The Descendants of William Cummings and Mary Eddy

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The Descendants of William Cummings and Mary Eddy

WILLIAM CUMMINGS (senior) was born in Tarrant, Dorset, England on May 4, 1764 . He died in North River, P.E.I. on December 13, 1866 at the age of 102 years (although the newspaper announcement stated that he was 104 years old). He married Mary Eddy (nothing known about her) and they had at least two children , John & *Catherine. There may have been other children.

William arrived in P.E.I and established the family farm around 1812. It was located on York Point road in North River, lot 32. The family & their descendants farmed there for about 100 years.

William was widowed and married for a second time on March 12, 1825. His second wife, Catherine (Praught) Heartz was the widow of George Heartz. William and Catherine had no issue.

William and Mary Eddy had at least two children:

A.) William’s son John, was born in Newfoundland on June 4, 1801. He died on February 7, 1884 in North River. He is buried at East Wiltshire cemetery. John married his stepsister Lydia Catherine Heartz (daughter of Catherine (Praught) Heartz and George Heartz). Lydia Catherine was born in P.E.I. on January 13, 1813. She died in North River. on May 6, 1898. She is also buried at East Wiltshire cemetery.

John and Lydia Catherine had eleven children as follows:

1. William: born November 8, 1831. He married Margaret McKinley on November 27, 1855. They farmed in East Wiltshire. He died on September 7, 1912. Their children were; Mary, Kate, Margaret, John, Jessie E., Daniel, William & Sarah.

2. Katharine: born September 15, 1833. She married James Stevenson on March 8, 1861 and they lived in lot 67. She died on October 23, 1912. Their children were: Ann, Ida Elizabeth, Mary Evaline, George Walter, Margaret Sara and William.

3 George: born July 15, 1836. Nothing further is known about him.

4 John jr: born November 5, 1838. Nothing further is known about him.

5. Francis: born November 17, 1839. It is believed that he left P.E.I.. There is a Francis Cummings listed in the 1861 census for Moncton, N.B. born on P.E.I., who is the correct age. There is also a Francis Cummings (again the correct age) listed in the 1881 census for Antigonish, Nova Scotia . There is no Francis listed in the 1881 census for Moncton so it is possible that he went first to N.B. and later to N.S.

6. Robert Gould: born October 8, 1841. He married Adelaide Jenkins on November 26, 1864. Robert remained on the farm until his death . He and Adelaide had no issue.

7. Mary Ann: born June 1843. She married Enoch Ackland in May, 1872. They lived on lot 31. Their children were: Steven, Susan, Martha, Emaline and Lemuel. Mary Ann died in April 1919.

8. Jane: born August 15, 1847. She married John Henderson on December 3, 1875. They lived on lot 31. Their children were: Mattie A. John, Reubin & Myron.

9. Ann: born October 28, 1849. She married William Stevenson. They lived on lot 22. Their children were: Grace, Henrietta, Jane and Urban.

10. Jacob: born July 18, 1852. He remained on the family farm until his death (he was killed in a thrashing machine). He married Sarah Horriel on October 24, 1872.

Jacob and Sarah had ten children as follows:

10a.) Mary T. - born November 14, 1874. She married Henry Hurry Catherine J. - born December 20, 1876 She died of whooping cough in infancy.

10b.) Maggie V. – born January 28, 1877. She also died in infancy.

10c.) Bessie M. - born November 3, 1879. She married George Mason.

10d.) Charles J. - born February 5, 1881. He married Tina ?.

10e.) Jacob P. - born June 5, 1883. He moved to Calgary at the age of 16. He never returned to P.E.I. He married Zelda Zoe Zillan.

10f.) KatieB. - born July 18, 1885. She died as a young child.

10g.) Robert G. - born October 12, 1887. He married Ethel Parker.

10h.) Mattie H. - born September 5, 1890. She married Charles Malone.

10i.) Harry T. - born December 25, 1895. He married Beatrice Boswell.

11. Elizabeth: born June 10, 1858. She married Neil Henderson and they lived on lot 31. This family later moved to Colorado,U.S.

B.) William Senior’s daughter, Catherine (date & place of birth unknown) married ? Moreshead.

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