The Descendants of Thomas Hagan and Bridget Brennan

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Submitted by Patrick Hagan -

This file has been edited severely to remove information about living people. Patrick does have later information on a number of families included. Please direct Queries and requests for source information to the email link above!

The Descendants of Thomas Hagan and Bridget Brennan

1. Thomas Hagan, b. __-___-1786, Ireland. He married Bridget Brennan, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____. Thomas died __-___-____.


2. i Andrew (Andy) Hagan b. __-Feb-1814.

3. ii Francis Hagan b. __-___-1819.

4. iii Thomas James Hagan b. 31-Dec-1826.

5. iv Patrick Hagan b. 9-Jan-1831.

Second Generation

2. Andrew (Andy) Hagan, b. __-Feb-1814, Parish of Tyholland. He married Catherine Trainor, 22-Apr-1842, b. __-___-1824, Ireland, d. __-___-1905, buried: 02-Oct-1905, St. Anne's, Emyvale, PEI. Andrew died 02-Dec-1891.


i Mary Hagan, b. 09-Mar-1845.

6. ii Ann Hagan b. __-___-1849.

iii James Hagan, b. 15-May-1849, d. __-___-____.

iv Catherine Hagan, b. __-___-1850. She married James Morgan, 30-Aug-1870, in St. Anne's, Lot 30, PEI, b. __-___-1845, d. __-___-____. Catherine died __-___-____.

v Jane Hagan, b. 6-Apr-1853, PEI, Canada, d. __-___-____.

vi Bridget Hagan, b. 3-May-1855, PEI, Canada, d. __-___-____, buried: 05-Jun-1911, St. Anne's, Emyvale, PEI.

vii Sarah Hagan, b. __-___-1857, d. __-___-____.

viii William Andrew Hagan, b. 20-Jul-1859, PEI, Canada, d. __-___-____.

ix Margaret Hagan, b. 15-Jan-1863, Lot 30, PEI, d. __-___-____.

3. Francis Hagan, b. __-___-1819, Ireland. He married Mary Donnelly, b. __-___-1823, Ireland, d. 29-Nov-1902. Francis died 6-May-1885, Charlottetown, PEI.


7. i Mary Hagan b. 30-Jan-1845.

8. ii Margaret Hagan b. 23-Jun-1849.

iii Thomas Hagan, b. 12-Feb-1852, Lot 30, PEI, Canada, d. __-___-____.

9. iv Elisabeth Hagan b. 4-Jun-1854.

10. v Patrick Hagan b. 19-Jul-1856.

11. vi Catherine Hagan b. __-___-1857.

12. vii Bridget Hagan b. __-___-____.

4. Thomas James Hagan, b. 31-Dec-1826, Ireland. He married Ann Hughes, __-___-1854, in Ireland (?), b. 19-Sep-1836, Ireland, d. 08-Sep-1905. Thomas died 19-Aug-1905, PEI.


13. i Patrick Hagan b. 01-Jan-1855.

14. ii Thomas Hagan b. 7-Jun-1856.

15. iii John Hagan b. __-___-1863.

16. iv Mary Anne Hagan b. 3-Jun-1864.

17. v Francis (Frank) Hagan b. 18-Dec-1872.

5. Patrick Hagan, b. 9-Jan-1831, Ireland. He married Sarah Carragher, 18-Feb-1851, in PEI, b. 4-Apr-1833, Ireland, d. 12-Nov-1904, buried: Lot 65, Cem.1, St.61, St.Anne's, Emyvale. Patrick died 17-Jan-1920, buried: 19-Jan-1920.


18. i Bridget Hagan b. 8-Jan-1852.

19. ii Thomas Hagan b. 18-Apr-1853.

iii Alice Hagan, b. 20-Oct-1854, Lot 30, PEI, Canada, d. 10-Oct-1928, buried: 12-Oct-1928, St. Anne's. Emyvale, PEI.

iv Mary Hagan, b. 1-Jun-1856, Lot 30, PEI, Canada, d. __-___-____.

v James Hagan, b. __-___-1859, PEI. He married Bridget McLellan, 28-Feb-1881, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____. James died __-___-____.

vi Sarah Ann Hagan, b. __-___-1861, PEI, d. __-___-____.

vii Francis E. Hagan, b. 22-Dec-1861, Lot 30, Queen's County, PEI, Canada. He married Mary Ellen Monaghan, 14-Sep-1900, in St. Dunstan's Basilica, Charlottetown, b. __-___-1865, d. __-___-____. Francis died __-___-____.

viii Teresa Hagan, b. 27-Nov-1864, d. __-___-____.

ix Veronica Hagan, b. 01-Oct-1865, Lot 30, Queen's County, PEI, Canada, d. __-___-____.

20. x Patrick Dominic Hagan b. 11-Jan-1868.

xi Tarrence Hagan, b. 25-Jul-1869, Queen's County, Lot 30, PEI, Canada, d. __-___-____.

xii Emily Hagan, b. 29-May-1871, Queen's County, Lot 30, PEI, Canada, d. __-___-____.

21. xiii William Fredrick Hagan b. 7-Jun-1874.

22. xiv Veronica Hagan b. 9-Jan-1877.

Third Generation

6. Ann Hagan, b. __-___-1849. She married Patrick Began, 3-Aug-1869, in St, Joseph's Rc, Kelly's Cross, PEI, Can, b. __-___-1847, d. __-___-____. Ann died __-___-____.


i Mary Ann Began, b. 08-Oct-1877, d. __-___-____.

ii Regina Began, b. 25-Mar-1884, d. __-___-____.

7. Mary Hagan, b. 30-Jan-1845. She married John McArdle, 17-Aug-1869, in St. Joseph's RC Church, Kelly's Cross, P, b. __-May-1841, Black River Bridge, Miramichi, NB, (son of Michael McArdle and Rose Coogan) d. 15-Apr-1917, St. Joseph's Home, Shediac, NB. Mary died 21-Jan-1917, Grand Cascapedia, PQ, buried: 24-Feb-1917, Shediac Road Cemetery, Moncton, NB.


23. i Mary Ellen McArdle b. 23-Sep-1870.

24. ii James Thomas McArdle b. 30-Sep-1872.

25. iii Rose Ann McArdle b. 18-Sep-1874.

iv Catherine McArdle, b. 27-Jun-1876.

v Legenna (Regina) McArdle, b. __-___-1877, d. __-___-1962, Moncton, NB.

vi Francis McArdle, b. __-___-1879. He married (1) Elizabeth D. Armstrong, 17-Nov-1906, in Portland, Maine, d. __-___-1946. He married (2) Louise G. Cony, __-___-1947. Francis died 27-Jun-1960, Augusta, Maine.

vii Michael Gabriel McArdle, b. 24-Mar-1881, d. Portland, Maine.

26. viii John Anthony McArdle b. 12-Jun-1883.

ix William Patrick McArdle, b. 18-Nov-1886, d. __-___-____.

27. x Veronica (Vona) Gertrude McArdle b. 25-Apr-1889.

8. Margaret Hagan, b. 23-Jun-1849. She married John Monaghan, __-___-____, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____. Margaret died __-___-____.


i Mary Elizabeth Monaghan, b. 2-Jan-1872, Kelly's Cross, Lot 29, PEI, Canada, d. __-___-____.

ii Francis Jane Monaghan, b. 22-May-1873, Kelly's Cross, Lot 29, PEI, Canada, d. __-___-____.

9. Elisabeth Hagan, b. 4-Jun-1854, Lot 30, PEI, Canada. She married Patrick Malone, b. __-___-1847, d. 9-Mar-1916, buried: Lot45,Cem.1,St.9,St.Marys,Souris. Elisabeth died 20-Apr-1920, buried: Lot45,Cem.1,St.9,St.Marys,Souris.


i Levi Francis Malone, b. 07-Jan-1878, d. __-___-____.

ii Mary Anne Malone, b. 5-Nov-1879, Kelly's Cross, Lot 29, PEI, Canada, d. __-___-____.

iii Margaret Louisa Malone, b. 21-Feb-1882, d. __-___-____.

iv Ambrose Malone, b. 27-Aug-1883, Kelly's Cross, Lot 29, PEI, Canada. He married Helen Paquet, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____. Ambrose died __-___-____.

v Sofia Malone, b. 29-Sep-1885. She married Joseph Beaulieau, 05-Dec-1909, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____. Sofia died __-___-____.

vi Angelina Malone, b. 18-Jan-1888, d. __-___-____.

vii Margaret Lorette Cecilia Malone, b. 22-Apr-1890, Lot 29, PEI, Canada. She married Jeremiah Connors, __-___-____, in Andover MA USA, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____. Margaret died __-___-____.

viii Urban Alphonsus Malone, b. 29-Jan-1894, Lot 29, PEI, Canada, d. __-___-____.

10. Patrick Hagan, b. 19-Jul-1856, Lot 30, PEI, Canada. He married Catherine McKenna, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____. Patrick died __-___-____.


i Francis Hagan, b. 14-Mar-1879, d. __-___-____.

ii Fanny Regina Hagan, b. 19-Jan-1880, d. __-___-____.

iii Mary Melvina Hagan, b. 19-Jan-1880, d. __-___-____.

iv Catherine Maria Hagan, b. 02-Jan-1882, d. __-___-____.

v Mary Hagan, b. 8-May-1883, PEI, d. __-___-____.

vi Ann Hagan, b. 24-Apr-1885, PEI, d. __-___-____.

vii Patrick Walter Hagan, b. 1-Mar-1887, PEI, d. __-___-____.

11. Catherine Hagan, b. __-___-1857. She married James McCardle, 26-Nov-1877, in St. Joseph's RC, Kelly's Cross, PEI, Can, b. 08-Aug-1847, Black River Bridge, Miramichi, NB, Canada, (son of Michael McArdle and Rose Coogan) d. 10-Jul-1905, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada, buried: 11-Jul-1905, St. Joseph's RC, Kelly's Cross, PEI, Can. Catherine died 15-Jun-1897.


28. i Rose Mary McCardle b. 03-Sep-1878.

29. ii Angelena (Lina) McCardle b. 07-Jun-1881.

iii Elizabeth Agnes McCardle, b. 30-Jun-1883, Emyvale, PEI, Canada. She married Leo MacDonald, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____. Elizabeth died __-___-____.

30. iv Francis Patrick McCardle b. 27-Feb-1889.

31. v James Aneas McCardle b. 11-Aug-1891.

32. vi Mary Loretta (Lauretta) McCardle b. 29-May-1897.

12. Bridget Hagan, b. __-___-____. She married Bernard Murray, 17-May-1864, b. __-___-1840, d. 14-Feb-1900. Bridget died __-___-____.


33. i Mary Ann Murray b. 09-Mar-1865.

ii Peter Murray, b. __-___-1876. He married Mary Ellen Connolly, 24-Nov-1896, in St. Anne's, Emyvale, PEI, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____. Peter died __-___-____.

iii Thomas Murray, b. __-___-1877, d. 12-Jun-1939, buried: 14-Jun-1939, St. Anne's, Emyvale, PEI.

iv Francis Murray, b. 11-Jul-1879, d. __-___-____.

v Jacob (James) Murray, b. __-___-1881, Emyvale. He married Sarah Elllen Clarkin, 21-Feb-1911, in St. Anne's, Emyvale, PEI, b. __-___-1880, d. __-___-____. Jacob died __-___-____.

34. vi Patrick Murray b. 17-Oct-1883.

vii Teresa Murray, b. 10-Jun-1887, d. __-___-____.

13. Patrick Hagan, b. 01-Jan-1855, Kelly's Cross, Lot 29, PEI, Canada. He married (1) Mary Ann Johnston, __-___-1880, b. 15-Nov-1859, d. 19-May-1916, buried: Lot29,Cem.2,st.170,St.Josephs, Kellys Cr. He married (2) Margaret McGuigan, 14-Jan-1918. Patrick died 14-Jun-1930, buried: Lot29,Cem.2,St.170,St.Josephs,Kellys Cr.

Children by Mary Ann Johnston:

i Wallace Hagan, b. 20-Jul-1879, d. 7-Jun-1906, buried: Lot29,Cem.2,St.170,St.Josephs,Kellys Cr.

35. ii Maria Regina Hagan b. 08-Nov-1883.

iii Ella May Hagan, b. __-Aug-1886, d. 12-Aug-1894, buried: Lot29,Cem.2,St.170,St.Josephs,Kellys Cr.

36. iv Regina Hagan b. 04-Aug-1888.

37. v Adella (Dilla) Hagan b. 27-Dec-1889.

vi Winifred Hagan, b. 24-Dec-1892, d. __-___-____.

38. vii George Emmett Hagan b. 8-Dec-1894.

viii Amos Hagan, b. 25-Jun-1896, d. 16-Jul-1896, buried: Lot29,Cem.2,st.170,St.Josephs, Kellys Cr.

ix Thomas P. Hagan, b. 30-Apr-1897, d. __-___-____.

x Richard Hagan, b. __-___-1898, d. __-___-____.

xi Amos Hagan, b. 24-Jun-1900. He married (1) Anna Mabel Duffy, 15-Nov-1922, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____. He married (2) Marie Alberta Longuille, 12-Jan-1959, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____. Amos died __-___-____.

14. Thomas Hagan, b. 7-Jun-1856, Kelly's Cross, Lot 29, PEI, Canada. He married Elizabeth Binns, __-___-1879, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____. Thomas died 21-Oct-1883.

15. John Hagan, b. __-___-1863, PEI. He married Margaret Askin, b. __-___-1870, (daughter of John Askin and Isabella McArvill) d. __-___-1905, buried: Lot 26, Cem. 5, Stne 21, St.Peter's, PEI. John died __-___-____.


i John Thomas Hagen, b. 5-Sep-1888, Lot 29, PEI, Canada, d. __-___-1917, WW I.

39. ii Augustine John Hagen b. 28-Feb-1890.

40. iii Mary Anne Hagen b. 14-Dec-1891.

41. iv Mabel Rose Hagen b. 25-Mar-1893.

42. v Basil Hagen b. __-___-1893.

vi Leo Emmett Hagen, b. __-___-1895. He married Agnes Gallant, b. 06-Jan-1902, d. 08-Jun-1959. Leo died 14-Jan-1972.

43. vii Herman Hagen b. 06-Jan-1899.

16. Mary Anne Hagan, b. 3-Jun-1864, Kelly's Cross, Lot 29, PEI, Canada. She married Jerome McGuigan, 22-Aug-1893, in St. Joseph's, b. __-___-1862, (son of Francis McGuigan and Isabella Askin) d. __-___-1930, buried: Kelly's Cross, PEI. Mary died 25-Mar-1920, buried: Lot29,Cem.2,St.184,St.Josephs, Kellys Cr.


i Louis Gerald McGuigan, b. 27-Jul-1889, St. Joseph's. He married (1) Lillian Currie, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____. He married (2) Adella Murphy, (details excluded). He married (3) Marion McDonald, (details excluded). Louis died __-___-____.

ii Catherine (Katie) McGuigan, b. 21-Jan-1895. She married (1) Peter Malone, 12-Dec-1919, in St. Joseph's, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____. She married (2) Edward Mallard, (details excluded). Catherine died __-___-____.

iii Mary Ellen McGuigan, b. 10-Oct-1896. She married Emmett Monaghan, b. __-Jan-1898, d. __-___-1973. Mary died __-___-1981.

iv Elizabeth McGuigan, b. 03-Feb-1898. She married John McKinnon, (details excluded). Elizabeth died __-___-____.

v Joseph McGuigan, b. 28-Mar-1899. He married Lucy McQuaid, (details excluded). Joseph died __-___-____.

vi Francis (Frank) Philip McGuigan, b. 14-Apr-1901. He married Mary Gillis, (details excluded). Francis died __-___-____.

17. Francis (Frank) Hagan, b. 18-Dec-1872, PEI. He married Mary Emily Hughes, 14-Nov-1893, in St. Joseph's RC, Kelly's Cross, PEI, Can, b. 02-May-1873, (daughter of James Hughes and Margaret Morgan) d. 30-Jan-1941, Kellys Cross. Francis died 26-Oct-1936, Kellys Cross, buried: Lot29,Cem.2,St.121,St.Josephs, Kellys Cr.


45. i Mary Ann Hagan b. 19-Dec-1894.

46. ii Lucinda Winfred Hagan b. 17-Apr-1896.

iii Marguerite (Sr. Rita Marie) Hagan, b. 15-Sep-1898, Kelly's Cross, Lot 29, PEI, Canada, d. 4-Apr-1989, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, buried: Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Lower Sackville.

47. iv Thomas James Hagan b. 2-Jul-1900.

v Mary Angelina (Sr. Anna Josephine) Hagan, b. 2-Mar-1902, PEI, d. 24-Aug-1997, Halifax, NS (St. Vincent's M'House ??), buried: 27-Aug-1997, Halifax, NS (St. Vincent's M'House ??).

18. Bridget Hagan, b. 8-Jan-1852, Lot 29, PEI, Canada. She married Patrick McCaffrey, 13-Jul-1880, in Lot 65, b. 02-Mar-1849, (son of Michael McCaffrey and Bridget Clarkin) d. 21-Jul-1929, buried: Lot65,Cem.1,Stone 33,St.Annes,Emyvale. Bridget died __-___-1922, buried: Lot65,Cem.1,Stone 33,St.Annes,Emyvale.


i Mary McCaffrey, b. __-___-____. She married James Dominic Quinn, __-___-1925, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____. Mary died __-___-____.

ii Michael McCaffrey, b. __-Jul-1881. He married Catherine Dougherty, __-___-____, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____. Michael died 02-Jun-1947, buried: Riverdale, Lot 65.

iii Sarah Ellen McCaffrey, b. 20-May-1883. She married Michael John McKenna, 17-Oct-1911, in St. Anne's, Emyvale, PEI. Sarah died 07-Jun-1941.

iv Bridget (Loretta) McCaffrey, b. 15-Apr-1885. She married James Emmet Coady, __-___-____, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____. Bridget died 04-Jun-1964, buried: Brookvale, Lot 30.

v Patrick Augustine McCaffrey, b. 05-Mar-1887. He married Edith McPhee, __-___-____, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____. Patrick died __-___-____.

vi James McCaffrey, b. 31-Jul-1891, d. __-___-1946.

vii Theresa McCaffrey, b. 23-Jul-1893, d. 06-Sep-1974, Charlottetown.

19. Thomas Hagan, b. 18-Apr-1853, Lot 30, PEI, Canada. He married Elizabeth Wynn, 08-Feb-1880, in Desable, Lot 65, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____. Thomas died __-___-____.


i Sarah Ann Hagan, b. 27-Feb-1880.

ii James Thomas Hagan, b. 11-Jul-1881.

iii Emma Hagan, b. 02-Mar-1883.

iv Mary Alice Hagan, b. 19-Aug-1884.

v William Frederick Hagan, b. 13-Feb-1886.

vi Elizabeth Hagan, b. 13-Jan-1888.

20. Patrick Dominic Hagan, b. 11-Jan-1868, Queen's County, Lot 30, PEI, Canada. He married (1) Mary Ellen Murray, 26-Jun-1894, in St. Joseph's RC, Kelly's Cross, PEI, Can, b. 19-Mar-1876, (daughter of Thomas Murray and Sarah Smith) d. 04-Dec-1927, buried: 07-Dec-1927, St. Anne's. Emyvale, PEI. He married (2) Lavina Higgins. Patrick died __-___-1951, Boston, Mass, USA.

Children by Mary Ellen Murray:

53. i Mary Alice Hagan b. 11-Jun-1896.

54. ii Patrick Thomas Hagan b. 08-Sep-1897.

iii Josephine Hagan, b. 13-Sep-1899, Lot 30, PEI.

iv Sarah (Sally) Ellen Hagan, b. 23-Jun-1901, Queen's County, Lot 30, PEI, Canada, d. 15-Nov-1999, MA, buried: 17-Nov-1999, Somerville, MA.

v Lauretta May Hagan, b. 06-Mar-1903, Queen's County, Lot 30, PEI, Canada, d. __-Apr-1987, Boston, Mass, USA, buried: __-Apr-1987, Boston, Mass, USA.

55. vii Julia Anna Hagan b. 06-Apr-1908.

viii Teresa Mary Hagan, b. 16-Oct-1910, Queen's County, Lot 30, PEI, Canada, d. __-May-1971, Boston, Mass, USA, buried: __-May-1971, Boston, Mass, USA.

21. William Fredrick Hagan, b. 7-Jun-1874, Lot 30, PEI, Canada. He married Catherine (Katie) Clarkin, __-___-1901, b. 16-Feb-1882, (daughter of James Clarkin and Susannah Coady) d. 24-Dec-1947, St. John, NB, buried: 27-Dec-1947, St. Anne's, Emyvale, PEI. William died 15-Apr-1938, buried: 17-Apr-1938, St. Anne's, Emyvale, PEI.


ii Alice Hagan, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____.

viii Margaret Emerick Hagan, (details excluded). She married Amos Costello, b. 08-Sep-1909, (son of Francis Costello and Mary-Ellen Dougherty) d. 26-Jul-1976.

ix Josephine Hagan, b. 19-Mar-1916, d. __-Apr-1916.

xv Blanche Veronica Hagan, b. 26-Sep-1926, d. 24-Feb-1942, buried: 26-Feb-1942, St. Anne's, Emyvale, PEI.

22. Veronica Hagan, b. 9-Jan-1877, Lot 30, PEI, Canada.


i Leo Hagan, b. 22-Apr-1908, d. 11-Mar-1977, buried: St. Anne's, Emyvale, PEI.

Fourth Generation

23. Mary Ellen McArdle, b. 23-Sep-1870. She married ? McNeil, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____.


i Rita McNeil, b. __-___-1904, d. 06-Jul-1998, New York NY USA.

24. James Thomas McArdle, b. 30-Sep-1872. He married Mary B. (Marie) Comeau, 09-Sept-1895, b. __-___-1867, d. __-___-1968. James died __-___-1951.


57. i Leonard Andrew McArdle b. 09-Oct-1896.

ii Regina Estella (Stella) McArdle, b. 22-Nov-1897, Moncton, NB, d. 24-Jun-1994.

iii Mary Elizabeth Lena McArdle, b. 21-Feb-1900, Moncton, NB. She married Harry Power, 07-Jun-1927, in St. Bernard's Moncton, NB, b. __-___-1895, d. __-___-1974, Our Lady of Calvary, St. Anselem, NB. Mary died __-___-1993, buried: Our Lady of Calvary, St. Anselem, NB.

iv Freda Blanche McArdle, b. 21-Aug-1903, Moncton, NB. She married ? Gaudet, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____. Freda died __-___-____.

v Agnes Maude McArdle, b. 19-Sep-1905, Moncton, NB, d. __-___-1983.

25. Rose Ann McArdle, b. 18-Sep-1874. She married Joseph Arthur Nadeau, 22-Jun-1911, b. 11-Sep-1877, Dalhousie, NB, d. 11-Mar-1958, St. Petersburg, Florida. Rose died 26-Jul-1974, Sillery, Quebec.

26. John Anthony McArdle, b. 12-Jun-1883, Moncton, NB. He married Florence McLellan, 15-Jun-1911, b. __-___-1882. John died __-___-1952.


iv James Joseph McArdle, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____.

27. Veronica (Vona) Gertrude McArdle, b. 25-Apr-1889. She married Edgar Nadeau, 20-Nov-1912, in St. Judes, Bonaventure, PQ, b. __-___-____, d. 09-May-1958, St. Godfroi, Quebec. Veronica died 08-May-1958, Maria, Quebec.

28. Rose Mary McCardle, b. 03-Sep-1878, Emyvale, PEI, Canada. She married Charles Edward McDonald, b. __-___-1886, d. __-___-1919. Rose died __-___-1954, Summerside, PEI, Canada.


ii Edna McDonald, b. __-___-____, d. 17-Feb-1975, buried: 20-Feb-1975, Summerside, PEI, RC Church.

29. Angelena (Lina) McCardle, b. 07-Jun-1881, Emyvale, PEI, Canada. She married Paschal MacDonald, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____. Angelena died __-___-____.


iii James MacDonald, b. __-___-____. He married Bertha Redmond, (details excluded). James died __-___-1991.

iv Harold MacDonald, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-1980.

30. Francis Patrick McCardle, b. 27-Feb-1889, Emyvale, PEI, Canada. He married Bridget McInnis, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____. Francis died __-___-____.


xi James Daniel McArdle, b. 10-Nov-1915, d. 10-Nov-1915.

31. James Aneas McCardle, b. 11-Aug-1891, Emyvale, PEI. He married Bridget Mary Whelan, 25-Nov-1920, in St. Bernard's, Moncton, NB, b. 19-Jul-1891, St. John's, Nfld, Canada, d. 01-Sep-1984, Moncton, NB, Canada, buried: Shediac Road Cemetery, Moncton, NB. James died 20-Jun-1939, Moncton, NB, Canada, buried: __-Jun-1939, Shediac Road Cemetery, Moncton, NB.


iii Mary Theresa McArdle, b. 31-May-1932, Moncton, NB, Canada, d. 01-Jan-1989, Moncton, NB, Canada.

32. Mary Loretta (Lauretta) McCardle, b. 29-May-1897, Emyvale, PEI, Canada. She married George Urban Walton, 27-Sep-1932, in St. Paul's, Summerside, PEI, b. 24-Sep-1894, d. 23-Apr-1975, Fredricton, NB. Mary died 30-Mar-1967, Moncton, NB, Canada.

33. Mary Ann Murray, b. 09-Mar-1865. She married James D. McCardle, b. __-___-1863, (son of Patrick McCardle and Rose Duffy) d. __-___-____. Mary died 12-Feb-1913.

34. Patrick Murray, b. 17-Oct-1883, Kelly's Cross, PEI. He married Ausline Beatrice Woods, 21-Sep-1915, in Kelly's Cross, b. 20-Dec-1884, (daughter of Thomas Woods and Mary Kielly) d. 02-Dec-1947, Tyrone, PEI. Patrick died 10-Aug-1955, Tyrone, PEI.


i Lawrence Joseph Murray, b. 25-Sep-1917, Tyrone, PEI. He married Ada McKenzie, (details excluded). Lawrence died 07-Aug-1948.

iii Vincent Augustine Murray, b. 01-Nov-1920, Tyrone, PEI, d. 20-Nov-1990, Dartmouth, NS.

iv Basil Francis Murray, b. 07-Mar-1922, Tyrone, PEI, d. 20-Jan-1984.

v Cecil Bernard Murray, b. 07-Jul-1923, Tyrone, PEI, d. 09-Jan-1985, NS.

vi James Patrick Murray, b. 23-Jul-1925, Tyrone, PEI, d. 05-Mar-1996, Dartmouth, NS.

35. Maria Regina Hagan, b. 08-Nov-1883, Westmoreland PEI. She married John T. Kelly, b. 01-May-1875, Stanchel PEI, d. __-___-1939. Maria died __-___-1974, buried: St.Josephs RC, Lot 29-2, PEI.


ii Reginald J. Kelly, b. 29-Nov-1912, d. __-___-1975.

36. Regina Hagan, b. 04-Aug-1888, Lot 29, PEI, Canada. She married John Anthony Coady, 11-Jun-1912, b. __-___-1885, (son of Tobias Coady and Annie Monaghan) d. __-___-____. Regina died __-___-____.

37. Adella (Dilla) Hagan, b. 27-Dec-1889, Lot 29, PEI, Canada. She married Philip Monaghan, 8-Jul-1913, b. __-___-1887, (son of Francis Monaghan and Mary McAvinn) d. __-___-____. Adella died __-___-____.

38. George Emmett Hagan, b. 8-Dec-1894, Lot 29, PEI, Canada. He married Mary Malone, 09-Jul-1917, b. 25-Sep-1897, d. 11-Aug-1947, buried: Lot29,Cem.2,St.125,St.Josephs,Kellys Cr. George died __-___-____.


i Mary C. Hagan, b. 30-Aug-1918, d. 30-Nov-1941, Charlottetown, buried: St. Josephs RC, Lot 29-2, PEI.

39. Augustine John Hagen, b. 28-Feb-1890, Lot 29, PEI, Canada. He married Mary Alice La Pierre, 8-Jul-1913, in St. Anselm's, W. Cherryhook , N ?, b. 04-May-1892, d. __-Jul-1975. Augustine died 28-Mar-1952.


ii Helen Margaret Hagen, b. 04-Nov-1921, d. 13-Aug-1970.

40. Mary Anne Hagen, b. 14-Dec-1891, PEI. She married Jeremiah Bernard Noonan, b. 28-Oct-1888, Albany, PEI, d. 26-Oct-1950, Summerside, PEI, buried: Lot 26, Cem. 5, Stone 132, St. Peter's. Mary died 21-Nov-1964, Seven Mile Bay, PEI, buried: Lot 26, Cem. 5, Stone 132, St. Peter's.

41. Mabel Rose Hagen, b. 25-Mar-1893. She married Frank Kelly, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____. Mabel died __-___-____.

42. Basil Hagen, b. __-___-1893. He married Hazel Doyle, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____. Basil died __-___-____.

43. Herman Hagen, b. 06-Jan-1899. He married Ruby Trenholm, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____. Herman died __-Oct-1971.

45. Mary Ann Hagan, b. 19-Dec-1894, Kelly's Cross, Lot 29, PEI, Canada. She married Wendall Patrick McKenna, 01-Sep-1920, b. 26-Jan-1892, d. 23-Feb-1981. Mary died 25-Dec-1992.

46. Lucinda Winfred Hagan, b. 17-Apr-1896, Kelly's Cross, Lot 29, PEI, Canada. She married Charles Boyd Gallant, 12-Aug-1918, in St.Brunos, Van Buren, Maine, USA, b. 08-Oct-1894, Tignish, PEI, (son of Francis Napoleon Gallant and Frances McIver) d. 11-Aug-1983. Lucinda died 18-Apr-1982.

iv Mary Gallant, b. 13-Dec-1926, Portland, ME, d. 13-Dec-1926, Portland, ME.

47. Thomas James Hagan, b. 2-Jul-1900, Kelly's Cross, Lot 29, PEI, Canada. He married Catherine MacLean, 17-Jun-1929, in St. Leo's, Dorchester, Mass, USA, b. __-___-____, Souris, PEI, Canada, d. 05-Sep-1990. Thomas died 05-Nov-1989, Somerville, MA.

48. Agnes Emmeline (Emma) Hagan, b. 1-Aug-1904, PEI. She married George Wilfred Cook, 07-Mar-1932, b. 17-Apr-1903, d. 23-Dec-1987. Agnes died 4-Nov-1989, South Weymouth, Mass, USA.

49. Mark Patrick Hagan, b. 25-Apr-1906, PEI. He married Mary McIvor, 26-Nov-1942, b. __-___-1909, d. __-___-1975, buried: Lot 27,Cem. 1,St.6, St. Malachys,Kinkora. Mark died 19-Mar-1958, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada, buried: St. Malachy's, Lot 27, Kinkora.

51. Joseph Cyril Hagan, b. 8-Aug-1909, PEI. He married Kathleen Hughes, 14-Jul-1937, b. 27-Mar-1916, d. 24-Jul-1994. Joseph died 14-May-1965, Emerald, PEI, buried: St. Malachy's, Lot 27, Kinkora.

52. Louis Justin Hagan, (details excluded). He married (1) Margaret Larkin, b. __-___-1911, d. 20-Dec-1947, buried: Lot29,Cem.2,St.186,St.Josephs,Kellys Cr. He married (2) Edna McCarville.

Children by Margaret Larkin:

ii William Joseph Hagan, b. __-___-1939, d. __-___-1939, buried: Lot29,Cem.2,St.186,St.Josephs, Kellys Cr.

iii Anna Marie Hagan, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____, buried: Lot 29,Cem.2,St.186,St.Josephs, Kellys C.

iv Gerald Hagan, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____, buried: Lot29,Cem.2,St.186,St.Josephs, Kellys Cr.

v Andrew Hagan, b. __-___-1947, d. __-___-1947, Lot29,Cem.2,St.186,St.Josephs,Kellys Cr.

vi Margaret Ann Hagan, b. __-___-____, d. __-___-____, Lot29,Cem.2,St.186,St.Josephs,Kellys Cr.

53. Mary Alice Hagan, b. 11-Jun-1896, Queen's County, Lot 30, PEI, Canada. She married Andrew Frederick Egan, 6-Mar-1916, in St. Anne's, Lot 30, PEI, b. __-___-1894, (son of Owen Egan and Estella Murray) d. __-___-____. Mary died 06-Apr-1920, buried: 08-Apr-1920, St. Anne's, Queen's County, Lot 30, PEI.


i Frederick Pius Egan, b. 10-Jul-1916, d. __-Jun-1973.

ii Mary Teresa Egan, b. 15-Nov-1919, d. 28-Jun-1921, buried: 30-Jun-1921, St. Anne's, Emyvale, PEI.

54. Patrick Thomas Hagan, b. 08-Sep-1897, Lot 65, PEI. Canada. He married Flora Roxana Anderson, 10-Aug-1938, b. 17-Jul-1912, Westbourne, Manitoba, Canada, (daughter of Oscar Manning Anderson and Flora Belle Ida Chantler) d. 27-Feb-1998, Abbotsford, BC, Canada. Patrick died 23-Feb-1972, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, buried: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

55. Julia Anna Hagan, b. 06-Apr-1908, Queen's County, Lot 30, PEI, Canada. She married John Patrick Francis Glynn, 23-Aug-1936, b. __-___-1904, d. __-___-1977, Boston, Mass, USA. Julia died __-Feb-1981, Boston, Mass, USA, buried: __-Feb-1981, Boston, Mass, USA.

56. Lewis (Louis) Hagan, b. 28-Jul-1904. He married Sarah Margaret (Rita) Costello, (details excluded). Lewis died 02-Oct-1929, buried: 05-Oct-1929.

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