The Edward CULLEN family of Alexandra lot 49

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Submitted by Patricia Lunddahl

LUNDDAHL, Patricia (nee Peters)

The death occurred suddenly Sunday, September 7, 2008, in Banyuls sur Mer, France, while on holiday with her sister, Virginia; brother-in-law, Jim; brother, Larry; and sister-in-law, Mary. Patricia lived in Skanderborg, Denmark, and is survived by her two daughters, Anne and Eva and their spouses as well as three grandchildren. She was predeceased by her husband Nils in 2005. Patricia was the eldest daughter of the late Marshall and Laura Peters (nee Cullen) and is survived by the following brothers and sisters: Dorothy, Larry (Mary), Virginia Reynolds (Jim), Greg (Dianne) and Pauline Coady (Mike). Burial will take place in Denmark.

Pat was a long time friend and supporter of the Island Register, and we must pass along our condolences to Anne and Eva, to her brothers and sisters, and to Pat's grandchildren. The news came as a very sad surprise Tuesday morning in the Guardian. Many times since I started the newpaper and the web page, we have lost people who have become friends through the page - it is always hard, but this is one of the worst shocks indeed. Though living far away, and visiting the Island infrequently, Pat never stopped researching her Cullen ancestry, and had a great love for her Island family and friends.

The Edward CULLEN family of Alexandra lot 49

First Generation

1. Edward CULLEN was born about 1796 in Ireland. He died Apr 1873.

Edward married Mary BUTLER. Mary was born about 1795 in Ireland.

They had the following children:

+ 2 M i. William CULLEN was born 17 May 1824.

3 F ii. Johanna CULLEN was born about 1835.

Johanna married Richard REID on 22 Jan 1856.

+ 4 M iii. John CULLEN was born 1837.

5 F iv. Mary CULLEN was born 13 Nov 1837 and was christened 29 Jan 1838 in St Dunstans Bascilica, Charlottetown.

6 F v. Margaret CULLEN was born 1 Mar 1839 and was christened 14 Jul 1839 in St Dunstans Bascilica, Charlottetown.

Margaret married James FINLAY.

Second Generation

2. William CULLEN (Edward) was born 17 May 1824 in Ireland.

William married Katherine LANDRIGAN, daughter of John LANDRIGAN and Eilis HEYLAND, on 3 Sep 1871. Katherine was born 17 Mar 1830 in Ireland.

They had the following children:

+ 7 M i. Edward CULLEN was born 10 Sep 1855 and died before 1928.

8 M ii. Michael CULLEN was born Mar 1857 and was christened 12 Apr 1857 in St Josephs, Kelly's Cross. He died 15 Jan 1930 in St Josephs, Kelly's Cross.

Michael married Bridget MALONE. Bridget was born 1856. She died 5 Jun 1926 in St Josephs, Kelly's Cross.

+ 9 F iii. Mary Alice CULLEN was born 18 Nov 1859 and died 22 Feb 1937.

+ 10 M iv. William A CULLEN was born 26 Apr 1863 and died May 1934.

+ 11 M v. James F. CULLEN was born Apr 1864 and died 14 Dec 1930.

4. John CULLEN (Edward) was born 1837 in PEI.

John married Sarah MULLINS on 7 Sep 1863.

They had the following children:

12 M i. Edward CULLEN was born 15 Jun 1864 and was christened 25 Jun 1864 in St Dunstans Bascilica, Charlottetown. He died after 1911.

13 M ii. James Nicholas CULLEN was born 26 Mar 1866 and was christened 11 Apr 1866 in St Dunstans Bascilica, Charlottetown. He died 14 Sep 1942 and was buried in Ch'Town RC.

14 M iii. Thomas A CULLEN was born 5 Mar 1868 and was christened 12 Mar 1868 in St Dunstans Bascilica, Charlottetown. He died 17 Aug 1930 in Brooklyn NY.

15 F iv. Bridget CULLEN "Annie" was born 6 Jun 1870 and was christened 12 Jun 1870 in St Dunstans Bascilica, Charlottetown. She died 20 Apr 1942 and was buried in Ch'Town RC.

Annie married (1) Unknown O'NEILL.

Annie also married (2) Unknown GENTHER.

+ 16 F v. Mary Ellen CULLEN was born 19 Jul 1872 and died 23 Mar 1942.

17 F vi. Sarah Beatrice CULLEN was born 9 Aug 1874 and was christened 1 Sep 1874 in St Dunstans Bascilica, Charlottetown.

+ 18 F vii. Cecilia Jane CULLEN was born 24 Mar 1876 and died 1950.

19 M viii. Frederick Francis CULLEN was born 8 Jan 1879 and was christened 25 Feb 1879 in St Dunstans Bascilica, Charlottetown. He died 18 Oct 1918 and was buried in Ch'town, RC.

Third Generation

7. Edward CULLEN (William, Edward) was born 10 Sep 1855. He died before 1928.

Edward married Catherine HUGHES. Catherine was born 20 Feb 1861. She died 28 Jan 1935.

They had the following children:

20 M i. John Edward CULLEN was born 14 Nov 1893. He died 31 Aug 1970 and was buried in Ch'Town, RC, PEI.

John married Marie Constance UNKNOWN. Marie was born 18 Apr 1897. She died 9 Jan 1954.

21 M ii. Alphonsus CULLEN was born 3 Jan 1894. He died 1969 and was buried in Ch'town, RC, PEI.

22 F iii. Marie Adele CULLEN was born 9 Aug 1898. She died 20 Jul 1936 in Ch'town, PEI.

9. Mary Alice CULLEN (William, Edward) was born 18 Nov 1859 and was christened 28 Nov 1859 in St Josephs, Kelly's Cross. She died 22 Feb 1937 and was buried in St Peters Rd RC.

Mary married Francis "Frank" DEVINE, son of James DEVINE and Elizabeth GORMLEY. Francis was born 1850 in Hunter River. He died 31 Oct 1922 in Hunter River and was buried in Rustico, PEI.

They had the following children:

23 M i. James J DEVINE was born 9 May 1882. He died 4 Jan 1976.

James married Mary Josephine PETERS.

24 F ii. Elizabeth Maude DEVINE was born 10 Mar 1890.

Elizabeth married leo Gregory DOIRON on 15 Nov 1922.

25 M iii. William Francis DEVINE was born 25 Mar 1891. He died 1932.

William married Lauretta POWER on 18 Oct 1919.

26 F iv. Ella Mae DEVINE was born 9 Aug 1893.

Ella married Alan Francis MACALEER. Alan was born 25 Jul 1881. He died 1970.

27 M v. Louis Edward DEVINE was born 30 Apr 1894. He died 1 Sep 1969.

Louis married Mary Rosalie Azalene THIBEAU in 1955. Mary was born in Cape Breton.

28 M vi. John Ernest DEVINE was born 9 Jan 1898. He died 21 May 1919.

29 M vii. Alphonse DEVINE was born 2 Aug 1899.

Alphonse married Gertrude CROWLEY on 26 Oct 1927.

10. William A CULLEN (William, Edward) was born 26 Apr 1863. He died May 1934 in N. Wiltshire.

William married Katherine TRAINOR "Katie". Katie was born 4 May 1874.

They had the following children:

30 F i. Marcella CULLEN was born after 1901. She died before 1981.

Marcella married Ledwell DOYLE. Ledwell was born about 1909.

31 M ii. William A CULLEN was born 1902 in Lot 65. He died 8 May 1984 in Kinkora, Lot 27.

William married Jenny TRAINOR.

11. James F. CULLEN (William, Edward) was born Apr 1864 in PEI. He died 14 Dec 1930 and was buried in Ch'town, RC PEI.

James married Mary E SULLIVAN. Mary was born Aug 1868?. She died 7 Sep 1939 and was buried in Ch'town, RC PEI.

They had the following children:

32 F i. Annie CULLEN was born 1891.

33 F ii. Alice M CULLEN was born 1892.

34 F iii. Angelina CULLEN was born 1894.

35 F iv. Mary M CULLEN was born Nov 1895.

Mary married George F MACDONALD.

36 F v. Clara CULLEN was born Oct 1897.

37 F vi. Mary E CULLEN "Martha" was born 1900.

38 M vii. William J CULLEN was born Nov 1901.

39 M viii. Wilfred Bernard CULLEN was born 1 Mar 1906. He died 13 Nov 1962 and was buried in Ch'town RC.

Wilfred married Blanche HUGHES.

40 M ix. Reginald CULLEN was born 2 May 1902 in PEI. He died 5 Oct 1976.

Reginald married Amy Isabel MCINNIS on 20 Nov 1922. Amy was born 1903. She died 3 Apr 1985.

41 F x. Catherine CULLEN was born Feb 1904 in PEI Canada.

42 F xi. Helen CULLEN was born Apr 1908 in PEI Canada.

16. Mary Ellen CULLEN (John, Edward) was born 19 Jul 1872 and was christened 9 Aug 1872 in St Dunstans Bascilica, Charlottetown. She died 23 Mar 1942.

Mary married James PLACE.

They had the following children:

43 M i. John PLACE.

18. Cecilia Jane CULLEN (John, Edward) was born 24 Mar 1876 and was christened 30 Mar 1876 in St Dunstans Bascilica, Charlottetown. She died 1950 and was buried in Ch'Town RC.

Cecilia married William JACKMAN.

They had the following children:

44 F i. Noreen JACKMAN was born 1914. She died 1953.

Appendix A - Notes

1. Edward CULLEN

Alexandra, Lot 49.

This lineage is to a great degree based on conjecture, beginning with

names from Marge Reids site mentioning Edwards will, also Johanna as Edwards daughter

Marge Reid's excerpt from Edwards will mentions son John, "each of Richard Reids three eldest daughters, wife Mary, daughter Mary, son William, son-in-law James Finlay"

names of younger children from Bapt. index.

1841 census has Edward, farmer, b. Ireland, wife Mary Butler, he under 45, she over - that might put him at nearly 45, and her abt. 46, and so born abt. 1795-96. Johanna married Richard Reid , one daughter, probably Margaret, married James Finlay

This family is mentioned in the history of Alexandra published in 1964 by the Alexandra WI. Apparently they were "prominent citizens" of the area. Edward and his son John established a lobster factory and ran it for some years.


From bapt. index, also supported by Marge Reid's site.

2. William CULLEN

I want to place him in this family, but the birthdate is a problem - much earlier than the others, unless there were children born in Ireland who died or were left there. Parents are old enough to have had a child in 1824.

Supporting my theory are the following:

Edward Cullen mentions a son, William in his will (on Marge Reid's site), and I haven't found this William anywhere else.

He would have been just 16 at the 1841 census.

A witness at his marriage was John Cullen (his brother?)

His oldest son was named Edward (after his grandfather?)

1881 census has Wm. born 1828 in Ireland, 5 children all born in Ireland, but 1901 says children born on PEI.

William is the closest connection between two Cullen families I have found, as Catherine Landrigan's niece, Frances, married Timothy P.Cullen of Hope River, and was a close friend of her cousin Edward and his wife and family.

2S. Katherine LANDRIGAN

Her monument is in cemetery in Emyvale.

Birthdate from 1901 census

1-2. Marriage of William CULLEN and Katherine LANDRIGAN

Witnesses John Cullen & Margaret Maher.

3. Johanna CULLEN

mentioned in connection with William's will on Marge Reid's site.

1-3. Marriage of Richard REID and Johanna CULLEN

master name index. witnesses John Reid and Mary Cullen

4. John CULLEN

Found in family tree, History of Alexandra. Also in In 1901 census, Alexandra, In 1911 Census, Alexandra, John, Sarah, Edward, James, Frederick.

Of the children, none of the boys married, Annie (must be Bridget A?) married a Genther, Mary Ellen m. James Place, Cecilia m. Wm Jackman. acc. to History of Alexandra.

Cecelia is buried in Ch'town RC, dates 1877-1950, with her daughter Noreen Jackman 1914-1953.


From Master name index: Marriage, John Cullen, Sara Mullins, Sept. 7, 1863, witnesses James Reid, Susan Mullins.

Also in bapt.index.

1-4. Marriage of John CULLEN and Sarah MULLINS

master name index. witnesses James Reid, Susan Mullins

(another confirmation of Reid connection)

6. Margaret CULLEN

marriage assumed, based on mention of Finlay in Will

6S. James FINLAY

One daughter married Finlay, presumed Marg. as Mary is named by herself in will.

7. Edward CULLEN

BIRTH: date from 1881 census, then at home, "Farmer" aged 26 - if this is the right family!

A grocer w. family in Ch'town CA6 in 1901 census, names of children, birthdates from this.

1928 phone book has Mrs Edward Cullen

Sr Ellen Mary says lived at corner of Sydney & Richmond

1911 census has family at 87 Pownal St.

Edward b. Sept 1856, Grocer

Catherine Feb 1856

J Edward 1894, bank clerk

Alphonse 1896

Mary 1900

Transcript of Hughes tombstone seen in Old Catholic Cemetary, Longworth Ave. says


Patrick Hughes Oct 12 1914 aged 55

Mary Adele Cullen July 20 1936

Edward Cullen Dec 7 1924, his wife Catherine Hughes Jan 28 1935.

My grandmother, Fannie Landrigan Cullen was a close friend of this cousin (on the Landrigan side!), stayed with them when she "learned the millinary" in Ch'Town and visted often.

7S. Catherine HUGHES

from 1901 census

listed in 1928 phone book

surname Hughes is guess, based on tombstone for Edward Cullen, Wife, Catherine Hughes

8. Michael CULLEN

BIRTH: date in 1881 census says 1858

baptism from Prov. archives. says 3 wks old.

1891 census still at home,aged 32.

In lot 65 in 1901 census with wife Bridget, in 1911 census in Emyvale, wife Bridget, no children. Presumed to be this family because of proximity to lot 31

Cemetary transcript from St Josephs Kelly's Cross says Michael, wife Bridget Malone, both born abt 1855-57, not far from Emyvale, same church as baptism

8S. Bridget MALONE

guess, based on 1901 census, proximity to William in lot 31

master name index has a Bridget wife of Michael died June 5 1929, aged 73, assumed to be her, name, date from tombstone transcript.

9. Mary Alice CULLEN

1881 census says born 1860, aged 21, at home in Balderston Pond/lot 31

My info on Devine descendents is from Mary Tomscanyi

1901 census says aged 36, making it 1864, gives month and day

Baptisms prior to 1886 says 28 nov 1859

buriel from master name index

9S. Francis "Frank" DEVINE

info from Mary Tomscanyi, confirmed in 1901 census online (Automated geneaolgy)

Farmer in Hazel Grove, Lot 22 in 1901, with 6 children

buriel from master name index

1911 census in Hunter River, Lot 22 7 children

10. William A CULLEN

date of death, Patriot list of deaths for 1934 transcribed on Island Register This info not verified

Birthdate, name of wife from 1901 census, living with parents in Lot 31

names of children from Mary Tomscanyi

10S. Katherine TRAINOR

surname from material given to me by Sr Bernice "our connection with the Devines"

11. James F. CULLEN

BIRTH: date from 1881 census, at home in Balderston Pond

1891 census still at home, aged 26 - must have married this year

1901 census in Lot 45, mail clerk, with wife and children

All dates names of children from this census, no proof that this is the right family except the name James F in two censuses

Death date from transcript of tombstone

1911 census, mail clerk in Souris, 8 children at home, says born April

He is the farthest from home of any of the Cullens - probably because he was a mail clerk and had to move to where his work was.

James F Cullen and Mary E Sullivan are buried in the Ch'Town RC cemetery, he died in 1930 aged 66, she in 1939, aged 71


surname from tombstone transcript, James F and wife Mary E Sullivan

1911 census says born Aug 1863

12. Edward CULLEN

info from baptisms, prov archives

hist of Alexandra says never married, went to sea, injured while mate of schooner William P Hood, died in sailors home in NY.

found in 1911 census at home in Alexandra

13. James Nicholas CULLEN

Hist of Alexandra says never married

death from transcript of tombstones

found in 1911 census at home in alexandra

14. Thomas A CULLEN

named in hist of Alexandra, list of baptism says "John & Margaret - no last name - prob mistake, I'm guessing this is he. History says never married

Maple Leaf mag. says died in Brooklyn NY 1930.

15. Bridget CULLEN

I am presuming this is "Annie", older than Mary Ellen acc. to tombstone, married Genther acc. to hist of Alexandra, her, Mrs. O'Niell.

16. Mary Ellen CULLEN

from hist of Alexandra, death from transcript of tombstones

16S. James PLACE

from Hist of Alexandra, tombstone transcript.

18. Cecilia Jane CULLEN

marriage from hist of Alexandra, dates and daughter from transcript of tombstones

19. Frederick Francis CULLEN

From hist. of Alexandra:

Fred. Fr. Cullen sailor, officer, master of SS Wellington, died 1918.

Named in 1911 census at home in Alexandra

Transcript of tombstone, Ch'Town RC cemetery:

Cullin, Capt. Frederick F Cullin

Jan 8 1879 - Oct 18 1918

James Cullin, Sept 14, 1942, aged 76 years

Mrs. Nellie Place Mar. 23, 1942, aged 69

Mrs Annie O'Neill, Apr. 20, 1942 aged 72

20. John Edward CULLEN

dates of birth and death from transcript of tombstones, Prov. Archives.

Transcript of tombstones, Prov. archives, says:

Ch'Town RC cemetary:

John Edward Nov 14 1892- Aug. 31 1970

Marie Constance April 19 1897- Jan 9 1954 - can we assume she was his wife?

Alphonus Joseph 1894 - 1969

20S. Marie Constance UNKNOWN

assuming she was Edwards wife because of tombstone transcription

21. Alphonsus CULLEN

middle names, dates from transcript of tombstones prov. Archives

22. Marie Adele CULLEN

Transcript of tombstones says Marie Constance April 19 1897 - Jan 9 1954,

Another source mentions a "sister, Adele" and a brother Michael

Death date is guess, based on tombstone for Edward Cullen, wife Catherine Hughes, Mary Adele Cullen

23. James J DEVINE

info from Mary Tomcsanyi - corrected from "Richard Joseph", Mary says born Dec. 12 1888

1901 census says born May 1882

24. Elizabeth Maude DEVINE

Mary T says Maude, census says Eliz. M.

25. William Francis DEVINE

1901 census says b. Mar 5 1890, name illegible.

27. Louis Edward DEVINE

mary has Louis Edward, born 30 apr. 1894.

1901 census has Louis born Nov 13 1884, aged 6!

28. John Ernest DEVINE

not in 1901 census - why not ?

31. William A CULLEN

Info from master name index. says Kinkora, formerly N. Wiltshire, names parents, wife.

32. Annie CULLEN

Not at home in 1911 census, now aged 20?

33. Alice M CULLEN

Not at home in 1911 census, now aged 19?

34. Angelina CULLEN

Not at home in 1911 census, now aged 17?

35. Mary M CULLEN

only Mary M in 1901 census

1911 census at home, "Mary"

master names index has Mary Magdalene, b. 1894, m. George F MacDonald, am ssuming this is she.

36. Clara CULLEN

1911 census, at home, says born 1899

37. Mary E CULLEN

1911 census calls the girl born in 1900 Martha

38. William J CULLEN

In 1911 census at home

39. Wilfred Bernard CULLEN

based on info from Basil Campbell, transcript from master name index. In 1911 census at home.

40. Reginald CULLEN

Based on the birthdate, and the fact that he is the only Reginald I have run across, I'm assuming this to be the Reginald Cullen buried in Ch'Town Protestant cemetary? acc. to transcript of cemetaries.

Ch'town Protestant

Reginald R Cullen, May 24 1902-Oct 5, 1976, and his wife Amy I MacInnis

40S. Amy Isabel MCINNIS

death and dates from Master name index "aged 82, formerly Murray River, husband Reginald Cullen"

1-40. Marriage of Reginald CULLEN and Amy Isabel MCINNIS

master name index, married by Rev. G.C. Taylor

41. Catherine CULLEN

appears in 1911 census for first time.

42. Helen CULLEN

appears for first time in 1911 census

43. John PLACE

from Hist of Alexandra

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