The Descendants of Theodore Down

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The Descendants of John Theodore Down

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN THEODORE1 DOWN was born 1818 in England, and died December 09, 1866. He married MARY ANNE WOOLRIDGE July 29, 1844. She was born 1819 in England, and died November 17, 1903.

Notes for JOHN THEODORE DOWN: Theodore Down arrived in Prince Edward Island from Devonshire, England in 1847, Landed at Charlottetown with wife and one infant approx one year old (Named Wallace Triston)

Children of JOHN DOWN and MARY WOOLRIDGE are:

2. i. TRISTAM JOHN WALLACE2 DOWN, b. September 03, 1845, England; d. August 01, 1924.

ii. RACHEL DUNLAP DOWN, b. July 23, 1848; m. PETER MORRISON, December 1868; b. Abt. 1848.

3. iii. JAMES AUGUSTUS DOWN, b. April 02, 1851; d. Abt. 1913.

4. iv. WILLIAM THOMAS DOWN, b. July 14, 1853; d. March 04, 1904.

v. LEMUEL DAVID DOWN, b. October 05, 1854; m. MARGARET MCLEAN; b. July 1877.

vi. JOHN HENRY DOWN, b. June 10, 1858.

vii. AMELIA DOWN, b. May 08, 1859.

viii. FRANCES MATILDA MEGGISON DOWN, b. October 23, 1861; m. JOHN RHODES WARREN, September 1885; b. Abt. 1860.

Generation No. 2

2. TRISTAM JOHN WALLACE2 DOWN (JOHN THEODORE1) was born September 03, 1845 in England, and died August 01, 1924. He married (1) MACLAUGLIN. She was born Abt. 1845 in North River. He married (2) MARY JANE POLLARD September 04, 1879 in Charlottetown, daughter of BARTHOLOMEW POLLARD and KATE HUGHES. She was born February 1855 in North River, and died January 23, 1899. He married (3) SUSANNAH TURNER Abt. January 1900. She was born Abt. 1862, and died Bet. July 07, 1952 - 1953.


Age 78 yrs 10 mths

Charles B. Down, 1884-1925. Son, Percy W. 1920-1923.

[b] Infant, Gladys Bell, age 5 weeks. [c] Wallace T.

Down, 1846-1924. His wife Susannah Turner, 1862-1952

More About TRISTAM JOHN WALLACE DOWN: Baptism: October 17, 1845. Burial: Migell Cemetary P.E.I.

More About SUSANNAH TURNER: Burial: Migell Cemetary


i. WINNIFRED3 DOWN, b. Abt. 1868; d. 1942.

Notes for WINNIFRED DOWN: Buried in Migell Cemetery St Peters Rd. On or near George Stewart Monument

More About WINNIFRED DOWN: Burial: Migell Cemetary

Children of TRISTAM DOWN and MARY POLLARD are:

ii. JANE FRANCIS3 DOWN, b. 1881; d. 1970; m. ALDOLPHUS TURNER, November 1899; b. 1860; d. February 16, 1923.

iii. CHARLES BENJAMIN DOWN, b. 1884, St Peters Bay PEI; d. January 03, 1925; m. CLARA BELL JENKINS, January 26, 1917, Dundas P.E.I; b. February 02, 1888, Dundas PEI; d. 1959, Souris PEI.

More About CHARLES BENJAMIN DOWN: Burial: Marie Cemetary, P.E.I

iv. AUGUSTUS WARREN DOWN, b. December 21, 1885; d. Abt. 1973; m. GLADYS ISABEL ROSS, Stanhope P.E.I; b. February 05, 1895, Stanhope P.E.I; d. January 26, 1988.


Buried at Floral Hills Gardens (Glendale Memorial Gardens) 25 Miles North of Charlottetown on Kenzington Rd.

More About AUGUSTUS WARREN DOWN: Burial: Floral Hills Gardens (Glendale Memorial Gardens) 25 Miles North of Charlottetown on Kenzington Rd

v. JOHN WALLACE DOWN, b. November 07, 1886, Forest Hill P.E.I; d. February 10, 1947, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia; m. KATIE HELENA MCKENZIE, March 05, 1924; b. July 15, 1908, Souris, P.E.I.; d. September 06, 1970, Morell, P.E.I..

Notes for JOHN WALLACE DOWN:Back side of Charles F Downe Head stone. Burial: Peoples Cemetery, Charlottetown

Notes for KATIE HELENA MCKENZIE: buried in Migell Cemetery with (2nd Husband) Harold E. Webster Monument. Burial: Migell Cemetary P.E.I.

vi. MINNIE LOUISE DOWN, b. 1892; d. August 17, 1948, Bangor Maine; m. (1) FRED COOLEN, Thompson, Maine; b. Abt. 1892; m. (2) ALBERT MACLAUGHLAN, Bangor Maine; b. Abt. 1892.


vii. ALFRED ROBERT3 DOWN, b. November 05, 1900; d. November 01, 1984, At Home; m. ELLA MAE ACORN, June 1936; b. May 1915, Dundas P.E.I; d. April 16, 2002, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Charlottetown PEI.

More About ALFRED ROBERT DOWN: Burial: November 03, 1984, Old Dundas Acorn Cemetary P.E.I.

More About ELLA MAE ACORN: Burial: April 19, 2002, Dundas, Lot 55, PEI

viii. FANNY RACHEL DOWN, b. October 03, 1902; d. March 15, 1989, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Charlottetown PEI; m. FRED YORSTON, April 05, 1927; b. May 07, 1893, Georgetown PEI; d. February 16, 1979, Charlottetown Hospital, PEI.

More About FANNY RACHEL DOWN: Burial: Midgell Cemetery, PEI

Notes for FRED YORSTON: Headstone Says death as 1978. Burial: February 18, 1979, Migell Cemetary

3. JAMES AUGUSTUS2 DOWN (JOHN THEODORE1) was born April 02, 1851, and died Abt. 1913. He married MARIA CARTER 1875. She was born Abt. 1851 in Milton P.E.I..

Children of JAMES DOWN and MARIA CARTER are:

i. ELLA MAUDE3 DOWN, b. December 25, 1876; m. WILLIAM WALTER DAVISON, June 28, 1911; b. June 13, 1878, Charlottetown, PEI.

ii. MAY LACEY DOWN, b. August 14, 1878; d. 1893.

iii. BLANCHE DOWN, b. May 14, 1879.

iv. DELLA DOWN, b. September 29, 1881; m. JOHN EDWARD VALPY; b. Abt. 1881.

v. CLIFFORD C. DOWN, b. September 29, 1883.

vi. HARRY MIDDLETON DOWN, b. October 03, 1885; d. 1886.

vii. JAMES GORDON DOWN, b. August 31, 1887; d. 1890.

viii. WALLACE DOWNE, b. November 27, 1898.

4. WILLIAM THOMAS2 DOWN (JOHN THEODORE1) was born July 14, 1853, and died March 04, 1904. He married (1) MATILDA MACALEER January 1881. She was born Abt. 1850. He married (2) MINNIE WOOD September 1888, daughter of EDWARD WOOD and SARAH JENKINS. She was born 1863, and died January 23, 1923.


Occupation: Trader


i. WILLIAM WARREN3 DOWN, b. May 25, 1882; d. 1969.

ii. RUTH FRANCIS DOWN, b. February 02, 1885.

iii. PRUDENCE DOWN, b. Abt. 1878.

Children of WILLIAM DOWN and MINNIE WOOD are:

iv. PERCY EDWARD3 DOWNE, b. July 25, 1891; d. February 02, 1954; m. CATHERINE CAMERON, June 01, 1914, Charlottetown, PEI; b. March 13, 1891; d. July 23, 1988.


Burial: Peoples Cemetery, Charlettown

More About CATHERINE CAMERON: Burial: Peoples Cemetery, Charlettown

v. JOHN DOWNE, b. November 24, 1894.

vi. HARRY DOWNE, b. February 25, 1896.

vii. WALTER DOWNE, b. February 25, 1887; d. May 1964.

viii. CLIFFORD DOWNE, b. 1901; d. 1948.

ix. WILFRED GORDON DOWNE, b. 1905; d. May 1949.

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