The Descendants of Murdock Cummings

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Submitted by Arlene Gillian - [email protected]

There are additional generations of this family to share. Please direct Queries and requests for source information to the email link above! Arlene would like to dedicate this work to the late David Arthur MacDonald whose contributation to this history project was invaluable.

First Generation

1. Murdock CUMMINGS1, M. Murdock died in 1867.1 Buried in Hartsville Presbyterian Cemetery.

Murdock married Mary1, F.

They had the following children:

2 i. James "Jim", M (1816-1865)

3 ii. John, M (1823-1909)

iii. Sarah Marion1, F. Born in 1825 in Scotland.1 Sarah Marion died in 1913, she was 88.1 Buried in Hartsville Presbyterian Cemetery.1

On 30 Mar 1847 when Sarah Marion was 22, she married Murdock McLENNAN1, M.1 Born in 1825.1 Murdock died in 1891, he was 66.1

4 iv. Alexander "Alex", M (1830-)

Second Generation

2. James "Jim" CUMMINGS, M. Born in 1816 in Aberdeen, Scotland.2 James "Jim" died in Hunter River, P.E.I. on 2 Feb 1865, he was 49.2

On 25 Apr 1846 when James "Jim" was 30, he married Christianna "Christie" MacSWAIN1, F, in Hartsville Presbyterian Church. Born in Jul 1820 in Aberdeen , Scotland.3,4 Christianna "Christie" died in Hunter River, P.E.I. aft 8 Nov 1906, she was 86.4

They had the following Children:

i. Alexander "Alex", M. Born in Apr 1850.4 Alexander "Alex" died aft 8 Nov 1906, he was 56.4 At the age of 5, Alexander "Alex" was baptized in Breadalbane United Church records by Rev. Alex Sutherland in Jul 1855.

ii. Mary1, F.

iii. Allan, M. Born in Jan 1852.1 Allan died aft 8 Nov 1906, he was 54. At the age of 3, Allan was baptized in Breadalbane United Church records by Rev. Alex Sutherland in Jul 1855.5

5 iv. Isabella, F (1855-1947)

6 v. Malcolm "Mac", M (1858-1934)

vi. James1, M.

7 vii. Christy Ann, F (1861-1906)

viii. Flora1, F.

On 19 Jun 1880 Flora married John MUNROE1, M, in Hartsville Presbyterian Chursh : [ Marriage Bond date. ].

3. John CUMMINGS1, M. Born in 1823 in Scotland.1 John died in [c] 1909, he was 86.1

John married Mary MacLEOD1, F, daughter of MacLEOD, M. Born in 1833 in Scotland.1 Mary died in Milton, P.E.I. on 8 Feb 1929, she was 96.1 Buried on 11 Feb 1929 in Hartsville Presbyterian Cemetery.1 Religion: Presbyterian.1

They had the following Children:

8 i. James, M (1856-1920)

ii. Alexander, M. Born in 1861 in Hopedale, P.E.I.1

9 iii. Roderick "Rod", M (1862-1953)

iv. Christie1, F. Born in 1864 in Hopedale, P.E.I.1 Christie died bef 8 Feb 1929, she was 65.1

Christie married William TANTON1, M.

v. Murdock1, M. Born in 1868 in Hopedale, P.E.I.1 Murdock died bef 8 Feb 1929, he was 61.1

vi. John1, M. Born in 1870.6 John died in Vancouver B C Can in 1961, he was 91.1

John married Winnie1, F. Born in 1875.1 Winnie died in Vancouver B C Can in 1965, she was 90.1

10 vii. Margaret "Maggie", F (1871-1965)

11 viii. Daniel Murdock, M (1877-1946)

4. Alexander "Alex" CUMMINGS1, M. Born in [c] 1830 in Scotland.1

On 4 Apr 1857 when Alexander "Alex" was 27, he first married Catherine MacLEOD1, F.1

On 4 May 1869 when Alexander "Alex" was 39, he second married Isabella CUMMINGS1, F, in Manse by Rev. Thomas Duncan.1 Born in 1838 in Cape Breton, N.S.1

They had the following Children:

12 i. James "Jim", M (1870-)

ii. Catherine1, F. Born in [c] 1872 in Lot 22, P.E.I.1

iii. Mary A.1, F. Born in [c] 1874 in Lot 22, P.E.I.1

On 6 Jan 1897 when Mary A. was 23, she married Arthur R. CAMPBELL1, M, in Manse , Strathalbyn, P.E.I.1 Born in O'Leary, P.E.I.1

iv. Christie1, F. Born in [c] 1877 in Lot 22, P.E.I.1

v. Sarah M."Sadie"1, F. Born in [c] 1879 in Lot 22, P.E.I.1

Sarah M."Sadie" married GUNN1, M.

Third Generation

5. Isabella CUMMINGS2, F. Born on 3 Oct 1855 in Darlington, P.E.I.2 Isabella died on 11 Jan 1947, she was 91.2 Buried in Hunter River, P.E.I.1 Isabella was baptized in Breadalbane United Church records by Rev. Alex Sutherland in Jul 1855.

On 5 Oct 1876 when Isabella was 21, she married George Daniel MacLEOD2, M.2 Born on 2 Jan 1848.2 George Daniel died on 5 Mar 1919, he was 71.2 Buried in Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Hunter River, P.E.I.

They had the following Children:

i. James Cummings, M (1877-1971)

ii. Katie Belle "Cassie", F (1879-1944)

iii. Florence May "Mamie", F (1880-1966)

iv. John Alexander, M (1884-)

v. Sterling (Died as Infant), M (1886-1886)

vi. William Grant, M (1890-1955)

vii. Elmer George, M (1893-1917)

6. Malcolm "Mac" CUMMINGS, M. Born on 1 Jul 1858 in Darlington, P.E.I.7,1 Malcolm "Mac" died in Freetown, P.E.I. in 1934, he was 75.8 Buried in Hartsville Presbyterian Cemetery.8

On 26 Mar 1885 when Malcolm "Mac" was 26, he married Isabel MacLEOD9, F, daughter of Allan MacLEOD, M (1825-1888) & Effie MacLEOD, F (1834-1906).1 Born on 20 Jul 1863 in Hartsville, P.E.I.1 Isabel died in Breadalbane, P.E.I. in 1936, she was 72. Buried in Hartsville Presbyterian Cemetery.

They had the following Children:

i. James, M (1885-?1910)

ii. Allan, M (1887-1936)

iii. John A., M (1894-1932)

iv. Daniel [Donald]1 (Died as Infant), M (1896-1896)

v. Florence Mae "Florrie", F (1897-1955)

vi. George D., M (1901-1920)

vii. Malcolm D.1 (Died as Child), M (1906-1910)

7. Christy Ann CUMMINGS, F. Born on 5 Oct 1861 in Hunter River, P.E.I.4,10 Christy Ann died in Quincy, MA., U.S.A. on 8 Nov 1906, she was 45.10,4 Buried on 11 Nov 1906 in Mt. Wollaston Cemetery, Quincy, MA.4 Christy Ann was baptized in Breadalbane United Church, by Rev Donald Morrison on 13 Mar 1862.4

On 12 Dec 1880 when Christy Ann was 19, she married William McINNIS, M, son of Alexander McINNIS, M & Mary McLENNAN, F (1815-), in Hartsville Presbyterian Church.4,1 Born on 2 Feb 1856 in Hopedale, P.E.I.4 William died in City Hospital, Quincy, MA., U.S.A. on 12 Feb 1908, he was 52.4,11 Buried in Mt. Wollaston Cemetery, Quincy, MA.4,11

They had the following Children:

i. James C. (Died as Infant), M (1882-1882)

ii. Daniel Gordon11, M (1883-1960)

iii. Minnie F. [ Mary Beatrice]11, F (1884-1963)

iv. James Cummings11, M (1888-1937)

v. Flora Ann11, F (1889-1923)

vi. Alexander11 (Died as Infant), M (1891-1891)

vii. UNNAMED (Died as Infant), M (1893-1893)

viii. Ethel Mae11, F (1895-1939)

ix. Christina "Tena"11, F (1897-1932)

x. Rachel11 (Died as Infant), F (1900-1900)

xi. Catherine11 (Died as Infant), F (1901-1902)

8. James CUMMINGS, M. Born in 1856 in Hopedale, P.E.I.1 James died in Uigg. Lot 50, P.E.I. on 10 Nov 1920, he was 64.1 Buried in Baptist Cemetery, Uigg, P.E.I.1

On 29 Feb 1888 when James was 32, he first married Mary "Grace" BOLT1, F, daughter of Richard BOLT, M (10 Jul 1832-28 Apr 1911) & Mary GRAHAM, F (10 Aug 1834-12 Jan 1907), in Kirk of St. James, Presbyterian Church, Charlottetown, P.E.I., by Rev. James Carruthers.1 Born on 9 Feb 1867 in Milton, P.E.I.12 Mary "Grace" died in 44 Nightingale St., Quincy, MA., U.S.A. on 4 Apr 1902, she was 35.12 Buried in Wallaston Cemetery, Quincy, MA.1 Mary "Grace" was baptized on 25 Aug 1867.12

They had the following Children:

i. Edith Mae1 (Died as Child), F (1888-1893)

ii. Christina1 (Died as Child), F (1891-1893)

iii. Mary Emma1 (Died as Child), F (1892-1894)

iv. ALex McIntyre1 (Died as Child), M (1894-1898)

v. Edith Mae (Died as Infant), F (1896-1896)

vi. James Henry "Harry"1, M (1897-1948)

vii. Alex MacIntrye1, M (1898-1920)

viii. Euphemia "Effie" [ Hilda Mae ]1, F (1900-1959)

On 17 Jan 1905 when James was 49, he second married Lottie NICHOLSON1, F, in Zion Presbyterian Church, Charlottetown, P.E.I.1 Born in 1871.1 Lottie died on 23 May 1953, she was 82.1 Buried in Baptist Cemetery, Uigg, P.E.I.1

They had the following Children:

i. Daniel Rosevelt "Dan"1, M (1906-1990)

ii. Garfield1, M (1911-1992)

iii. Mary1, F (1913-1986)

iv. John1, M (1919-1980)

9. Roderick "Rod" CUMMINGS1, M. Born in 1862 in Hopedale, P.E.I.1 Roderick "Rod" died in Langley, B.C. in 1953, he was 91.1 Occupation: farmer and operated a butcher shop in Murrayville, B.C., with his son , Dan [ 1910 ].1,13

Roderick "Rod" married Florence "Flora" MATHESON1, F, daughter of Donald MATHESON, M. Born in 1863 in P.E.I.1 Florence "Flora" died in 1938, she was 75.1

They had one child:

i. Daniel "Dan" / "Danny", M (1889-1989)

10. Margaret "Maggie" CUMMINGS7,1, F. Born on 13 Nov 1871 in Hopedale, P.E.I.1 Margaret "Maggie" died on 4 Feb 1965, she was 93.1 Buried in People's Cemetery, Charlottetown, P.E.I.1

On 23 Nov 1896 when Margaret "Maggie" was 25, she married George Webber HARPER7,1, M, son of John HARPER, M & Ann FORD, F, in Hopedale, P.E.I.1 Born on 12 Mar 1874 in Charlottetown. P.E.I.1 George Webber died on 18 Jun 1937, he was 63.1 Buried in People's Cemetery, Charlottetown, P.E.I.1

They had the following Children:

i. Ethel Mae1,7, F (1898-1969)

ii. Christina A.1 (Died as Infant), F (1899-1900)

iii. Daniel B.1 (Died as Child), M (1901-1909)

iv. Oliver1, M (1905-1987)

v. Beatrice1, F (1906-)

vi. Nettie Pearl1, F (1909-1916)

vii. Margaret Grace1, F (1910-1916)

viii. Flora "Flo"1, F (1913-)

ix. Roderick1 (Died as Infant), M (1914-1915)

11. Daniel Murdock CUMMINGS7,1, M. Born on 31 Mar 1877 in Hopedale, P.E.I.1 Daniel Murdock died on 20 Nov 1946, he was 69.1 Buried on 22 Nov 1946 in Hartsville Presbyterian Cemetery.1 Occupation: Section Foreman with the C.N.R. retiring in 1942.1 Religion: Presbyterian.

Daniel Murdock first married Nettie Peral MITCHELL7,1, F. Born in 1883 in New Whiltshire, P.E.I.1 Nettie Peral died on 9 Nov 1912, she was 29.1 Buried in North Whiltshire Cemetery, P.E.I.1

They had one child:

i. Bessie Pearl7,1, F (1912-)

Daniel Murdock second married Olive Anne STEWART1, F. Born in 1895 in Highfield, P.E.I.1 Olive Anne died on 23 Feb 1916, she was 21.1

Daniel Murdock third married Margaret MacDonald7,1, F, daughter of Alexander K. MacDonald, M & Flora A. MacKAY, F. Born on 24 Jan 1895 in Hopedale, P.E.I.7,1 Margaret died on 17 Apr 1965, she was 70.7,1 Buried in Hartsville Presbyterian Cemetery.7,1

They had the following Children:

i. Roderick MacDonald "Roddy", M (1922-1995)

ii. John "Allister", M (1931-)

12. James "Jim" CUMMINGS1, M. Born on [c] Mar 6 1870 in Lot 22, P.E.I.1 Buried in Vancouver, B.C.?1


i. Hugh Alexander1, M (1916-1990)

ii. Jean1, F

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