Prince Edward Island Records in the holdings of the Family History Centrestm of the Mormon Church.

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I would like to thank Roxanne Moos - [email protected] and others for providing the following information to the Register.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS, Mormons) run many FHC's (Family History Centertm). These are accessible to all, and hold a huge amount of genealogical information from around the world. Those records not held at your local FHCtm may be ordered from the headquarters of the Church, and viewed by you, at your local office.

Roxanne prepared these listings to aid her visits to the Family History Centers, and we felt that they would be useful to others, both as a guide to finding records, and for ordering records not at your local FHCtm!

To find the location of your local FHCtm, go to the LDS Family History Center Search Page!

Indexed by Records Type

Baptisms - Prior to 1886
Cemetery Transcripts
Directories and Gazetteers
Acadia Gazetteer - 1989
McAlpine's - Maritime Business Directory for 1880-1881
McAlpine's Maritime Gazetteer - 1898, 1904
McAlpine's Gazetteer - 1911
Lovell's Index - to the 1871 Dominion Directory of Canada
P.E.I. Court Records - 1793-1934, Court of Chancery Films
Royal Gazette - Aug - Dec 1830
Land Records - 1763-1914, Index 1784-1877, Colonial Records
Land Records - 1769-1872, P.E.I. Registrar of Deeds
Master Name Index - 1700's to 1900's
New Listing!Master Name Index Phase II - Addendum to Phase I.
Passengers and Immigration
Emmigration Records - From England and Scotland
P.E.I. Passenger Ship - Lists for 1775-1848 , 1855
P.E.I. Passenger Ship - Lists for 1806 from Scotland
Maritime Passenger Ship - Lists for 1806
Probate Records - 1807-1901
P.E.I. Military and Civil - 1898
P.E.I. Register Newspaper
P.E.I. Marriage Records - 1832-1888
P.E.I. Card Index to Deaths - Prior to 1906
P.E.I. Census - 1798 Fiche
                          1798 Film
                          1841 Film
                          1848 Film
                          1861 Film
                          1881 Film
                          1891 Film
                          1901 Film
Census Abstract and Statistics - 1848
P.E.I. Church Reports, Records, Etc. on Film
Parish Registers - 1820-1919
Baptist Year Book - Maritime provinces, Canada 1880.
Baptists of the Maritime Provinces - 1753-1946
Early History of the Catholic Church of P.E.I. - 1905
New Listing!Further Catholic Church Records - from P.E.I.
History of the Methodist Church - T. Watson Smith, 1877.
Methodist Church of Canada - Eleventh Session, 1884
Marriages - Performed by Rev. John Knox, 1843-1892
Church of Scotland - Records 1853-1926

Anyone have any more LDS film numbers for P.E.I. data? Please let me know at the address below, so they can be added to the listing!

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