. William COSTIN. William had 10 Children. Mentioned in father�s will. Sept.8, 1816 William Costin (of John and Catherine Power of PEI) wed Marjorie Matthews (of Edward and and Catherine Howard of Co. Dublin) at St. Peters Church in Halifax, NS. CS 480 I 7

+ 11 M x. Michael COSTIN was born in 1809 and was buried on 17 Sep 1882. Mentioned in father�s will. Will - Jan 5, 1882 named wife and seven children: John, Edward, Catherine, Michael, Mary Ellen, Eliza, and Emily.

Second Generation

11. Michael COSTIN Sr. (John) was born in 1809 in Charlottetown PEI 55. He was buried on 17 Sep 1882 Immaculate Conception RC Church, Palmer Road, Lot 2 PEI. He was employed as Farmer Lot 49 And Lot 2. Michael purchased his father's, John Costin's, farm on Crown Point in 1842. Land Transactions June 25 ( Book 50, Page 351) and June 27 (Book 50, Page 303). Also note May 14, 1844 (Book 55, Page 528 and 531). At the time of his father's death the following year, he was forced to sell the farm to pay off his debt to his father's estate for distribution per John Costin's Will. In 1846, Eleanor, his second wife, released her interest in Lot 49 (Book 56, Page 503). In 1846., William was living on Lot 31 (Book 57, Page 141). According to Ellen Mansfield�s brother the family lived in Peticodiac, NB. , and then in 1851 had a mortgage on a piece of property in Lot 31, ( Book 57, Page 141). Some time after that Michael moved his family to the less expensive Palmer Road, Lot 2. Just across the line from Lot 1 and across the street from the school according to the 1881 Atlas. 1881 Census April � Lot 2 � Michael 71 yrs., born PEI , RC, Farmer, Irish: Ellen (Mansfield) 58 yrs., born Ireland, RC, Irish; Ann 28yrs; Emily 23yrs.; Mary Ann 11yrs. All born PEI, All single. Feb.3,1883 The will of Michael Costin of Palmer Rd. lot 4 is proved. Michael Costin Sr. Will prepared 1882 Jan 5 names surviving children in order that appears to be birth order: John $1; Edward $1; Catherine $1; Michael $1; Mary Ellen $1; Eliza $1; Emily 50 acres land. Wife the house and 50 acres land. No residences are listed and no married names although most of the girls are married. Michael married (1) Ann PRAUGHT, daughter of William F. PRAUGHT and Ann SINNOTT, on 28 Jan 1833 in PEI. Ann was born in 1814, on Prince Edward Island. She died in 1842. Lived on Lot 49, PEI.

Family of Ann Praught can be found on Island Register- Surname and Lineage, under Praught/Pratt -

Michael and Ann Praught had the following Children:

+ 12 F i. Catherine COSTIN was born on 19 Jul 1842 and died aft. 1920 in Boston MA. Named in stepmother�s will.

13 F ii. Mary Ellen COSTIN was born on 8 Dec 1833. Unknown further. Not in father will. (Assumed died before 1841 to fit family composition in 1841 census.

14 M iii. John COSTIN was born in 1835. John was employed as Merchant in Drayton, ON. -John in father will. John married 1st wife c 1853 Mary Lee c1835 August from Ireland. Died 21 June 1872. John married 2nd wife Oct 20, 1873. Roman Catholic Church Guelph, ON to Anne Kennedy b. Oct 31 1830 Guelph. Died 16 Jan 1902. Drayton, ON. John and Mary had 9 known children surname Costin. John and Ann 1 child Surname Costin.

15 M iv. William COSTIN was born on 12 May 1837. William Died As A Child.

16 M v. Edward COSTIN was born on 1 May 1840 on PEI. Edward was employed as Carpenter, Wedford, Kent Co, New Brunswick. Shown in 1871 Census in Wedford Parish, Subdistrict D-1, pg. 25 Film C10390 family no. 80. Edward married Mary Ann MCAFFREY from Ireland on 26 Jan 1861 in Kent Co., New Brunswick. 8 known children.

17 M vi. Michael COSTIN. Michael JR. in father 1882 will. Nothing further known. No sign of on PEI 1881. Not in 1871 census index. Not apparent in NB. Do not know whether belongs to 1st family or 2nd?

11. Michael COSTIN Sr. (John) also married (2) Ellen MANSFIELD. Ellen was born in 1822 in Ireland. She was buried in May 18, 1898 on PEI. Funeral at Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church, Palmer Road, Lot 2. A copy of Ellen�s will is dated Sept 1882. It was filed in 1902.

Michael and Ellen Costin had the following Children:

18 M vii. James COSTIN was born on 29 May 1845. He died in 1876 in West Prince. James was employed as Mariner. He married Mary MURPHY on 14 Aug 1866. Four children. Mary Murphy and Children were at Thomas Murphy�s (Mary�s Father) Lot 4 at time of 1881 Census. She was widow with 4 children with her. St Joachim baptismal record, James b. 1845 May 29.

19 M viii. William COSTIN was born in May 1847. He died as a child. St Dunstan's baptismal, William b. 1847

20 F ix. Mary Ellen COSTIN was born 16 May 1847.(St. Peter�s RC, Seven Mile Bay) Mary married 13 Feb 1871 Patrick MCCUE of Lot 2 area. - d. 14 DEC 1917 (1921?)

21 F x. Ann COSTIN. Born 16 April 1851. (St. Peter�s RC, Seven Mile Bay) Ann lived In Costin Household in 1878, 1881, 1890, Named in mother�s will. Single - Not in Michael�s Sr. Will in 1882

22 F xi. Eliza Ethel COSTIN was born in 1857. Eliza lived in Charlottetown, PEI 1881 - Single. Named in mother�s will

23 F xii. Emily COSTIN was born on 8 Mar 1857. Emily married Bernard MCLELLAN. Named in mother�s will. St Simon & St Jude Tignish baptismal Emily b. 1857 March 8.

24 M xiii William COSTIN, May 24, 1859 Baptism at St. Simon and St. Jude. RC Church, Tignish Lot 1.

25 M xiv William Henry COSTIN 8 Jan 1862 Baptism at St. Simon and St. Jude. RC Church, Tingish Lot 1.

Third Generation

12. Catherine COSTIN (Michael COSTIN, John) was born on 19 Jul 1842 in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada. She died aft 1920 in Boston, MA. Need to verify date of death and burial place: Indication that she died in 1935 Boston (Arlington) Mass in 1935 at 92 years. Buried at St. Joseph Cemetery, Jamacia Plains, Boston, MA. Also her name is on the wedding invitation of her daughter Katherine in 1906. 1871 Census - Living with husband at Richibucto, New Brunswick � Age 28 - Roman Catholic Kent Co. Census Subdistrict C-1 Page 32 Film 10390 Family # 107 Is listed in 1920 Boston Mass Census as living at 42 Montabello St., head of household, 77years, widow b. Canada Came to U.S. in 1890 renting home. Living with her were Margaret, Herb, Arthur, and Emma. Catherine married William Levert BLIZZARD, son of William BLIZZARD (?) and, on 22 Sep 1863 in St. John, New Brunswick. William was born in 1840 or St. John, New Brunswick. He died in 1895 on Prince Edward Island. He was employed as Fish Packer, New Brunswick and in PEI. From New Brunswick. Was a fishpacker and fisherman from NB. Later settled in PEI, Canada. Living in St. John NB 1863 when he got married. Family may have also been in St. John's NB. 1871 in Richibucto, NB, Fisherman; 1871 Census - Living with family at Richibucto, New Brunswick � Age 30 � Baptist Religion. Kent Co. Census Subdistrict C-1 Page 32 Film 10390 Family # 107. In 1875, June 11 Land Conveyance (Prince Co. Liber 3, Folio 572) Takes over a lease of Land from George W. Howlan, Esquire, Lot 4, Alberton On 1 November 1876 purchased an acre of land from John Ball and Benjamin Rogers (Prince Co. Liber 4, folio 283). On 23 August 1877, sell a one acre piece of land in Alberton to William Blizard, Merchant of St. John City, New Brunswick (Prince Co. Liber 6, folio 627). (Note: There is a possibility that this was William, Jr. Father who may have lost his Fish Market in the fire at St. John�s and moved to the island to be with family. This will need further research). In 1881 Charlottetown, PEI, Fish Preserver Census Charlottetown, Ward 1, page 107, family 502 Recorded on 13 May 1881. 1890 Alberton Lot 4, PEI Fish Packer. Married at St. David's Church in St. John NB by N. McKay. Need to verify burial place. May have been Calvary Cemetery, Boston, Mass. Hyde Park

In the mid 1800s there was one Blizzard family in the City of Saint John and there was a William listed whose birth year was about 1840. This William's father was a "M. Mariner" which I assume translates to Merchant Mariner.. William's father was perhaps a son or grandson of one of the Loyalist Blizzards and that would be worth searching because the Loyalists came from the colonies where many had families for up to 150 years previous to their entry into NB

William and Catherine had the following Children:

+ 24 F i. Katherine Emila BLIZZARD was born on 12 Feb 1883, baptised 18 Feb 1883, and died in Boston, Mass. Is shown on Campobello Census 1901, Part 12. Date is shown as March 12, 1883.

+ 25 M ii. Charles Edward BLIZZARD was born about 1872. Died 23 July 1953, New Haven CT. Spouse was Ida (Blizzard) With mother for 1890 RC census.

26 M iii. Arthur Roy BLIZZARD was born in Jan 1,1886 in Digby, N. S.(According to 1901 Census from Campobello). He died in Feb 1978 and was buried in St. Joseph Cemetery, Boston. Shown in Campobello Census for 1901, Part 12. Was living with Mother in 1920 Census, Single, Worked at Seal Co. Arthur lived in Boston, Mass. Arthur married Frances (Blizzard).

27 M iv. Herbert William BLIZZARD was born on 20 Jan 1878 in PEI. Baptized in St. Anthony� Parish on 17 Feb 1878. (Record show last name spelled Blessard and middle name as Mellan) Herbert was living at Home 1881.(Census). Came to US 1890. Living with sister Emma in Boston 1900 census. Apparently a theology student at that time. 1920 Census was living with mother, single Stationary Salesman

28 M v. Henry Michael BLIZZARD was born on 26 Jul 1879 in PEI. Baptized 3 August 1879 � Saint Anthony�s Parish Is shown in the 1901 Census at Campobello � Section 12 #85 �DOB is shown as 20 July 1878 � Occupation - Fisherman Henry was living with his Mother at Census of 1881. Later in life he lived in Winthrop, Mass.

+ 29 M vi. Frederick Guy BLIZZARD was born about 1873. Was baptismal sponsor for a child of his uncle/aunt Bernard McLellan/ Emily Costin of Lot 2 PEI. With Mother In 1881 Census. Married Miss Laura Murphy, 14 Sept 1903 at Saint Paul�s Church, Summerside

30 F vii. Clara E. BLIZZARD was born about 1863 in New Brunswick. 1871 Census - Living with parents at Richibucto, New Brunswick - Age7 - Roman Catholic Kent Co. Census Subdistrict C-1 Page 32 Film 10390 Family # 107. Clara was living with her Mother 1890 in Alberton, PEI.

31 F viii. Emma (Emmie) BLIZZARD was born about 1867 in New Brunswick. 1871 Census - Living with parents at Richibucto, New Brunswick � Age3 - Roman Catholic. Kent Co. Census Subdistrict C-1 Page 32 Film 10390 Family # 107. Emma was with Mother 1890 RC Census. Came to Boston in 1885. In 1890 MA census, Emma is living in Boston. Some of the Blizzard siblings are living with her in Boston. 1920 Census, married, living with mother in Boston. Was a housekeeper for a private family.

+ 32 F x. Anna (Annie) May BLIZZARD was born on 6 May 1881. Baptismal sponsors where uncle, Edward Praught. Baptized 15 May 1881, St. Dunstan�s Roman Catholic Church in Charlottetown. Not Listed With Mother In 1890 Census by RC Church. Was living with sister Emma in Boston 1900 Census

34 F xi. Elizabeth (Bessie) BLIZZARD was born about 1865 in New Brunswick. She died in 1929. 1871 Census - Living with parents at Richibucto, New Brunswick � Age 5 - Roman Catholic Kent Co. Census Subdistrict C-1 Page 32 Film 10390 Family # 107. Elizabeth was at home 1881. (Census)

35 F xii. Mary Susanna BLIZZARD was born on 5 May 1876. Baptized in St. Anthony�s Parish Roman Catholic Church. Mary was with Mother At 1890 RC Census.

36 F xiii. Margaret Blizzard - 1871 Census - Living with parents at Richibucto, New Brunswick � Age 7mo. - Roman Catholic. Kent Co. Census Subdistrict C-1 Page 32 Film 10390 Family # 107. At Home In 1881Census on PEI. Came to US in 1886. 1920 Census, living with mother in Boston, single, employed as a proofreader. Later in life lived in Arlington, Mass

Fourth Generation

24. Katherine Edna (Emily) BLIZZARD (Catherine COSTIN, Michael COSTIN, John) was born on 12 Feb 1883 in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Married in Revere MA in 1906. She died MARCH 1910 in Boston, Mass. Buried at New Calvary Cemetery, Boston, Mass. Katherine married John Francis FITZGERALD, son of Daniel Francis FITZGERALD and Julia (Kate) BURKE. John was born in 1876 in Boston, Mass. He died on 20 Feb 1941 in Boston Mass- (DC# 364, Vol. 24, Folio 47,) Was buried in New Calvary Cemetery, Harvard Street/Walk Hill Road, Boston, Mass. John was employed as Printer.

They had the following Children:

36 M i. Edmund (Edward) Daniel FITZGERALD, Colonel was born on 26 Nov 1907 in Jamaica Plains, MA . U.S. ARMY. He died on 27 Aug 1983 in Dunedin, Fla. and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery Section 66 -Grave 3864. Edmund married Catherine Mary LYONS, daughter of Laurence Michael LYONS and Johanna Margaret MCGRATH, on 21 Mar 1934 in Los Angeles, California. Catherine was born on 28 Jun 1911 in Victor, Colorado. She died on 20 Mar 1999 in Leonardtown, MD and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery Sec 66- Grave 3864.

37 F ii. Katherine Muriel FITZGERALD was born in 1910 in Revere, Ma.; Died 1995 in FL. Katherine lived at General Delivery Situate Harbor, and Norwell, Mass. Katherine married Maxwell MCKEAND, son of Arthur J. MCKEAND and Barbara C AECHTLER, in 1935. Maxwell was born on 24 Aug 1907 in Boston. Died 1995 in FL.

25. Charles Edward BLIZZARD (Catherine COSTIN, Michael COSTIN, John) was born about 1872 in New Brunswick, Canada. Charles was with his Mother 1890 R.C. Census. He had the following Children:

38 F i. Marie BLIZZARD, Born 17 April 1902 in New Jersey. Died 20 Oct 199, New Haven CT., Single. Marie was a mystery writer who lived in Conn.

  • Conspiracy of Silence - M. S. Mill & William Morrow,New York, 1952. Mystery.
  • Men in Her Death, the - 1947 Hardback.
  • The Watch Sinister - M. S. Mill & William Morrow, New York, 1951.
  • Daughter Of A Star - The Westminster Press.
  • The Ghost at Kimball Hill - Philadelphia: Westminster Press, 1956.
  • The Late Lamented Lady - Mystery House, New York, 1946.
  • Men In Her Death - Mystery House, New York, 1947.

29. Frederick Guy BLIZZARD (Catherine COSTIN, Michael COSTIN, John) was born about 1873 in New Brunswick. Frederick was with Mother In 1881 Census. He had the following Children:

39 F i. Elaine BLIZZARD.

40 M ii. Charles BLIZZARD was born in PEI.

41 F iii. Muriel BLIZZARD was born in PEI.

42 F iv. Frederick BLIZZARD was born in PEI.

33. Anna (Annie) May BLIZZARD (Catherine COSTIN, Michael COSTIN, John) was born on 6 May 1881 in Charlottetown PEI. Anna was not listed with Mother In 1890 R.C. Census. Anna married MILEY. They had the following Children:

43 F i. Kathryn MILEY. Her Baptismal sponsors were her uncle Edward Praught and wife Ellen BURKE

Kathryn married Paul FERNALD.

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