Passenger List Reconstruction for the "Dykes", 1803

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Selkirk Settlers Identified from Past and present of P.E.I., Skye, and Hebridean Pioneers, and Other Sources.

Arrived on Board the "Dykes" unless otherwise mentioned.

View List Reconstruction for the "Polly"

The following is an attempt at an accurate passenger list reconstruction for the "Dykes", the second of the Lord Selkirk's trio of vessels to arrive on Prince Edward Island in 1803. The "Dykes" arrived with her passengers, and Lord Selkirk aboard two days after the arrival of the Polly.

This is an ongoing project - If you know of any other passengers known to have been aboard, or for any of the Selkirk Vessels, and can document their arrival, please let me know. There may be some errors in the following listing - I am not infallible, but it has been checked thoroughly against the original texts. Use is as a guide only.

If you have any additional information which might help in this project,
please contact me at: Dave Hunter, -

Known Settlers Arriving on the "Dykes":

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