The Thomas CULLEN family of Lot 48

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Submitted by Patricia Lunddahl -

LUNDDAHL, Patricia (nee Peters)

The death occurred suddenly Sunday, September 7, 2008, in Banyuls sur Mer, France, while on holiday with her sister, Virginia; brother-in-law, Jim; brother, Larry; and sister-in-law, Mary. Patricia lived in Skanderborg, Denmark, and is survived by her two daughters, Anne and Eva and their spouses as well as three grandchildren. She was predeceased by her husband Nils in 2005. Patricia was the eldest daughter of the late Marshall and Laura Peters (nee Cullen) and is survived by the following brothers and sisters: Dorothy, Larry (Mary), Virginia Reynolds (Jim), Greg (Dianne) and Pauline Coady (Mike). Burial will take place in Denmark.

Pat was a long time friend and supporter of the Island Register, and we must pass along our condolences to Anne and Eva, to her brothers and sisters, and to Pat's grandchildren. The news came as a very sad surprise Tuesday morning in the Guardian. Many times since I started the newpaper and the web page, we have lost people who have become friends through the page - it is always hard, but this is one of the worst shocks indeed. Though living far away, and visiting the Island infrequently, Pat never stopped researching her Cullen ancestry, and had a great love for her Island family and friends.

The Thomas CULLEN family of Lot 48

First Generation

1. Thomas CULLEN was born 1806 in Co Wexford, Ireland. He died Apr 1883 in Harbours Mouth.

Thomas married Johanna MCARTHY. Johanna was born 1811 in Ireland.

They had the following children:

+ 2 M i. Michael CULLEN was born Dec 1841.

3 M ii. Terrence John CULLEN was born about 1843 in Ireland.

+ 4 M iii. Patrick CULLEN was born about 1845 and died 7 Oct 1906.

+ 5 M iv. William CULLEN was born about 1847.

6 F v. Catherine CULLEN was born about 1849 in Ireland.

7 F vi. Hannah CULLEN was born about 1884 in PEI.

Second Generation

2. Michael CULLEN (Thomas) was born Dec 1841 in Ireland.

Michael married Mary COCORAN. Mary was born Apr 1846 in PEI.

They had the following children:

8 M i. Thomas CULLEN was born 15 Jul 1868 in PEI and was christened 22 Jul 1868 in St Theresas, PEI.

9 M ii. Patrick CULLEN was born about 1871.

10 F iii. Mary Ellen CULLEN was born about 1873 in PEI.

11 F iv. Hanah CULLEN was born 23 Oct 1874 and was christened 25 Oct 1874 in St Theresas, PEI.

12 M v. John CULLEN was born 1 Sep 1876 and was christened 17 Sep 1876 in St Theresas, PEI.

13 F vi. Catherine CULLEN was born about 1879.

14 F vii. Bridget CULLEN was born about 1881.

15 M viii. Terrence CULLEN was born about 1881.

16 M ix. Michael Dominic CULLEN was born 7 Aug 1883 and was christened 8 Aug 1883 in St Theresas, PEI.

17 M x. Martin Leo CULLEN was born 18 Jul 1885 and was christened 18 Jul 1885 in St Theresas, PEI.

+ 18 M xi. Joseph G CULLEN was born 13 Feb 1888.

4. Patrick CULLEN (Thomas) was born about 1845 in Ireland. He died 7 Oct 1906 in Minneapolis..

Patrick married Mary CAMPBELL. Mary was born 1843 in PEI. She died after 1901.

They had the following children:

19 M i. Thomas Angus CULLEN was born 20 Sep 1874 and was christened 24 Sep 1884 in Ch'Town.

20 M ii. John Archibald CULLEN was born 10 Jan 1877 and was christened 21 Jan 1877 in Ch'Town.

21 F iii. Annie Winnifred CULLEN was born 5 Apr 1881. She died 6 Aug 1881.

22 M iv. Terrence Leo CULLEN was born 1882. He died 4 Jul 1885.

23 M v. Joseph Patrick CULLEN was born 26 Dec 1884 and was christened 28 Dec 1884 in Ch'Town.

5. William CULLEN (Thomas) was born about 1847 in Ireland.

William married Margaret KENNY on 3 Sep 1871. Margaret was born 1841 in PEI. She died after 1901.

They had the following children:

24 F i. Mary Hanah CULLEN was born 17 Oct 1874 and was christened 25 Oct 1874 in St Theresas, PEI.

25 F ii. Catherine Ann CULLEN was born 4 Jun 1876 in PEI and was christened 15 Jun 1876 in St Theresas, PEI.

26 F iii. Mary Ann CULLEN was born 4 Jun 1876 and was christened 15 Jun 1876 in St Theresas, PEI.

27 M iv. John Thomas CULLEN was born 11 Jul 1878 and was christened 13 Jul 1878 in St Theresas, PEI.

28 M v. Patrick J CULLEN was born 20 Mar 1881.

Third Generation

18. Joseph G CULLEN (Michael, Thomas) was born 13 Feb 1888 in PEI.

Joseph married Margaret MCQUAID about 1910. Margaret was born 6 Jan 1889 in PEI. She died 27 Oct 1949 and was buried in St Theresas, PEI.

They had the following children:

29 M i. James CULLEN was born 15 Feb 1911 in Stanhope Rd PEI. He died 5 Feb 1952.

30 M ii. Leo Gerard CULLEN was born 31 Jul 1928. He died 26 Feb 1985.

Leo married Mary Elisabeth MCEACHERN in 1960 in Boston. Mary was born in Cape Breton.

31 F iii. Mary CULLEN was born 22 May 1912.

Mary married Thomas GALLANT. Thomas was born Feb 1908. He died Sep 1948 and was buried in St Peters RC, Seven Mile Bay.

32 F iv. Helena CULLEN.

Helena married Unlnown KNOTT.

33 F v. Gladys CULLEN.

34 F vi. Rita Marguerite CULLEN was born 1916. She died 1981.

Rita married Stephen Daniel MALONE. Stephen was born 1917. He died 1975.

35 F vii. Lucille CULLEN was born Dec 1925. She died 19 Mar 1977.

Lucille married Melville HARPER.

36 M viii. John CULLEN.

37 M ix. Edward CULLEN.

Appendix A - Notes

1. Thomas CULLEN

Arrived at Port of Ch'town May 11 1855, with wife, 5 children, as stated in list of Immigrants, Journal, House of Assembly, in master name index. Came from Co. Wexford.

Thomas is listed as a hospital steward, in his obituary he is called keeper of the quarantine hospital.

His will is mentioned on Marge Reid's site as written Dec. 1879.

1S. Johanna MCARTHY

Mentioned on Marge Reid's site, surname from e-mail correpsondence, Basil Campbell.Called Judith in list of immigrants.

Found in 1891 census, aged 80, widow, living in Ch'town.

2. Michael CULLEN

Aged 14 in list of immigrants.

In 1911 census in Lot 51, Stanhope Rd, with wife Mary, sons Michael and Joseph, daughter-in-law Margaret & grandchild James

E-mail correspondence with a descendent, Jann Haney, states that he had 11 children.

3. Terrence John CULLEN

In list of immigrants, on Marge Reid's site not found later

4. Patrick CULLEN

aged 10 in list of immigrants. in 1881 census in Ch'Town Royalty, keeper of Law Court Info on Patrick and family from correspondence, Basil Campbell (newspaper transcripts). Patrick died while visiting sons in Minneapolis in 1906 (The Examiner, Basil C).


name from Basil Campbell, also bapt. index. Born on PEI, Scottish

5. William CULLEN

Aged 8 in list of immigrants, 1855. Also mentioned on Marge Reid's site in connection with Thomas' will. 1901 census says "laborer"

5S. Margaret KENNY

From Master name index. marriage Wm. Cullen and Margaret Kenny, witnesses John Henry, Catherine Cullen. 1901 census says born PEI

1-5. Marriage of William CULLEN and Margaret KENNY

witnesses John Henry, Catherine Cullen, married by A. McDonald

7. Hannah CULLEN

much younger than other children - poss a grandchild? Could she be Catherine's child?

8. Thomas CULLEN

At home in 1901 census, aged 32

16. Michael Dominic CULLEN

1901 census at home, aged 18 1911 census at home with parents, Joseph, J's wife, Margaret & child James

17. Martin Leo CULLEN

At home in 1901 census, aged 16.

18. Joseph G CULLEN

At home in 1901 census, aged 12. In 1911 census at home with parents, wife Margaret, son James

transcript of cemetaries says buried St Cuthberts, St Theresas, lot 38 (adjoins lot 51) says born 1885

18S. Margaret MCQUAID

in 1911 census, also transcript of cemetaries

19. Thomas Angus CULLEN

Ordained in St Paul Minn. in 1901. Basil Campbell, transcript Charlotteown Herald.

20. John Archibald CULLEN

emigrated to Minneapolis bef. 1901 (Basil Campbell)

23. Joseph Patrick CULLEN

At home in 1901 census, aged 16.

24. Mary Hanah CULLEN

Childresn names, dates from Bapt. index.

25. Catherine Ann CULLEN

name and date from index of baptisms prior to 1876

26. Mary Ann CULLEN

called Mary Jane in census

27. John Thomas CULLEN

Called John J, barber's apprentice, in 1901 census, with birthdate July 1879

28. Patrick J CULLEN

at home in 1901 census,

29. James CULLEN

In 1911 census, on transcript of cemetaries, same stone as parents- does that mean unmarried.

30. Leo Gerard CULLEN

from master name index, obit, names parents, says of North River, formerly St Theresas, names siblings, wife, family.

31. Mary CULLEN

dates from transcript of cemetaries, presuming this is the right Gallant.

31S. Thomas GALLANT

from transcript of cemetaries

34. Rita Marguerite CULLEN

from death notice in master name index, no proof that this is she, except that it the only Rita I have found, and dates fit OK

35. Lucille CULLEN

from transcript of cemetaries, only Lucille found

36. John CULLEN

Leo Gerardís Obit says "brother John of Southport"


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