Hyde Family Photo!

Hyde Photo

Old family photos are precious! This photo shows some of my Great-Great Grand Father, Samuel Hyde's family. Left to right - "Bertie" Hyde 1868-1949 my G-G Aunt, wife of Fred Smallwood, ["Joey" Smallwood (the last "Father of Confederation")'s uncle], George Byron Norton 1866-1949 my Great Grand Father, Matilda Adelaide Hyde 1867-1914 my G-G Aunt who married James D. MacMillan, Gertrude Penelope Hyde 1870-1943 my Great Grand Mother, wife of George BYRON Norton, and George Albert Moore, Samuel Hyde's adopted son. The Hyde family lived in Meadowbank, P.E.I., while Byron and his wife lived in Charlottetown.

This photo was a "Carte de Visite" - in vogue from 1859 till about 1905; a 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 print on stiff backing, first used as a calling card, but which soon became popular as a souvenir. It was taken by Cyrus Lewis, a Charlottetown photographer listed in the 1891 census.

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