The Descendants of Frank Doyle and Patrick Dunn

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Submitted 1997 - Norma Nisco - Norma passed away in February 2002 and Diane Shepherd - [email protected] will be taking queries for this family.

Please direct Queries and additional information to Diane at the email link above!

This is a little different from many of the other family files presented here. Norma's research is very much underway, and she needs your help! Here is a quotation from a letter to me:

"I have enclosed a family page of my P.E.I. ancestors. Patrick DUNN married Mary DERMODY in 1843 at St. Joachim's Parish, Vernon River and their witness was Alice DERMODY. In the "History of the Vernon River Parish 1877 - 1977", I noticed that an Alice DARMODY was the mother of Father Patrick DOYLE, who was the pastor of St. Joachims. He and his sister Mary were born at Earnscliffe. She entered the convent, and taught school at St. Paul, Mn.

I am trying to find out if this Alice Darmody was the witness Alice Dermody. I feel that Alice Dermody must have been related, perhaps a sister. The family name has always been pronounced as if it were DARMODY. I would like to find out where in Ireland the Dunns and Dermodys came from. A family story was that the Dermody's were from Dermody Village, and all in the village had the name Dermody. If a man married a daughter of the village, he took on the name Dermody. Most of the Irish immigrants came from County Monaghan at the time."

Here is a partial first draft of the known line:

The Descendants of Frank Doyle and Patrick Dunn

1. Unknown Dermody m. Unknown.


2. i Mary b. ___ 1804.

3. ii Alice.

Second Generation

2. Mary Dermody (1.Unknown 1 ) b. ___ 1804, Ireland, m. Feb 26 1843, in St. Joachim's Church, Vernon River, PEI., Patrick Dunn, b. ___ 1803, Ireland, d. P.E.I., Canada. Mary died Jan 26 1886, P.E.I., Canada.


i Margaret Dunn b. May 1944, P.E.I.

ii Catherine Dunn b. May 22 1846, P.E.I.

iii Mary Dunn b. Jul 13 1848, P.E.I.

iv Ann Dunn b. Aug 20 1850, P.E.I.

4. v Bridget Ann b. May 26 1854.

3. Alice Darmody (1.Unknown 1 ) m. Frank Doyle.


i Mary Ellen Doyle b. Jul 19 1859, Earnscliffe, P.E.I., d. ___ 1945, St. Paul's, Minn.

ii Patrick Doyle b. ___ 1839, Earnscliffe, P.E.I., d. Sep 12 1907, St. Joachim's Church, Vernon River, PEI.

Third Generation

4. Bridget Ann Dunn (2.Mary 2 , 1.Unknown 1 ) b. May 26 1854, P.E.I., m. James Connolly. Bridget died May 04 1940, Malden, MA.


i Joseph Edward Dunn b. May 07 1885, Medford, MA., m. ___ 1905, Leora O'Leary. Joseph died Oct 10 1960, Danvers, MA.

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