The Passengers of the Elizabeth, Greenock to P.E.I. - 1775.

1775 Passenger List of the Elizabeth

Port of Origin - London, Eng.
Departed - Oct., 1775
Arrived P.E.I. - November 5, 1775
Class - Snow Rigged Brig [ see note 1 ]
Master - Capt. John Russell
Chartered by Chief Justice Peter Stewart.


(Snow) Elizabeth

London, England
Capt. John Russell

New London, P.E.I.

Pro Records show sailed from the Port of London.W/E 24 8 75. folio 139 Vol 10 T47 PRO. Register of Emigrants.Thanks, Michael Cooney! Wrecked at Narrows
off Lot 11, 1775.

One source calls this vessel (Snow Elizabeth), the Elizabeth, and states that Benjamin Chappell, the founder of the Methodist faith on the Island, came to P.E.I. aboard it in 1774. We also have a report that the Adams family: "The family arrived in the summer of 1774 on the snow " Elizabeth" which sailed from Gravesend, Port of London, England, and they were part of the colony of immigrants brought out by Robert Clark , owner of Lot 21 and 49" [reported 3 August 1979 by the depositor George F. Sanborn at PEI Heritage Foundation]. This would substantiate claims that the Elizabeth made other trips for Robert Clark's settlement before wrecking off Lot 11 on the 5th Nov. 1775.

As mentioned above, Benjamin Chappel is reported to have come in 1774, as an exerpt from his diary dated Feb 18th, 1775, many months before the 1775 sailing confirms. This Diary exerpt, published in "The Story of Prince Edward Island", by P. Blakely and M. Vernon, published 1963 by J. M. Dent and Sons, described his first New London winter... "Very short of provisions. No rum, no bread, no meat, no beer, no sugar and half an ox", then again on March 1st 1775, "The people in general through the want of bread seem to decline in their work, not being able."

The Elizabeth and "Snow Elizabeth" were one and the same, and she was a "Snow" rigged vessel. [Snow rigging confirmed, See note 1.] One thing that seems to be agreed upon, is that Robert Clark, proprietor of the New London settlement came himself to the Island in 1773, and that the next year more supplies and settlers arrived, including the Adams, Chappell, Cole, and Roake families (The Island Magazine, #40, "English Immigration to P.E.I. ", Elliott, Pg. 4), followed by the arrival in November, 1775 ending with the beaching and wreck of the vessel. There is nothing more indelible in people's memories than a shipwreck. The crossing of 1775 will never be forgotten.

The Elizabeth that wrecked off Lot 11 carried the family of James Townshend - Elizabeth, his wife, John, James, Lucy, Richard, Mary, and their servant Thomas Edmonds. Mentioned as also arriving in 1775 in the book, "The Story of Prince Edward Island", by P. Blakely and M. Vernon, published 1963 by J. M. Dent and Sons, are Thomas Curtis, and Mr. Fry. Additionally, mentioned in "Shipwrecks, & Seafaring Tales of Prince Edward Island, by Julie V. Watson, 1994, Hounslow Press, ISBN 0-88882-166-2 in an extract of a diary written by Miss Penelope Stewart, daughter of the aforementioned Chief Justice Peter Stewart, are the following passengers in addition to those already mentioned... Penelope, herself, "her brothers", and attendants.

The book, "Journey' to the Island of St. John or Prince Edward Island 1775 - 1832". by D. C. Harvey, has a section devoted to the diary of Thomas Curtis, a passenger aboard the 1775 voyage. Among those listed in his account as being on board with him were:

1 Now confirmed, the vessel was snow rigged: See pg. 12, "Journeys to the Island of St. John" , Voyage of Thomas Curtis, Page 12, "The name of the Vessel was Elizabeth the Capt's name was Russell. The Vessel was Snow Riged [sic]."

The latter book was suggested by Brent Glad, and I have found and ordered a copy so that I may be able to add to this "reconstructed" passenger listing. My thanks to Brent for pointing out this very valuable source of information. If anyone has further information on this or other ships, please pass it along, so I may share it!

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