Ships "Curlew" and "Jane"; 1818 Voyages

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There is a group of colonial documents at PARO, (acc.# B 1251 CO.226/36) concerning an attempt by settlers to regain some passage money. In these, Carol Foster Stanish, [email protected], found the following partial passenger lists for the vessels "Curlew", from Scotland, and the "Jane", from Greenock, Scotland.

Names of Passengers onboard the Brig "Curlew", Roger Young, Master
(signed by Young at Quebec Sept, 19, 1818).

The exact route and passage date of the "Curlew" is not known, but as it seems to closely follow the Jane, it may be assumed that it crossed the same year, and likely departing from the same port.

John Stewart, the second (see below for the first) 10 pounds passage money
Elizabeth Stewart his wife
John Kennedy, 10 pounds
Christy Kennedy, his wife
Mary Kennedy, under 12
James Kennedy, under 12

Duncan Cameron, 10 pounds
Margaret Cameron, his wife
? Cameron under 12
? Cameron under 12

Finlay Cameron, 10 pounds
Jannet Cameron, his wife

Hugh MacDermott (not sure of the surname spelling), 10 pounds
Jannet MacDermott, his wife
Margaret MacDermott, under 12
Janet MacDermott, under 12

Names of passengers onboard the ship "Jane", James Roger, Master
(signed by Roger at Quebec Sept. 18, 1818).

The "Jane" left Greenock Sat. July 4th., and landed at Quebec around the 24th of Aug. The 26th of August, she left Quebec, and landed in Montreal the 28th. She departed Montreal Sep 8th., carrying the following families to P.E.I., landing in Rustico, on the first of October, 1818.

Carol's information is in brackets; this family of Stewarts (from Foss, Perthshire, Scotland, and who settled near Brackley Point Rd. at Harrington) are known to have both a Betsy and an Elizabeth, but the documents are a little confusing on these two; She has not listed Betsy.

James Stewart, 10 pounds passage money
*John Stewart, (his son) do
Margaret Stewart, (his daughter) do
Joseph Stewart, (his son) above 12 & under 17 years old, 3 pounds passage money
Alexander Stewart, (his son) do
Elizabeth Stewart, (his daughter) do
David Stewart, (his son), under 12
William Stewart, (his son ) do
Isabella, (his daughter) do
Jannet Stewart, (his daughter) do

Peter McVain or McVean, 10 pounds
Grace McVain, his wife
Alex. McVain, above 12 & under 17 years old, 3 pounds
David McVain, do
May (Margaret)? McVain, do
James McVain, 10 pounds
Jannet McVain
Grace McVain under 12
John McVain
Wm. McVain, under 12

It is not known where this family came from in Scotland.

The following pertaining to this crossing is from the HFG "Stewart", Brackley Point, Family File at PARO;

Copy of a memo written by late *John Stewart of Brackley Point Rd.

"We left Maines of Foss, (Perthshire) Scotland June 23rd 1818. Left Greenock Sat. July 4th, landed at Quebec Mon. morning 24th of Aug. Tuesday 26 of Aug. we left Quebec and landed at Montreal the 28th of Aug. We left Montreal 8th of Sept. and landed at Rustico P.E.I. Thursday the 1st of October 1818. Settled on land at Brackley Point Road in April 1819."

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