The Descendants of Jonathan Haszard and Abigail McKoon

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The Descendants of Jonathan Haszard and Abigail McKoon

1. Jonathan Hazard m. Abigail Macoon/Mckoon.


2. i Thomas VIRGINIA TOM Hazard b. ___ 1724.

Second Generation

2. Thomas VIRGINIA TOM Hazard (1.Jonathan1) b. ___ 1724, Occupation: Assemblyman, 1787., m. (1) ___ 1746, Mary Preeson Bowdoin, b. Virginia., d. Apr 17 1760, Note: Resided, Rhode Island.,2 m. (2) Eunice Rhodes, d. Apr 27 1804,4 Note: Resided, Rhode Island/Charlottetown, PEI. 2 Thomas died Apr 27 1804, Note: Resided, Rhode Island/Charlottetown, PEI. 2 Thomas had 9 children in Rhode Island by Mary, and 8 children by the second. From the second marriage, the Haszard's of PEI (With an "s") descended. It is said that the P.E. Island Branch of the Haszard family changed their spelling during the Revolutionary War to differentiate themselves from those who opposed the United Empire, who retained the Hazard spelling. This information from the N.Z. Haszard family. Thomas was a slave owner, see file.

"Later that year, in Nov 1802, another private sale was recorded that indicates the market value of a young mixed race slave. The conveyance was from "Thomas Hassard Esq. of Charlotte Town" to his son, "William Hassard of lot #49" in repsect of "a certain Mollatta Boy of three years of age called Simon with all his wearing aparrel". Old "Virginia " Tom Haszard had been a large landholder at Boston Neck, Rhode Island, who fought for the British during the American Revolution and who's property was confiscated by the Americans. He settled on the Island of St. John in 1785, and made two conveyances of Slaves before his death in 1804.

William Haszard bargained to pay his father 20 pounds Halifax currency for Simon, who may have been born to a female slave of the elder Haszard. A girl who was given to William's daughters Harriett and Louisa at the same time may have been Simon's sister: she is "one Molatta Girl about five years of age, named Catherine," the title to whom was warranted "against any Claim or Demand Whatsoever"." - From Black Islanders, Jim Hornby, Institute of Island Studies, 1991, IBSN 0-919013-14-7

Mary: An Island Refugee, by the United Empire Loyalists, 1983; IBSN#0-9691389-0-3 Eunice: Eunice's parents were Capt. William Rhodes and Mary Sheldon. Info from Charles Hall, [email protected]

Children by Eunice Rhodes:

3. i Thomas Rhodes Haszard b. Feb 14 1760.

4. ii Eunice Haszard b. Feb 14 1764.

5. iii William Haszard b. May 03 1767.

iv Sarah Haszard b. Jul 18 1769, m. Hon. William Townshend.

6. v Waitstill Curtis Haszard b. Mar 12 1772.

vi Bowdoin Hazard b. ___ 1774, d. Jul 29 1832.7

vii Rhodes Hazard b. Sep 17 1777,7 d. ___ 1806.7

Third Generation

3. Thomas Rhodes Haszard (2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Feb 14 1760, Occupation: Merchant., m. May 08 1796, in St. Paul's, Charlottetown., Jane Bagnall, b. ___ 1781, (daughter of Samuel Bagnall and Elizabeth Whitehouse) d. Dec 27 1840, Interred: Dec 30 1840, Note: Resided, Charlottetown, PEI. Thomas died Dec 01 1839, Note: Resided, Charlottetown, PEI. 13 Thomas and Jane had 5 children. P.E.I. Register, Tuesday, December 3, 1839 - Death: On Saturday morning last Mr. Thomas R. Haszard, aged 79 years. Jane: Legend says that Jane's dowry was worth her weight in gold. An Island Refugee, by the United Empire Loyalists, 1983; IBSN#0-9691389-0-3 P.E.I. Register, Tue. Dec. 29, 1840 - Death: On Sunday afternoon last in her 59th year of age, after a pious resignation to thy devine will, Mrs. Jane Haszard, relict of Mr. T. R. Haszard, and mother of the Proprietor of this paper. Her funeral will leave Recreation Cottage on Wednesday next at 1 o'clock precisely, and will proceed from thence to the Episcopal Church...


7. i James Douglas Haszard b. Jun 27 1797.

ii Elizabeth Haszard b. Mar 29 1799, Baptised: Apr 29 1799.

iii Thomas Rhodes Haszard Jr. b. Apr 17 1801,15 Baptised: May 10 1801.

iv George Haszard b. ___ 1803,13 d. ___ 1824.13

v Charlotte Joanna Haszard b. ___ 1807, m. ___ 1843,18 Robert Blake Irving. Charlotte died ___ 1890.

4. Eunice Haszard (2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Feb 14 1764, m. in Rhode Island.,18 John Gardiner, b. ___ 1759, Rhode Island., d. Jan 05 1842, Note: Resided, Charlottetown Royalty, PEI. 21 Eunice died Mar 09 1832,20 Note: Resided, Charlottetown Royalty, PEI. Eunice is the daughter of Thomas and Eunice Rhodes Haszard, with whom John and Eunice came to the Island. John: John was the son of a prosperous Rhode Island landowner, Amos Gardiner, and his wife Sarah Bill, the daughter of Capt. Joshuah Bill, of South Kingston, Rhode Island. He was a sixth generation Gardiner in New England. He came to PEI as a loyalist. John called his homestead "Potosi Grove" was situated on lots 399 and 400 of Charlottetown Royalty, just north of the old "Upton Driving Park".


8. i William Hassard Gardiner b. Apr 25 1786.

ii Sarah Gardiner b. Dec 04 1789, St. John's Island (P.E.I.), Baptised: Jun 23 1793, d. Young.

9. iii Ann Matilda Gardiner b. May 29 1791.

10. iv Thomas Gardiner b. May 08 1796.

11. v Bowden Gardiner b. May 08 1796.

12. vi John Rhodes Gardiner b. Apr 24 1798.

vii George Scott Gardiner b. Sep 09 1800, Baptised: Oct 02 1800, d. Young.

13. viii Sarah Sophia Gardiner b. Mar 17 1804.

14. ix Mariah Waitsill Gardiner b. Apr 07 1806.

x Eunice Susannah Gardiner b. ___ 1809,28 m. Apr 30 1834,28 Joseph Pippy, Note: Resided, Charlottetown, PEI. 28 Eunice died ___ 1864,28 Note: Resided, Charlottetown, PEI. 28

5. William Haszard (2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. May 03 1767, Rhode Island.,6 Occupation: Farmer., m. in London.,18 Anne Farrant Jones, b. England.,18 Interred: Old Protestant Burying Grounds, Chtn.,18 Note: Resided, Belleview, PEI. 18 William died Mar 14 1847,6 Interred: Mar 15 1847, Old Protestant Burying Grounds, Chtn.,18 Note: Resided, Belleview, PEI. 18 William was "Owner" of a Mullatto boy slave named Simon, a child of one of his fathers slaves, bought from his father, and recorded in Charlottetown in 1802. The same year, Virginia Tom, William's father, gave a Mulatto girl to Harriett and Louisa, William's daughters. Royal Gazette, Tuesday, August 10, 1847 - On Sunday morning last... William Haszard, Esq. of Belle View in the 80th year of his age.... The funeral will take place tomorrow (Wednesday Afternoon at 3 o'clock. [Portions not copied due to space limitations.] Anne: Annes name is listed as "Favrant" in St. Paul's Baptisms for daughter Harriott Clarissa, not Farrant as listed in some other records. Note the spelling of Anne, also from St. Paul's Records.


i Harriet Clarissa Haszard b. Sep 28 1798, Baptised: Feb 13 1799, m. William Spencer Compton, Note: Resided, Charlottetown, PEI./St. Eleanors, PEI. 18 Harriet Note: Resided, Charlottetown, PEI./St. Eleanors, PEI. 18 William: William and Jarrit had 7 children.

15. ii Sarah Louisa Haszard b. May 20 1800.

iii Waitsill Douglas Haszard b. Nov 05 1805, Baptised: Feb 23 1806, d. Apr 23 1844. The Islander or Prince Edward Island Weekly Intelligencer and Advertiser, Friday April 26, 1844 - Death: On Tuesday, the 23rd instant, aged 37 years, tenderly beloved by a large circle of friends and relations, Waitstill Douglas, fourth daughter of William Haszard, Esq., of Belleview.

16. iv William Jones Haszard b. Jul 12 1808.

v Ann Farrant Haszard Occupation: Minister's Wife., m. (1) ___ 1857, Andrew Lockhead, Occupation: Rev., Note: Resided, Georgetown, PEI., m. (2) ___ 1868, in Lynwood, St. Eleanors, PEI., William Ross Frame, Occupation: Rev./Publisher., d. ___ 1888,34 Note: Resided, Charlottetown, PEI. 34 Ann Note: Resided, Georgetown, PEI/Charlottetown, PEI. Andrew: The Rev Andrew was the minister of St. David's Presbyterian Church, Georgetown , PEI. William: Rev. Frame became editor of the Protestant Union, and shortly after created the "Island Guardian Publishing Co.", which purchased the plant of the Union. The Island Guardian was devoted to the cause of morality and religion and was independant of its politics. The Rev. was editor till his death in 1888.

17. vi Charles Haszard b. ___ 1812.

vii Henry Bowdoin Haszard b. ___ 1813,34 Occupation: Surveyor for Shipping., m. Feb 10 1846, Hannah CATHERINE Cameron. Henry died ___ 1872.34 The Morning News and Semi-Weekly Advertiser, Wednesday February 11, 1846 - Marriage: Last evening, by the Rev. Dr. Jenkins, Ecclesiastical Commissary, Mr. Henry Haszard, to Hanas Catherine, daughter of the late Ewen Cameron.

18. viii John Haszard b. ___ 1816.

6. Waitstill Curtis Haszard (2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Mar 12 1772, St. Peters, PEI.,6 m. Jan 31 1789, James Douglas, Occupation: Controller of HM Customs. Waitstill died May 23 1804,7 Interred: May 24 1804, Old Protestant Burying Grounds, Chtn.


i Sarah Douglas b. Mar 27 1790, Baptised: Jun 23 1793.

ii Mary Douglas b. Jun 04 1791,37 Baptised: Jun 23 1793.

iii Margaret Douglas b. May 18 1793,37 Baptised: Jun 23 1793.

iv Samuel James Douglas b. Nov 07 1794,37 Baptised: Feb 28 1796.

v John Douglas b. Dec 31 1797,37 Baptised: Feb 13 1799.

vi Susannah Wilson Douglas b. Jun 29 1801, Charlottetown, PEI., Baptised: Jan 25 1804.43

Fourth Generation

7. James Douglas Haszard (3.Thomas3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Jun 27 1797, Baptised: Oct 29 1797, Occupation: Publisher,Queen's Printer, m. (1) ___ 1825,28 Sarah Sophia Gardiner, b. Mar 17 1804, Baptised: May 14 1804, (daughter of John Gardiner and Eunice Haszard) d. Sep 27 1827,28 m. (2) ___ 1835, in Bermuda.,13 Susanna Nelmes, Note: Resided, Charlottetown, PEI. James died Aug 17 1875, Charlottetown, PEI., Note: Resided, Charlottetown, PEI. 13 Info following is from Page 329, "An Island Refugee", by the Abegweit Branch of the UEL society, 1983. This is an excellent book for anyone researching families that left the U.S. as UEL's and came to the Island.

"James Douglas Haszard, after apprenticing as a printer to his uncle, Mr. James D. Bagnall, commenced business in Charlottetown in 1823 by publishing the "Prince Edward Island Register" and successively the "Royal Gazette", which at the time was a newspaper as well as a record of official acts and events, and then "Haszard's Gazette" until 1850. His son, George, suceeded him with the business, and as the publication changed hands through the years, the name was changed a number of times, and eventually became "The Patriot", of recent years.

In order to cultivate a taste for reading among the poorer inhabitants of the Island, Mr. Haszard sent his paper, free of charge, to hundreds, and from it, many learned to read and spell. In order to make the means of knowledge accessible to all, he reprinted editions of the best school books of the time and issued them at a price lower than which they could be imported. He published books in Latin, French, Gaelic, and Micmac languages.

In politics, he took an active, prominent part and while opposed to the sweeping, so called reforms being affected in other countries during the early part of his career, was an advocate of progress, and the people's champion. He served in the Militia, being at one time stationed with the First Battery of Artillery at the harbour's mouth to prevent the entrance of an American Privateer. He was the first to start a cloth dressing mill in the Colony, and as a practical and scientific farmer, he was particularily fitted for the office of Secretary and Treasurer of the Royal Agricultural Society which he held for several years.

James Douglas was noted and remembered for his kindness to the poor, and his debtors. Owing to a scarcity of small change in the colony, at one time, he issued 2 shilling, 6 pence notes, all for the convenience of the public. Nearly all of these came in on being recalled. During the famine of 1847, he came to the releif of hundreds of starving families. In the majority of these cases this was a free gift, the recipients being too poor to make any return."

According to the Eastern Chronicle of New Glascow, N.S. Aug 26, 1875 obituary for James:

"Aug 17 - Died at Charlottetown, P.E.I., at the advanced age of 78 years, James Douglas Hazard, Esq., formerly Queen's Printer of the Island. The deceased was supposed to be, at the time of his death, the oldest resident, native of that city. For 25 years he published successively the P.E.I. Register, the Royal Gazette and Hazard's Gazette, being for many years the only Journalist in the colony." James and Susannah had 13 children. He and Sarah had only two. It is not known which wife was the mother of Charles Albert Haszard. The Patriot, Thursday morning, August 19, 1875 - Death: On Tuesday, the 17th inst. James Douglas Haszard, formerly Queen's Printer of this Island.

Children by Sarah Sophia Gardiner:

19. i George Thomas Haszard b. Feb 13 1826.

ii John James Haszard b. Sep 27 1827, d. Dec 18 1827, Infancy. 13 P.E.I. Register, Thursday, Dec. 18, 1827 - Death: This afternoon, John James, infant som of Mr. James D. Haszard, Proprietor of this paper.

20. iii Charles Albert Haszard.

Children by Susanna Nelmes:

21. iv Robert Clare Haszard b. ___ 1834.

v James Henry Haszard. James Henry was a medical student at Harvard. He died of exposure while stranded on an ice boat in Northumberland Straight when travelling home from university.

vi Edward Rupert Haszard d. ___ 1868, the sinking of the "Helen Davies". 13 Edward Rupert was lost at sea with the ship and all crew while he was mate of the briganteen "Helen Davies", sailing to Barbadoes in 1868.

vii Frederick S. W. Haszard b. Aug 1843, d. Oct 27 1843, Infancy (11 weeks). The Islander of Prince Edward Island Weekly Intelligencer and Advertiser, Friday, September 1, 1843 - Death: On Sunday Morning last, Frederick S. W., infant son of J. D. Haszard, Esq., aged 11 weeks.

viii Clara Augusta Haszard d. Aug 08 1847, Infancy (9 months). Royal Gazette, Tuesday, Aug. 10, 1847 - Death: On Sunday night, Clara Augusta, infant daughter of James D. Haszard, Esq., aged 9 months.

ix Donald Douglas Haszard b. Jun 06 1848, d. Jun 19 1849. Royal Gazette: Tuesday, June 6, 1848 - Birth: This morning, Mrs. J. D. Haszard, of a son. The Islander or Prince Edward Islander Weekly Intelligencer and Advertiser, Friday, June 29, 1849 - Death: On the evening of Tuesday, the 19th June, DOnald DOuglas, infant son of James D. Haszard, aged one year and 13 days.

x Claudia Francis Haszard b. Jul 1851, d. Sep 20 1851, Note: Died, Infancy (3 Months). Royal Gazette, Monday, Sept. 29, 1851 - Death: On Saturday morning, the 20th inst., Claudia Francis, infant daughter of James D. Haszard, Esq., aged 3 months.

8. William Hassard Gardiner (4.Eunice3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Apr 25 1786, Rhode Island State., Baptised: Jun 23 1793, Occupation: Auctioneer, Com. Merchant, m. (1) Feb 07 1811, Ann Clarke, b. ___ 1791,23 d. ___ 1857,23 Interred: Elm Avenue Cemetery, Charlottetown, PEI.,23 Note: Resided, Charlottetown, PEI., m. (2) ___ 1858,23 Maria Nelson, b. ___ 1807,23 d. ___ 1879,23 Note: Resided, Charlottetown, PEI. 23 William died Jun 22 1867,23 Note: Resided, Charlottetown, PEI. William described himself as an auctioneer and comission Merchant, living at the NW corner of Pownal and Grafton Streets in Charlottetown, PEI. Ann: Anne was the daughter of John and Hannah Braddock Clarke. Maria: Maria was the daughter of Capt. John Nelson of China Point.

Children by Ann Clarke:

22. i John Douglas Gardiner b. Jun 14 1812.

ii Matilda MINNIE Gardiner b. Aug 30 1813,23 m. Jan 22 1835, Thomas Robinson Warren, b. May 12 1809, (son of William Warren and Ann Robinson) d. Jan 06 1896, Charlottetown, PEI.,52 Interred: Sherwood Cem., Charlottetown, PEI.,52 Note: Resided, Charlottetown, PEI. 52 Matilda died Apr 08 1883,23 Note: Resided, Charlottetown, PEI. 52 Thomas: Thomas and Matilda had 8 children.

iii Jane Gardiner b. ___ 1816,23 m. Nov 13 1842,23 Thomas Walker Dodd. Jane died Jan 13 1871,23 Interred: Elm Avenue Cemetery, Charlottetown, PEI. Thomas: Thomas was the son of Simon Dodd.

iv Aleen Gardiner b. ___ 1817,23 d. ___ 1817.23

v Frederick Gardiner b. Jun 16 1819,23 m. Eliza Davison, Note: Resided, Charlottetown, PEI. 23 Frederick Note: Resided, Charlottetown, PEI. 23 Frederick is listed in the 1848 census as having a family of 5 in Ch'tn.

vi Sarah Anne Gardiner b. Oct 23 1821,23 m. John Jury, Occupation: Watchmaker., Note: Resided, Charlottetown, PEI. 23 Sarah died Sep 25 1896,23 Note: Resided, Charlottetown, PEI. 23

vii William Charles Clark Gardiner b. Dec 01 1826,23 m. Unknown, d. Oct 09 1939, Provincial Infirmary, Charlottetown.,23 Interred: People's Cem., Charlottetown, PEI. 23

viii Margaret Leila Gardiner b. Feb 13 1829, m. ___ 1852,55 William Dodd, b. ___ 1816,55 d. ___ 1898,55 Note: Resided, Charlottetown, PEI. 55 Margaret died ___ 1852,55 Note: Resided, Charlottetown, PEI. 55

23. ix George Washington Gardiner b. Dec 01 1830.

x Elizabeth ELIZA Gardiner b. Jun 16 1836,55 m. Nov 16 1855,55 Douglas Davison, b. ___ 1832,55 d. ___ 1887, Chilliwack, BC. 55 Elizabeth died ___ 1915, Oakland, Cal. 55 Douglas: Douglas and Eliza had 3 sons and 3 daughters.

9. Ann Matilda Gardiner (4.Eunice3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. May 29 1791, Charlottetown, PEI.,24 Baptised: Jun 23 1793, m. Aug 22 1815, in St. Paul's, Charlottetown, PEI., James Bagnall, b. ___ 1785, Shelburne Co., NS.,10 (son of Samuel Bagnall and Elizabeth Whitehouse) Occupation: Queens Printer/MLA, d. ___ 1855, Note: Resided, Charlottetown, PEI. 10 Ann died Central Bedeque, PEI.,55 Note: Resided, Charlottetown, PEI. Ann and James had 8 children.


i Caroline Charlotte Augusta Bagnall b. ___ 1818, m. Apr 06 1843, John C. Baker, b. Dec 08 1817, Bedeque, PEI., (son of Joseph Baker and Catherine (Kitty) Callbeck) d. Sep 02 1894. Caroline died Jun 13 1903.61 Caroline and John had from 8 to 11 children. John: John C. And Caroline had 11 children. Their eldest, George, was a contractor, and was the architect of the Methodist Church begun in 1892-1893 in Summerside , PEI. An Island Refugee, by the United Empire Loyalists, 1983; IBSN#0-9691389-0-3

ii George Bagnall Note: Resided, California.

iii Samuel James Bagnall b. ___ 1820,61 m. ___ 1846,61 Helen Schurman, b. Aug 27 1825, Central Bedeque, PEI., (daughter of Isaac Schurman and Jane JENNIE Lefurgey) d. Aug 26 1902, Central Bedeque, PEI., Note: Resided, Central Bedeque, PEI. Samuel died Mar 24 1904, Central Bedeque, PEI.,61 Note: Resided, Central Bedeque, PEI. Helen: Helen and Samuel had 8 sons and 5 daughters.

iv Ann Matilda Bagnall b. Sep 25 1822,61 Baptised: Jun 08 1828, m. Edward Needham, Note: Resided, Charlottetown, PEI. Ann Note: Resided, Charlottetown, PEI. 61

v John Douglass Bagnall b. Mar 31 1824,10 Baptised: Jun 08 1828, Note: Resided, California.

vi Emma Elizabeth Bagnall b. Jun 08 1828, Baptised: Jun 08 1828, m. Jun 25 1851, Nicholas Jenkins, b. Jan 11 1814, (son of Nicholas Jenkins and Mary Edwards) d. Nov 26 1863,65 Interred: Alexandra Baptist Cem., PEI.,66 Note: Resided, Georgetown, PEI. Emma died ___ 1914,61 Note: Resided, Georgetown, PEI.

vii Sophia Sarah Bagnall m. Oct 08 1851,61 George Winter Cleveland Lugrin, b. New Brunswick. 61

10. Thomas Gardiner (4.Eunice3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. May 08 1796, Charlottetown, PEI.,55 Baptised: May 22 1796, m. Mar 20 1828, Jane Catherine Warren, b. ___ 1810, (daughter of Joseph Warren and Ann Pollard) Note: Resided, Chelton, PEI. 55 Thomas Note: Twin, Resided, Chelton, PEI. 55


i Joseph R. Gardiner Note: Resided, Moncton, NB. 55 Joseph married and had 2 sons and 2 daughters.

ii Maria Ann Gardiner b. Feb 26 1831,55 m. (1) ___ 1850,55 James Ramsay, b. Sep 01 1813, (son of Malcolm Ramsay and Catherine Reilly) d. ___ 1865,55 Note: Resided, Chelton, PEI.,55 m. (2) Jacob Wade, b. ___ 1832,55 d. ___ 1917.55 Maria died Mar 05 1907,55 Note: Resided, Chelton, PEI. 55 James: Maria and James had 2 sons and 4 daughters. Jacob: Jacob and Maria had 1 daughter.

iii John Amos Gardiner b. Nov 28 1832,55 Occupation: Farmer., m. (1) Maria Jane Cody, b. ___ 1837,55 d. ___ 1865, Note: D. of Diptheria, m. (2) Wilmena Crawford, b. ___ 1844,55 d. ___ 1921,55 Note: Resided, Chelton, PEI. 55 John died Mar 21 1914,55 Note: Resided, Chelton, PEI. 55 John and Maria Jane had 3 children. They, and Maria died of Diptheria. He and Wilmina had 5 sons and 1 daughter. Maria: Maria was the daughter of Patric Cody of Charlottetown, PEI. Wilmena: Wilmena was the daughter of William and Marianne MacLaine Crawford.

24. iv Matilda Gardiner b. ___ 1835.

v Harriet Gardiner.

vi George BOWDEN Gardiner b. ___ 1841,55 m. Dec 27 1864,55 Ann Eliza Gardiner, b. ___ 1845, Charlottetown, PEI.,55 Note: Resided, Chelton, PEI.> Winnipeg> Minnesota. 55 George Note: Resided, Chelton, PEI.> Winnipeg> Minnesota. Ann: Ann is the daughter of George's cousin, Frederick Gardiner of Charlottetown.

vii Rhodes Gardiner.

viii Sarah Jane Gardiner b. Jun 04 1849, m. Jul 18 1872, Malcolm M'Farlane, b. Feb 21 1832, (son of William M'Farlane and Mary Murray) Reference: MacFarlane, d. Dec 02 1904,73 Interred: North Bedeque Cem., PEI.,72 Note: Resided, Fernwood/Sea Cow Pond Head, PEI. 72 Sarah died Apr 12 1933, Interred: North Bedeque Cem., PEI., Note: Resided, Fernwood, PEI. Malcolm: Malcolm was said to have had 3 sons and 2 daughters.

11. Bowden Gardiner (4.Eunice3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. May 08 1796, Charlottetown Royalty, PEI., Baptised: May 22 1796,67 m. Oct 03 1827, Ann Howatt, b. ___ 1808, Tryon Prince Edward Island, (daughter of Adam Howatt and Eunice Buell) d. ___ 1873, Note: Resided, Cape Traverse, PEI. Bowden died AFT 1864,77 Note: Twin, Resided, Cape Traverse, PEI.


25. i Ann Gardiner.

ii Montague MONTY Gardiner b. ___ 1828,77 m. Martha Ackland, b. ___ 1841,77 d. ___ 1929,77 Note: Resided, Cape Traverse, PEI./Lot 16, PEI. Montague died Nov 03 1904, Lot 16, PEI.,77 Note: Resided, Cape Traverse, PEI./Lot 16, PEI. 77 Montague and Martha had 3 sons and 7 daughters. Martha: Martha was the daughter of Richard and Grace Carver Ackland.

iii Thomas Gardiner b. Jun 13 1830.77

iv Mary Gardiner b. ___ 1838,77 m. Nelson Burns. Mary died ___ 1860.77

v William Gardiner.

vi Matilda Gardiner Occupation: Dressmaker., Note: Resided, Boston, Mas./Cape Traverse, PEI.

vii Sophia Gardiner m. Mr. Brown, Note: Resided, USA. Sophia Note: Resided, USA.

26. viii Thomas Haszard Gardiner b. Aug 17 1853.

ix Grace Gardiner b. ___ 1857,77 m. George Renshaw, Note: Resided, USA. 77 Grace Note: Resided, USA.

x Eunice Gardiner m. Mr. Frame, Note: Resided, USA. 77 Eunice Note: Resided, USA. 77

12. John Rhodes Gardiner (4.Eunice3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Apr 24 1798, Baptised: Feb 13 1799, Occupation: Farmer till 1866.,77 m. (1) May 29 1822, in Rhode Island., Mary Gardiner, b. ___ 1804,77 d. ___ 1830,77 m. (2) Mar 09 1831, Mary Hooper, b. ___ 1802, Bedeque, PEI.,81 (daughter of Major Hooper and Catherine Urquhart) Note: Resided, "Gordon Grove" property. John died Sep 10 1874,77 Interred: Old Prot. Cem., Univ. Ave., Note: Resided, "Gordon Grove", Lower Bedeque, PEI. 77 John purchased the "Gordon Grove" property in 1836. In 1866 he moved to Summerside. John was first married to his first cousin Mary Gardiner (1804- 1830) with whom he had 4 children. After her death, he married Mary.

Children by Mary Gardiner:

i Margaret Julia Gardiner b. Mar 24 1823, "Potosi Grove", North River, PEI.,28 m. John Todd, Note: Resided, Danville, Colorado. 28 Margaret Note: Resided, Danville, Colorado.

ii Charlotte Eliza Gardiner b. Jan 12 1825, "Potosi Grove", North River, PEI.,28 d. Feb 25 1845.28

iii James Alfred Gardiner b. Apr 25 1827, Bedeque, PEI.,28 m. Mary Barnes, b. Boston, Mass. 28 James died Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 28 James attended Oxford University with James C. Pope, and accompanied him to California aboard the Brig "Fanny". James Alfred died at Baton Roughe, Louisiana, during the American Civil War. His three children were brought up at the home of their Gardiner grandparents.

The Voyage of the Fanny

Reprinted from The Island Magazine, Number four, Spring-Summer, 1978 Originally taken from a series of articles in the Evening Patriot beginning September 5, 1894, shortly after Mr. MacCallum's death. This present account contains only exerpts of the account and was edited by Irene L. Rogers. This was the brig that John Huddard Norton and Stephen Bovyer took to California (see JHN's letter to his brother describing the event), in fact you will see them in this article listed among the Company members.

The Voyage

Sometime in the fourties, the Poole Family (formerly millers to the Hon. George Wright at Belmont) went from here to Boston. From thence with many others, they sailed in the ship Brooklyn around Cape Horn, arriving in San Francisco, California, in the summer on 1847. Tow years later, Peter Poole, one of the number, in a letter to his brother in Charlottetown, told of the great discovery of gold up in the hills; how that in eight days, in the mines, he had made eight hundred dollars; and advised him to come out. The letter was eagerly read and re-read, making considerable stir in town and country.

A meeting to consider the matter was called and well attended..... One of the number in attendance was James Peake, Esq., who took a great interest in our welfare. He said he did not blame us for trying to better ourselves, as this was truly a poor man's country, as it had always kept him poor.

He offered to sell us his luckiest and best averaged sailing vessel, the Brig Fanny - built in Charlotte Town by Pippy, over two hundred tons burden, juniper built, Coppered and copper fastened, with two sets of sails, for about 4000 poounds, Island currency.

We then concluded to form a company of fourty, each paying 100 pounds.... Things went on very lively after this. The brig was purchased and laid out at the wharf, then the work of fitting out and loading commenced. Supplies of scantling and other lumber were purchased, besides two large houses framed to take out with us, and the materials necessary to finish them. These were placed on board, as well as a supply of tin for our tinsmiths, iron and coal for our blacksmiths, and the tools required by each tradesman. A five ton cedar - built boat was purchased and placed amidships on blocks, so securely lashed that it never moved during the entire voyage....

The Company of the Brig Fanny


Robert Percival, Wheelright

George Moore, Accountant John Pidwell, Cordwainer

George Owen, Accountant

John Hawkins, Carpenter

Jabez Barnard, Builder

James Millner, Tin Smith

George Moore, Secretary & Treasurer

Artemas Davidson, Blacksmith John Orr, Shipwright Douglas Davidson, do. Malcolm M'Gougan, Seaman Edward Love, Tanner Peter M'Kinnon, Farmer Christopher Smith, Joiner John H. Gates Jr.,Saddler Robert Boyle, Seaman Lauchlin M'Clean, Clerk James Connell, Plasterer James Pope, Ship Builder Barnabas S. Hodgson, Clerk Charles Wright, Miller Edward Buxton, Attorney Edward Moore, Baker George Holman, Butcher William Moore, Clerk Thomas Keating, Tanner William Barrett, Tanner Isaac Rider, Farmer John Putnam, Lime Burner James Hancock, Butcher *Stephen Bovyer, Farmer Thomas Snelgrove, Joiner Theo. Chappel, Surveyor John M'Donald, Saddler of Lumber Richard Smith, Joiner Charles Blatch, Carpenter *John Norton, Farmer William Nankivel, Joiner Stephen M'Callum, Shipwright James Howatt, Miller.


James Gardiner Thomas Poole

Edmund White

Captain: A. Campbell Irving,

Mate: William Smith

2d Mate: Frederick Compton,

All the seamen are natives of the Island.

Note: Above from the Public Archives of Prince Edward Island.

* Can be found in the Norton Database.

Our last meeting was a stormy one. Some of us were not a little surprised at the hot arguments of a stoutly built, light haired man, who thought the rules laid down by the Board of Directors were altogether too strict. We afterwards learned the young man was James C. Pope, of Bedeque.... After our company of fourty was fully made up, a number of applications were made for passages, which we gave to Messrs. White, Gardiner, and Poole. The officers and crew were as follows: - Capt. Irving, First Mate Smith (an old experienced seaman), McKay, and two M'Rae's (able Bodied seamen),, Duncan M'Gougan, and John Sinclair. We had on board, in all fifty men and one dog, and as most of us had either gun or pistol and plenty of ammunition, we were not to be scared by everything that floated around us.

The supplies were purchased and put on board, consisting of a great quantity of very stale, tasteless bread, plenty of beef of an inferior quality, pork, a few potatos, butter, rice, tea, sugar, coffee, and raisins, some flour and meal, two bottles of Brandy (so called), an instrument for drawing teeth, spears to catch dolphins, large shark hook, harpoon, musical instruments (including a tambourine, which Charles Wright, the owner played), books, spt glass, quadrant, chronometer, and barometer.

At Sea

The day and hour were set when we are to be towed out by the steamer. Many of us said goodby to our friends. Masses have been said, and prayers offered up in the churches for our safety..... This memorable afternoon (November 12, 1849), is warm and clear as a summer day. Everything is solomn and impressive. The steamer towed us outside the harbour, and is about to return. Letters are given to be read when out at sea. Final farewells are made, and out friends take their departure by steamer for shore; that good man, John Bovyer, with others, to the last breathing out prayers for the safety of the people and vessel. And now, as I stand on the shore of the past, I cannot but think that their prayers were answered.

We anchored outside the harbour for the night. In the early morning we made sail, and spent the day running down the coast of Nova Scotia. A number of the company were quite sea-sick, as there was a heavy swell. The three of four following days being rough, we spent the most miserable time on the voyage..... As soon as we recovered from the sea-sickness, arrangements were made for dividing the work. Fifteen were able to help work ship; the others were called "rouseabouts", with the exception of Mr. Chappelle, who agreed to take the helm four hours daily. The "rouseabouts" took charge of the galley, cooked, handed out the grub, washed dishes, baked and carried up coal. Everyone did something except Mr. Buxon, our lawyer, who preferred to pay a substitute. He used to hold up a piece of silver between his thumb and finger, offering it to anyone who would do his share of the work. The "rouseabouts" never kept the money waiting long.

We were surprised and delighted at the sudden change the weather had undergone. The water had become so warm, that we had a puncheon filled with water from the sea for bathing..... Almost any fine day, by going down on the martingdale, dolphins might be seen playing around the bows. We caught several, and admired their brilliant colours, which are specially beautiful when the fish is dying. About noon, one bright day, one of the company from aloft spied a large shark, sailing around us. Then we baited the shark-hook with six or eight pounds of pork and made fast the attaching chain to a strong hook, well attached to an iron belay pin. A few fathoms of rope and chain were dropped over the side, and hook and bait dragged a few feet under water. We saw no more of the shark for a few days, and began to think that he had dropped astern, when suddenly, one fine Sunday evening, we were startled by a furious wrenching at the starboard rail, which seemed about to be torn away, the water meanwhile splashing and foaming at a fearful rate. Quickly a block and tackle was made fast to the dragline, and twenty or thirty of us hauled him over the rail, his tail lashing the deck like a sledge hammer. Just as we had cleared up the decks a heavy squall struck us which was regarded by the fearful or thoughful as a judgement for having broken the Sabbath.....

One day our cooks served up for dinner some pieces of a small shark, of whose eating qualities we thought very little. We had a very different opinion of several cans of preserved milk, brought out by Mr. John H. Gates to help make sauce for our Christmas pudding.

As a beautiful ship nears us, we busy ourselves making ready letters to send by her, which we succeed in doing. Birds are plentiful, as usual; and James C. Pope shoots a large black one, which falls into the water..... (Pope), strong and determined, with not a lazy bone in his body, clothed in duck trowsers and shirt, leapt from the deck into the sea, and soon was making for the vessel with the bird in his hand. When within 50 yards of the ship he was seen to drop the bird. Everyone thought this was a bad sign, as he was not a man to abandoon his purpose. Now a rope was thrown over to him, and soon he was on deck, but not a moment too soon, for a large, disappointed shark made his appearance, just where he had come from the water.

The next afternoon, when we were all on the quarter-deck, there was a general cry "oh! look! look!". And there was the first and only albatross we saw while sailing around (to California). In quick time I was down in our quarters and up again on deck with my musket. "Give the gun to Pope, give the gun to Pope," was the cry. "No, the gun is my own and there is no one who can use her better." With the last word, the bird dropped for the water..... Its body was as large as a sheep, its colour mostly white, and its expanded wings measured fifteen feet. We all admired it greatly. THe next day our cooks had the bird roasted, everyone getting a piece which tasted well enough....

Fresh Supplies

(After 40 days spent rounding Cape St. Roque) we held a consultation as to whether, with the help of the rain-water we had caught, we could hold out to get to Rio De Janeiro, where we intended to stop, but we were forced to stop at Bahai.....

Soon after we had cast anchor, a boat came alongside with oranges, pineapples, cocoanuts, and other tropical fruits, which we purchased for goods and money. Here many of us went on shore, where, for the first time we had a good look at the real negro. While passing a beautiful enclosure, one of our party asked a negro to hand him a flower, but he answered by showing how the lash would come around his back. Further on, we came to where several hundred negro women were getting water, which they carried away in crocks on theior heads, some of them having, as an additional burdon, a child strapped on their backs.

That night, Peter McKinnon and I slept in the third story of a large brick building, where we kept the light burning all night, to enable us to see the cockroaches and other creeping things that were trying to get to us. In the morning we allowed the landlord to pay himself out of money we held in our hands, for we could not understand each others language.

(On returning to) our ship, we found all hands very busy getting supplies on board; and hastening preparations to sail; for they had been warned by the British Consul of the great risk we ran by remaining in the Bay, as people were dying by hundreds of Yellow fever....

Rounding Cape Horn

When nearing Cape Horne, we fell in with thousands of birds, something between our shell-duck and the loon, flying over and around us. We were soon on deck trying to shoot them....

When the hour was up, we had birds enough for several dinners. The cooks made them into what we call three decker pies, which made very good eating.

(The first night off Cape Horn) we encountered frightful squalls of wind and hail stones, giving us sore hands mas we reefed the top sails. At one time we were sixty degrees, fifty miles south of the equator, almost despairing of ever getting around the Cape..... One mighty sea after another like great hills came sweeping under us, where here and there could be seen to break, whitening with its foam acres on the surface....

(One morning), a most frighful noise is heard overhaead and all grows dark around us... We get on deck just in time to see a lump of sea strike our starboard bows, crushing in the remainder of our bulwarks, filling up the forecastle and sending sailors like drowning rats on deck.... THe wind had shifted, forming cross seas, the worst our officers had ever seen, they said. Never before did we seem so helpless. So, like a chip in the water, everything around us being on such a tremendous scale, while our ship was partially disabled and our deck load washed overboard.... (We) were thankful to get away from the Cape and its dreadful storms.

In a few weeks time our carpenters were busy dressing up stuff to repair our bulwarks. With fair wind and fine weather, we soon arrived in Valpariso, Here, we stayed for nearly a week to recruit. One morning fifteen of us hired mules and took a drive of fifteen miles out into the country... The greatest wonder we saw on the journey was a ram with three horns - one growing from the centre of the forehead. I was unfortunate in getting the only stubborn mule in the group, and thus got so far behind as to lose sight of my companions, when three riders rode up, made me dismount, looked at the saddle, the mule and his brand, then ordered me to mount again. This I quickly did, his stubborness scared out of him, showed a clean pair of heels. The Spaniards seemed to regret having let us go; for they gave chase, yelling frightfully, and casting their lariots until they sighted out crowd. It was to me one of the wildest rides I ever had...

At Sea Again

As the nights became warmer, we stayed on deck and some even shifted their beds there. Scarcely a night passed now but some of the company were viewing the heavens through their long spy glass, loooking at the Southern Cross and the many stars and planets to be seen in the northern hemisphere.

One of our passengers, Mr. White, who had been sick for some weeks, in spite of the best treatment our Captain could give him, grew worse, so that we were despairing for his life.... In a short time the sufferer died. The body was sewn up in a hammock, heavy irons were attached to his ankles, placed on a plank on a rail, with the Union Jack spread over it, and the Captain, having said the funeral service, it was launched into the deep Pacific, where we could see it shoowing down, down, to a great depth. Our dead companion was a fine looking man, kindly and unassuming.

As we sailed along the coast of Peru, we had a magnificent view of the Andes. The sun shone bright and clear, making every part appear more awfully grand. How straight the snow line; how white the snow; how broad and deep it lay on the mountain top; how wonderful at night to see high up the bright light of the burning peak! Oh, you poor atheists, how I pity you; and what pleasure and comfort I get in seeing God in all his beautiful and wondeful works!

Fair wind and weather make much less to do at sea, giving Satan a chance to find work for idle hands. Among the many pranks played wat the cutting of one of the passenger's hair, all in notches, which disfigured him for many days....

Now, as we near San Francisco, our blacksmith has got to work making knives and picks for those of the company that want them..... Others were making bags of different sizes out of canvas, to hold the gold. Robert Boyle seemed to have the most faith in the diggings, for he made three - two small ones, for the day's work, and one, a strong two bushel bag, to take the gold home to the Island. I saw him in the mines, months afterwards. "Oh!" said he, "But it is so scarce. If could only I fill the day bag itself!"


On the last day at sea... fog was close to us, when the Captain, standing on the quarter-deck shouted out to keep a bright look out for certain Islands, for we ought to be off San Francisco harbour. No sooner said than we saw the islands ahead. And now, what a wonderful sight was to be seen in the Bay - one mighty forest of spars - for there were said to be seven hundred vessels lying there, stripped of their sails; while most of their crews were in the mines.

As we wandered around the town, the scenes we met were new and strange, gambling houses, the depth of the block from street to street, long tables on which there were outer circles of silver dollars, enclosing circles of gold coins, which in turn circled buck-skin bags filled with gold dust, while in the centre were nuggets of shining gold in all sizes and shapes, and "the one thing needed" to win more - the pack of cards. Miners were to be seen, fresh from the mines, placing their hundreds or thousands, as it might be, on one card with the words, "As much more, I go home;lost, and I go back to the mines."

Moved by these and similar sights and by stories from the mines, many of our party became dissatisfied with the restraints of the contract by which they were bound together, and clamoured for the breaking up of the company. This course the directors finally decided to take, though considerable opposition was offered.... One evening our lawyer, Mr. Buxton announced that all releases were ready to be signed. Then, on the quarter-deck of the Fanny, the whole Co. signed a release to each, and every man became his own master, to go where he liked. The ship having been sold, our home was gone....

We heard other stories than those of the California mines, for there was a good deal of excitement in San Francisco at this time over the rich discovery of gold in Australia.... There was a large iron steamer in the Bay ready to take a load of passengers. This counter attraction drew a number away, among the rest, poor Mr. Buxton... He went and we never heard of him more.

The rest of us formed into several small companies, some going to the Northern, and some going to the Southern mines. To the North went J.C. Pope, Malcolm McGougan, and myself; George, Edward, and WIlliam Moore, Laughlin McLean, James Howatt, Edward Love and Theo. Chappell. Having bought out the interests of the rest in the big cedar boat which we had reserved, we put in a large supply of provisions and set out for Stockton. A chart or a map was made, but we laboured under the disadvantage of having to sail at night only, as it was understood that an english bottom would not be allowed to go up the river. During the first night we grounded on a point, when Mr. Chappell jumped out to shore her off. The water took him to the neck; and, from the exposure he took a cough that stayed with him while he was in the mines; but, like Mr. Buxton, he soon left for Australia and was heard of no more. After considerable trouble, we at last got to Stocton. Here we engaged an ox-team to take our luggage up to Nevada, then known as the Northern Mines. At this time it was said that a shop fired in Nevada at sun down could be heard by five thousand men.

We commenced digging holes, such as would be called wells at home, trying to strike gold. Not being successful, we shifted to what was then known as Grass Valley, containing about five acres surrounded by a beautiful grove of pine with a small stream running through it. Here we met an old man working with his rocker, who was said to be making good wages. We went to workin this place but made low wages for California, except one day, when Mr. Pope with his pick and sheath knife worked some thin sheets out of the crevices in the rotten rock....

A few days after this I said I would leave the mines, which I did for a twelvemonth. James Howatt, who had become ill, accompanied me to San Francisco. I had a message to deliver to Charles Wright, to the effect that, unless he could stand wet, cold, and hardship, he ought not go to the mines. He said he would sooner try it rather than stay in San Francisco any longer, where they were dying by the thousands of cholera. I bade him goodbye, directing him where he could find his comrades, and this was the last Islander that ever saw him. Some time after this I heard that twelve died of cholera on board the steamer on her way up, and have little doubt that he was one of the number. I never could learn where they buried those who died on the steamer. So many were dying all around, that very little care was taken to distinguish between the dead.

On one occasion I saw three double mule-wagon teams, with their loads, driving over the soft sands to the place of burial, the drivers cursing and whipping up at a great rate, while the grave diggers kept busily working, digging graves in the sand. They took little trouble to fill them up, saying the drift would soon do the work for them. They hurried the thing through as fast as they could, for the more they hurried, the more money they made. Some little distance from the city, were twelve Indian tents, which before long were reduced to one. It was frightful in the lone hours of the night to hear the howling they made for their dead.


Mr. MacCallum did nor record the balance of the expedition, or give an account of his fellow travellors' return home. They did not find the gold they sought, and eventually most returned to the Island. Three of the number, John Henry Gates, Stephen Bovyer, and George Moore, later held positions of trust with the city of Charlottetown as councilman, surveyor, and treasurer, respectively. That energetic young man, James C. Pope became Premier of the Island.

The few that did not return included Capt. Irving, who died of cholera in California. He left a young Bride-widow, Eliza Clark of Cape Traverse. They had been married only three days before the Fanny sailed.

Edward Buxton, the lawyer who evaded work so expertly on the voyage, was the owner of Winsloe Barton, the estate on the Winsloe Road containing the Island stone cottage designed by architect Isaac Smith. As well as he and Mr. Chappell, at least four others of the Fanny's passengers chose to make their home in the South Pacific. George Owen and James Milner were aboard the Prince Edward when it sailed from Prince Edward Island in 1858 with emmigrants for Aukland, New Zealand.

In a letter to the Halifax Sun (Nov. 21, 1849), a resident of the gold fields said: "If the stories told... relative to the plentitude of gold were only accompanied with the hardships encountered in getting it, not one half of the people would have come here." That may be true. But one wonder how many of those who returned would give up their memories of that trip once it was over. Stephen MacCallum is said to have written this account fourty years after the event, yet it is as fresh and clear as though he had just experienced it.

iv George Henry Gardiner b. May 25 1829, Bedeque, PEI.,28 d. Jul 13 1830.28

Children by Mary Hooper:

v George Henry Gardiner b. Jan 01 1832, Bedeque, PEI.,28 m. Sarah J. Reid, b. Crapaud, PEI.,28 Note: Resided, Bedeque, PEI. George Note: Resided, Bedeque, PEI. George and Sarah had 3 sons and 1 daughter.

27. vi Adelaide Gardiner b. Sep 27 1833.

vii Charles Coulson Gardiner b. Sep 10 1835, Bedeque, PEI.,28 Occupation: Merchant., m. (1) Sep 22 1868,28 Martha Jane Cox, b. ___ 1840, Morrell, PEI.,28 (daughter of J. B. Cox and Unknown) d. ___ 1869,28 m. (2) Nov 25 1873,28 Lucy G. Naroway, b. Pictou, Nova Scotia.,28 m. (3) Minnie J. Palmer, b. ___ 1847,28 (daughter of Edward Palmer and Isabella) Occupation: Talented Vocalist., d. ___ 1923.28 Charles died Jul 26 1924,28 Note: Worked, Bedeque, Summerside, and Charlottetown. Martha: Martha was the daughter of J. B. Cox of Morell, PEI. Minnie: Minnie was the daughter of Edward and Isabella Tremaine Palmer.

viii Mary Sophia Gardiner b. Jul 18 1837, Bedeque, PEI.,28 d. Apr 24 1920,28 Note: Unmarried.

ix Eliza Jane Gardiner b. Aug 03 1839, Bedeque, PEI.,28 m. Oct 14 1864,28 James M. Butcher, b. Feb 07 1838, Charlottetown, PEI., (son of Mark Butcher and Margaret Theodotia Chappell) Note: Resided, Charlottetown/Denver, Colorado. Eliza Note: Resided, Charlottetown/Denver, Colorado. James: James and Eliza moved to Denver, Colorado.

x Catherine Gardiner b. Feb 20 1842, Bedeque, PEI.,28 m. Nov 20 1868,28 J. E. Price, b. Summerside, PEI.,28 Occupation: M.D., Note: Resided, Summerside, PEI/Hartford, Ct. 28 Catherine Note: Resided, Summerside, PEI/Hartford, Ct. 28 J.: Dr. Price and Catherine moved to Hartford, Connecticut.

xi Sarah Charlotte Gardiner b. May 03 1843, Bedeque, PEI.,28 d. Dec 09 1847,28 Note: Resided, Bedeque, PEI.

13. Sarah Sophia Gardiner (4.Eunice3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) (See marriage to number 7.)

14. Mariah Waitsill Gardiner (4.Eunice3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Apr 07 1806, m. Jan 14 1832, Thomas Hooper, b. ___ 1804, Bedeque, PEI.,81 (son of Major Hooper and Catherine Urquhart) Occupation: Tavern Keeper, d. Dec 19 1879,81 Note: Resided, Bedeque, PEI/Birchill, PEI. Mariah died Dec 14 1878,28 Note: Resided, Bedeque, PEI/Birchill, PEI. Thomas: Thomas and Maria moved to Birch Hill in their later years, where they spent their later years. They had 4 sons and 4 daughters.


i Sophia Hooper b. ___ 1834, d. ___ 1834.

ii Catherine Hooper b. Aug 30 1836, m. ___ 1884, in Lot 16, PEI., Archibald Campbell, b. ___ 1832,86 (son of Donald Campbell and Jane M'Gregor).

28. iii Major Gardiner Hooper b. Dec 08 1837.

29. iv Sarah Sophia Hooper b. Nov 08 1838.

v John Gardiner Hooper b. Mar 08 1841, m. Lucendia Howatt, b. Jun 19 1844, North Tryon, PEI.,87 (daughter of Alexander Howatt and Ann C. Clark) d. Jun 11 1914.87 John died Feb 25 1867.85

vi Ann Matilda Hooper b. May 02 1844,85 m. Andrew Campbell. Ann died ___ 1897.

30. vii Charles Haszard Hooper b. Aug 29 1845.

31. viii Colin McClennan Hooper b. Mar 02 1848.

15. Sarah Louisa Haszard (5.William3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. May 20 1800, Lot 49, PEI.,29 Baptised: Oct 02 1800, m. Sep 22 1831, William Cundall, b. England.,18 Occupation: Esq., Note: Resided, Park Corner, Lot 20, PEI. 18 Sarah Note: Resided, Park Corner, Lot 20, PEI. 18


i Henry Cundall Occupation: See note!, Note: Resided, 2 Kent St., Charlottetown, PEI. Henry was a prominent land surveyor and for 6 years was a land surveyor for the Cunard Estates of about 220,000 acres. He was a Capt. of the First Queens Co. Regiment of the Militia, and from 1871-4 was involved in the survey for the PEI Railway. In 1875-6 he conducted cases before the Commisioners appointer in the Land Purchase Act 1875. In 1893, Pres. of the Telephone Co. of PEI. He lived in Cundall Home, which in 1972 reverted to the name Beaconsfield as it was called by James Peake, its builder.-"An Island Refugee"

16. William Jones Haszard (5.William3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Jul 12 1808, Belleview, PEI., Occupation: Carpenter, m. Nov 18 1840, in by W. Cundall, Esq., J.P., Louisa Hayden, b. ___ 1813, d. ___ 1879, Note: Resided, New Zealand (1858)/West Keppoch, PEI. 18 William died ___ 1879,18 Interred: Southport Anglican Cem. (1856-1944) PEI,18 Note: Resided, New Zealand (1858)/West Keppoch, PEI. William, Louisa, and 8 children emigrated to New Zealand on the Prince Edward in 1858. See the note for Robert Clare Haszard, son of James Douglas Haszard, for more information about the emigration. After 18 years, he returned to PEI, to West Keppoch, where he died in 1879. Louisa: Louisa was the second daughter of Mr. Alex Hayden, of Hillsborough River. See P.E.I. Register marriage notice.


32. i William Cundall Haszard b. Dec 19 1849.

33. ii Harriett Clara Haszard.

34. iii Amelia Jane Haszard.

35. iv Alexander James Haszard b. ___ 1850.

36. v Elizabeth Douglas BESSY Haszard.

37. vi Sarah Louisa Haszard.

38. vii Anna Haszard.

39. viii Sydney Fade Haszard.

17. Charles Haszard (5.William3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. ___ 1812,34 Occupation: MLA/Comissioner/Sherrif, m. Nov 28 1843, in by Rev. Dr. Jenkins., Margaret Longworth, b. ___ 1812,34 d. Aug 19 1881, Interred: Southport Anglican Cem. (1856-1944) PEI, Note: Resided, Belleview, PEI. 34 Charles died Jun 04 1862, Interred: Southport Anglican Cem. (1856-1944) PEI,34 Note: Resided, Belleview, PEI. 34 Charles remained on Belleview farm. Ha and Margaret had 4 children. He was an MLA and for 25 years previously had been a magistrate. He was Commisioner of Small Debts, and for a time filled the office of High Sheriff of Queens Co. He, and later his son Charles were known for their skill as veterinarians, and he assisted the people of the County not only with their Livestock, but with the care of the humans, themselves. Page 331, An Island Refugee, by the United Empire Loyalists, 1983; IBSN#0-9691389-0-3 Margaret: Margaret was the fourth daughter of Francis Longworth, Esq.


i Charles Haszard Jr. Occupation: Veterinarian. 34

40. ii Francis Longworth Haszard b. ___ 1849.

18. John Haszard (5.William3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. ___ 1816,34 Occupation: Businessman/J.P. etc., m. (1) Amelia EMMA M'Nutt, b. Aug 28 1823, (daughter of Peter S. M'Nutt and Mary Longworth) Reference: MacNutt/McNutt, Note: Triplet?, m. (2) Jane Davies, (daughter of Nathan Davies and Amelia M'Nutt). John died May 07 1878, Note: Resided, St. Eleanors, PEI. John sailed for Australia fron Halifax in 1853 on the bark Aurora. He retuned about a year later, resumed his business, and did some ship building. He was J.P. for Prince Co., a director for the Summerside Bank, and, when brother, Henry died succeeded him as Surveyor for Shipping for the Province.

Children by Amelia EMMA M'Nutt:

i William Haszard.

Fifth Generation

19. George Thomas Haszard (7.James4, 3.Thomas3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Feb 13 1826, Occupation: Publisher., m. May 14 1850, Margaret Owen, b. Mar 21 1827, (daughter of Thomas Owen and Ann Campbell) d. CIR 1904. George died May 10 1881, Interred: May 12 1881. Royal Gazette. Tuesday, May 21, 1850 - Marriage: At Charlottetown, on Tuesday evening last, by the Rev. Dr. Jenkins, Mr. George T. Haszard, Bookseller and Stationer, eldest son of James D. Haszard, Eqs., Queen's Printer, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Thomas Owen, Esq., Deputy Post Master General of this Island. The Patriot, Tuesday May 10, 1881 - Death: This morning, George T. Haszard, aged 55 years. Funeral from his late residence next Thursday as 2 o'clock.


41. i George HERBERT Owen Haszard b. Jun 01 1851.

42. ii Thomas Walter Douglas Haszard b. Jan 27 1854.

43. iii George ASHLEY Haszard b. May 15 1860.

20. Charles Albert Haszard (7.James4, 3.Thomas3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) m. Amelia Jane Haszard, (daughter of William Jones Haszard and Louisa Hayden) Note: Resided, New Zealand. Charles died Jun 10 1886, Tarawera Volcanic Euruption, N.Z., Note: Resided, Te Wairoa, N.Z. Charles was beleived to be either a brother or half brother of Robert Haszard and came with Robert and cousin William Jones Haszard to N.Z. aboard the Prince Edward. Amelia: Charles, and most of her c hildren died during the euruption of Mt Tarawera in 1886. She and her husband had 3 children who died in infancy, and 4 others, 2 at least who died in the volcanic euruption along with their father in the Te Wairoa schoolhouse. The site of this is now called the Buried Village.


44. i Clara Haszard.

45. ii Ina Jane Haszard b. ___ 1870.

iii Adolphus Haszard d. Jun 10 1886, Tarawera Volcanic Euruption, N.Z. 93

iv Edna Haszard d. Jun 10 1886, Tarawera Volcanic Euruption, N.Z.

v Vera Haszard.

21. Robert Clare Haszard (7.James4, 3.Thomas3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. ___ 1834,93 Occupation: Adventurer/teacher., m. Oct 07 1858, in P.E.I., Moore Hunter Morpeth, (daughter of Henry Douglas Morpeth and Miss Hunter). Robert died ___ 1920,93 Note: Resided, PEI/Mangonui E., New Zealand (Nov 1858).

The following is reprinted from "An Island Refugee" by the Abegweit Branch of the UEL Society, 1983, which is an excellent resource for anyone researching the UEL pioneers of Prince Edward Island.

"Robert Claire, another son of James Douglas Haszard, was a principal organizer of an expedition to New Zealand in Nov 1858. Reports of the favorable New Zealand climate could have been an inducement to emmigrate, also, with decreasing opportunities at home, many Islanders were seeking greener pastures. Land was a major political issue, much of it being in tenures which restricted the access to farming for young Islanders. Thus, many of the more ambitious ones moved to accept the offer made by the recently appointed New Zealand agent in Prince Edward Island of "Land Orders to all Persons of Good Character and Sober Steady Habits who will emmigrate at their own Cost from this Island to Auckland". "Waste land was bought from the Maori by the Crown for the purpose of settlement and each emmigrant over 18 years was to select 40 acres of this land on paying 10 pounds Agent Fee. Children received 20 acres on application from a guardian."

A suitable ship was the first requirement and a brig of 174-tons was being built in Summerside by the shipyard of James C. Pope. She was the 67th ship registered in the Island in 1858 and was named "Prince Edward".

The captain of the "Prince Edward" on its 14,000 mile voyage to New Zealand was Edward Nowlan, the ship's doctor was Dr. A. H. Boswall. They arrived in Aukland via the Cape of Good Hope, May 13 1859, with ninety-eight passengers including children, thirteen of whom were Haszards."

Here is a passenger list of the "Prince Edward", published in the Island Magazine, Number 19, Spring/Summer, 1986, page 37.

Ship's Captain, Nowlan, Edward and Wife Mary Ann Collins

Children Anne, Bridget, Margaret, Mary

Haszard, Robert Haszard, Moore H. Haszard, Charles A. Haszard, William and Wife Louisa Hayden

Children Harriett, Amelia, Alex, Elizabeth,

William Jr., Sarah, Anna, Sydney. Millner, James with family,

Bridget, Anne, Elizabeth, James Jr.,

Augustas, Henry. Morpeth, H.D. Henry Douglas and family

Mary, W.J.(William J.), J.B., Matilda,

Catherine, H., H.D., and T.S. Smith, Henry and Wife Anne (nee Bovyer)

Children Henry Jr., John, Margaret, Catherine,

Isaac, and Anne. Mann, Thomas and family

Caroline, Charles, Eliza, and Edward. Pendergrass, Kate Owen, George W. and family

Annabel, Thomas C., and Charles S. Smith, Mrs. C. and 2 children (poss. EmmaJane and Jane). Oxley, J.P. and family

Elizabeth, John, Dan, Frances, Charlotte

George, Mary, anne, and Margaret. *Rigg, Louisa, James J., John R., Louisa J.

Gregory B., and Evelyn. Ryder, Jonathan and Elizabeth. Stewart, Angus and Margaret. Boswall, A. H., Ship's doctor. Dr. Boswall did not stay

in New Zealand, he returned to P.E.I. ca.

1859. Fennell, Robert. McLean, Neil. Dewar, Annie. Welsh, John. MacGregor, Roderick. Sneeston, Joseph. McLeod, John. McGregor, Alexander. Stewart, Donald B. Webster, Joseph. Auld, Henry. McDermot, Joseph. Paul, John.


On another printed passenger list, a John McDonald, and John Delaney were shown as passengers.

* In the New Zealander, May 14, 1859, a female servant is also listed. This was probably Ann McGammon, who was listed with the family in land documents.

The owner/partners of the vessel were Henry Douglas Morpeth (25 shares), Robert Haszard (20), and James Millner (19). There were no births or deaths on the voyage, but the presence of Dr. Boswall must have been comforting to the passengers.

The passengers settled into the following areas of N.Z. Charles A. and Robert Haszard - Mangonui East H. D. Morpeth - Mangonui East Edward Knowlan, James Millner, and W.J. Haszard - Oruru John Rigg and John Oxley - Waiwera Angus Stewart - Kaiwaka George Owen - Mangapai Thomas Mann - Maungakaramea Henry Smith - Omaha Capt. Edward Nowlan - Oruru

The Prince Edward was bought in 1859 by Capt. William Butler and sailed to Mangouni, where it was outfitted for the whale fishery. In 1864, it was resold to Piggott Bros., Melbourne, Aust., who sailed her in Australian waters. In 1869, under the command of Capt. Pallant, she foundered off West Cape, in the South Island, while carrying a cargo of coal to Timaru.

Half an hour after her crew abandoned ship, she fell over onto her starboard side, and went down, bow first.

Note: Re Robert Claire Haszard, information I have received from Brian Godfrey, Internet: [email protected] may indicate that he married there and had children. A Mary Cameron Haszard, born in 1881, Aukland, New Zealand, father, David Fitzgerald Haszard, possibly a son of Robert, married Kate Morpeth in Aukland in 1880. This will be updated as information is received. - The Prince Edward expedition to New Zealand. Robert and wife Moore later moved to Tanoa on the Otamatea River, where he taught native Maori in a native school. Following retirement, they moved again this time to Waihi ca. 1902. Moore: Moore was names in deference to Sir John Moore who had died in the Battle of Corunna in 1809 and who left no male heirs. She spent much of the trip to N.Z. ill, aboard the Prince Edward. Her father was Henry Douglas Morpeth.


46. i Henry Douglas Morpeth Haszard b. ___ 1862.

47. ii Moore Fenwick Haszard b. ___ 1874.

iii Norman Frederick Haszard Occupation: Surveyor., Note: Resided, N.Z./Africa/Malaya.

iv Maude Haszard m. Frederick Arthur.

48. v Thomas Reginald Haszard b. ___ 1878.

49. vi Katherine KATE Carlotta Haszard b. ___ 1882.

22. John Douglas Gardiner (8.William4, 4.Eunice3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Jun 14 1812,23 m. Marianne King, Note: Resided, Charlottetown, PEI. John Note: Resided, Charlottetown, PEI. 23


i Sarah Anne Gardiner.

23. George Washington Gardiner (8.William4, 4.Eunice3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Dec 01 1830,55 m. ___ 1856,55 Elizabeth Miller Cairns, b. ___ 1834,55 d. ___ 1896,55 Interred: Sherwood Cem., Charlottetown, PEI.,55 Note: Resided, Charlottetown, PEI. 55 George died Jun 01 1876,55 Interred: Sherwood Cem., Charlottetown, PEI.,55 Note: Resided, Charlottetown, PEI. 55


i Almira Gardiner b. Charlottetown, PEI.,55 d. Young., Interred: Sherwood Cem., Charlottetown, PEI. 55

ii Edith Gardiner b. Charlottetown, PEI.,55 d. Young., Interred: Sherwood Cem., Charlottetown, PEI. 55

iii George Washington Gardiner Jr. b. Charlottetown, PEI. 55

iv Jefferson D. Gardiner b. Charlottetown, PEI. 55

v Janie D. Gardiner b. ___ 1871, Charlottetown, PEI., m. Harry L. Hodgson, b. ___ 1879,106 d. ___ 1947, Interred: Malpeque People's Cem., PEI. Janie died ___ 1949,107 Interred: Malpeque People's Cem., PEI.

24. Matilda Gardiner (10.Thomas4, 4.Eunice3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. ___ 1835,55 m. Arthur Lee Owen, b. ___ 1822, (son of George Owen and Helen Montgomery) d. Apr 17 1897,107 Interred: Malpeque People's Cem., PEI., Note: Resided, Hamilton, PEI. Matilda died Jun 05 1904,55 Interred: Malpeque People's Cem., PEI, Note: Resided, Hamilton, PEI. Arthur: Arthur and Flory had no children. He and Matilda had a large family which you will find detailed in Cavendish, Its History, Its People, by Harold H. Simpson , on page 254.


i Ellen Amanda Owen b. Oct 07 1856, Hamilton, PEI., m. Mar 19 1884, John Alfred Marks. Ellen died ___ 1916.

ii Nelson Byron Owen b. Oct 27 1857, Hamilton, PEI., d. Sep 1865, Interred: Malpeque People's Cem., PEI.

iii Catherine Jane Owen b. Aug 13 1859, Hamilton, PEI., m. ___ 1876, Joseph Frederick Warren. Catherine died Aug 03 1890, Interred: Malpeque People's Cem., PEI.

iv George Owen b. Mar 09 1861, Hamilton, PEI., d. Oct 1865, Interred: Malpeque People's Cem., PEI.

v Charlotte (Lottie) Anne Owen b. Jul 20 1862, Hamilton, PEI., m. Nov 25 1891, George H. Easter. Charlotte died Aug 28 1895.

vi William James Owen b. Jun 06 1864, d. Sep 1865, Interred: Malpeque People's Cem., PEI.

vii Barbara Simpson Owen b. Feb 19 1866, Hamilton, PEI., m. John Geddie Montgomery.

viii George Nelson Owen b. Feb 17 1868, Hamilton, PEI., m. Dec 11, Mae Warren, Note: Resided, North River, PEI. George died Oct 25 1943, Note: Resided, North River, PEI.

ix Bradford Dean Owen b. Dec 30 1869, Hamilton, PEI., d. Mar 04 1898, Note: Resided, Boston, Mass.

x Thomas Stewart Owen b. Feb 12 1872, Hamilton, PEI., m. Jul 25 1900, Sarah Ross, Note: Resided, North Bedeque, PEI. Thomas Note: Resided, North Bedeque, PEI.

50. xi Arthur Lee Owen b. Aug 08 1873.

xii Edwin John Owen b. Aug 28 1875, Hamilton, PEI., m. Dec 23 1897, Helen Jones. Edwin died Nov 02 1943.

xiii William Kier Owen b. Jul 08 1877, Note: Married/Resided, California. William was married and resided in Cal. No further information on his wife or offspring.

xiv Nelson Edwin Owen b. Oct 22 1879.

25. Ann Gardiner (11.Bowden4, 4.Eunice3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Cape Traverse, P.E.I., m. Jan 02 1852, in Cape Traverse, PEI., Samuel Howatt, b. ___ 1819, Tryon, PEI., (son of William Angus Howatt and Margaret (Peggy) Leard) Occupation: Farmer/Smith/Mechanic, d. Feb 08 1913, Charlottetown, PEI.,108 Interred: Cape Traverse, PEI., Note: Resided, Lot 26, Bedeque/Cape Traverse, PEI.. Ann Note: Resided, Cape Traverse, PEI. 77


51. i Capt. Thomas James Howatt b. Oct 24 1852.

ii William Arthur Howatt b. Jul 23 1854, Cape Traverse, P.E.I.

iii Elizabeth Howatt b. May 29 1856, Cape Traverse, P.E.I.

iv Cornelius Coleridge Howatt b. Apr 02 1859, Cape Traverse, P.E.I.

26. Thomas Haszard Gardiner (11.Bowden4, 4.Eunice3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Aug 17 1853,77 Occupation: Canner/Farmer., m. Jan 22 1885,77 Alma Jane Guignion, b. Gaspe, PQ.,77 Note: Resided, Cape Traverse/Canoe Cove/Cape Traverse. 77 Thomas died Aug 1925,77 Note: Resided, Cape Traverse/Canoe Cove/Cape Traverse. Thomas had a canning factory on the Cape Traverse Wharf, before he bought a farm in Caoe Traverse. He sold that farm, and bought one at Canoe Cove. After 6 years he sold that farm, and moved back to Cape Traverse, leaving the Canoe Cove to his sons, Muncey and Leonard. He, and his son, Haszard, farmed the Cape Traverse land. Tom and Alma were buried in the Church of Scotland Cem., nearby.


i Muncey Gardiner Occupation: Farmer., Note: Resided, Canoe Cove, PEI. 77

52. ii Leonard Gray Gardiner b. Sep 21 1889.

iii Haszard Gardiner Occupation: Farmer., Note: Resided, Cape Traverse, PEI. 77

iv Frame Gardiner.

v Wilton Gardiner.

27. Adelaide Gardiner (12.John4, 4.Eunice3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Sep 27 1833, Bedeque, PEI.,28 m. Nov 24 1859,28 Charles B. M'Neill, b. ___ 1835,28 Reference: MacNeill, d. ___ 1901,28 Note: Resided, Summerside, PEI. Adelaide died Mar 11 1905, Summerside, PEI.,28 Note: Resided, Summerside, PEI.


i Eva M'Neill.

28. Major Gardiner Hooper (14.Mariah4, 4.Eunice3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Dec 08 1837, Bedeque, PEI., m. Dec 21 1870, in Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa.,85 Pocahontas Millan, b. Jun 15 1844, Lancaster, Shuyler, Missouri.,85 d. Mar 09 1911, Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa. 85 Major died Jan 22 1922, Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa. 85


53. i Harry Franklin Hooper b. Nov 23 1871.

54. ii Tom Millan Hooper b. Mar 03 1876.

iii Stanton Blaine Hooper b. Dec 14 1877, Orleans, Nebraska.,85 m. Dec 03 1903, in Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa.,85 Marie L. Vincent, b. Sep 23 1882, Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa.,85 d. Mar 16 1984, Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa. 85 Stanton died Jan 21 1947, Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa. 85

55. iv L. Kent Hooper b. Jul 27 1881.

29. Sarah Sophia Hooper (14.Mariah4, 4.Eunice3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Nov 08 1838, Bedeque, PEI.,85 Baptised: Nov 27 1844, the North Bedeque Church, PEI., m. Jan 16 1862, in Birch Hill, PEI., Archibald M'Intosh, b. ___ 1830,85 Reference: McIntosh, d. Apr 28 1901, Presbyterian Manse, Cavendish, PEI.. Sarah died ___ 1899.85 Wedding Ann. from Jan 27, 1862 Examiner: " On Thursday, the 16 January, by the Rev. H. B. Swabey at the residence of the father of the bride - Mr. Archibald McIntosh of Lot 14, Commissioner of small debts, Township 13 - to Sophia - eldest (sic) daughter of Mr. Thomas Hooper (and Mrs. Mariah Gardiner Hooper) of Lot 14. Archibald: Archibald was the son of John and Barbara Campbell McIntosh. He served as Commissioner of Small Debts for Lot 13 until 1872. In 1875, he conveyed his land to John Yeo, and moved to Summerside, where he operated a grocery store for many years. He died at the Presbyterian Manse, Cavandish, where his son, Rev. Major McIntosh was minister.


i Laura Legrin M'Intosh b. Nov 23 1862,111 Reference: McIntosh, d. May 16 1918, Fairfield, Maine..111

ii Alexander James M'Intosh b. ___ 1864,111 Reference: McIntosh.

56. iii Alice Mary Maud M'Intosh b. Dec 29 1865.

57. iv Major Hooper M'Intosh b. Aug 12 1868.

30. Charles Haszard Hooper (14.Mariah4, 4.Eunice3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Aug 29 1845, PEI.,85 m. Jan 06 1865, in PEI.,85 Christina Ann Birch, b. Mar 25 1841, Birchhill, PEI.,85 (daughter of Prusia Birch and Margaret Montgomery) d. Apr 14 1928, Schulyer, Colfax, Nebraska. 85 Charles died Feb 14 1920, Schulyer, Colfax, Nebraska.85 Died of Pneumonia.


i Sara Jane Hooper b. Feb 28 1866,85 d. May 06 1873.85

ii Augusta Catherine Hooper b. Mar 20 1868,85 d. Mar 29 1917, Schulyer, Colfax, Nebraska. 85 Died of Breast Cancer.

iii Thomas Percival Hooper b. Feb 27 1870, Birch Hill, PEI.,85 d. 29 Nov 1916.85 Died of General Paralysis of the Insane, Dementing form.

iv Colin Leslie Hooper b. Nov 05 1872,85 d. 21 July 1927, Schulyer, Colfax, Nebraska..

v Ernest Haszard Hooper b. Mar 21 1875, Birch Hill, PEI.,85 Occupation: `, d. 0ct 12 1898, Schulyer, Colfax, Nebraska. Ernest died of Typhoid Fever.

vi Ethel May Hooper b. Apr 27 1879,85 d. Nov 05 1905, Philadelphia, PA. Died of exhaustion and heart faliure.

58. vii Charles Gardiner Hooper b. Dec 09 1883.

viii Edmund Crosby Maxfield Hooper b. Sep 05 1885, Northam, PEI.,85 d. Mar 11 1918.85

31. Colin McClennan Hooper (14.Mariah4, 4.Eunice3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Mar 02 1848,85 m. Nov 30 1867,85 Mary Agnes Conally, b. Mar 27 1850, Windsor, NS.,85 d. Oct 25 1935, Lincoln, Nebraska. 85 Colin died Apr 07 1926, Lincoln, Nebraska. 85


i Hallie Winifred Hooper b. Nov 14 1869, Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa.,85 d. Apr 10 1958, Lincoln, Nebraska. 85

ii Ethelyn Anne Hooper b. Jun 10 1876, PEI.,85 d. Jul 03 1961, Poughkeepsie, NY. 85

iii Frank Bernard Hooper b. Jun 18 1878, Lincoln, Nebraska.,85 d. Jun 30 1959, Poughkeepsie, NY. 85

iv Fanchon Marie Hooper b. Mar 09 1887, Lincoln, Nebraska. 85

32. William Cundall Haszard (16.William4, 5.William3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Dec 19 1849, Prince Edward Island,102 Occupation: Ironmonger., m. ___ 1873, Janet White Senior, b. ___ 1855, d. ___ 1885. William died Aug 20 1900, Thames, N.Z.,102 Note: Resided, New Zealand. Janet: Janet was the daughter of Joseph Senior (1825 - 1904) and Margaret Senior (nee Allison) (1832 - 1884) of Mechanics Bay and Epsom, Auckland, N.Z. Information for this line from the genealogy of R.J. Turner passed along by Ailsa VIVIAN (Bagnall) Haszard, 1997.


i Florence FLORRIE Louise Haszard b. Dec 30 1873, Thames, N.Z.,102 m. William Matthew Felton. Florence died Feb 03 1929, Lower Hutt. N.Z..102 William: William and Florence Louise had no children.

59. ii Ethel Clara Haszard b. Apr 29 1875.

60. iii Alice MAUD Haszard b. Dec 22 1876.

61. iv Ada Josephine Haszard b. Mar 03 1878.

62. v William Alexander Haszard b. Aug 20 1879.

vi Charles Sutherland Haszard b. Jun 07 1881,93 d. Jun 10 1886, Tarawera Volcanic Euruption, N.Z..102 Charles died in the euruption of Mount Tarawera in 1886 at the age of 5.

33. Harriett Clara Haszard (16.William4, 5.William3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) m. (1) Charles Richards, m. (2) Robert Sinclair. Harriett Note: Resided, New Zealand. It isn't known which of the husbands were the father of each child.

Children by Charles Richards:

i Harriett Richards/Sinclair.

ii Renee Richards/Sinclair.

iii Zilla Richards/Sinclair.

34. Amelia Jane Haszard (16.William4, 5.William3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) (See marriage to number 20.)

35. Alexander James Haszard (16.William4, 5.William3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. ___ 1850, m. ___ 1884, Kate Mackey. Alexander died ___ 1928,93 Note: Resided, New Zealand.


i Sydney Haszard d. ___ 1919.93

ii Bertha Haszard m.93 Jack Dyson.

63. iii George Leslie Haszard b. ___ 1887.

iv Miriam Haszard m.93 Ross Bongard. Miriam died ___ 1983.

v Dulcie Haszard Note: Unmarried.

vi Ivy Haszard.

vii Phyllis Haszard m.93 Alan Jamieson.

36. Elizabeth Douglas BESSY Haszard (16.William4, 5.William3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) m. Charles Bell, b. ___ 1830, Down Patrick, County Down, Ireland. Elizabeth Note: Resided, New Zealand. Charles: Charles' parents were Robert and Margaret (Evers) Bell.


64. i Andrew Sinclair Bell b. Dec 17 1879.

ii May Louise Bessie Bell d. ___ 1955, Note: Unmarried., Auckland, N.Z.. May never married, and lived in Auckland.

65. iii Hayden Vernon Bell.

iv Evers Bell m. Unknown. Evers died ___ 1918, Influenza epidemic..115

v Lyndley Murray Bell b. May 09 1883,115 d. Nov 15 1918.115

37. Sarah Louisa Haszard (16.William4, 5.William3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) m. George William Murray. Sarah Note: Resided, New Zealand.


66. i Alice MAUD Haszard b. Dec 22 1876.

38. Anna Haszard (16.William4, 5.William3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) m. Charles William Andrews. Anna Note: Resided, New Zealand.


67. i Ethel Clara Haszard b. Apr 29 1875.

39. Sydney Fade Haszard (16.William4, 5.William3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) m.93 Wynne ?. Sydney Note: Resided, New Zealand.


i Freda Haszard m.93 Alfred Dunnage. Alfred: It is said that Alfred and Freda had no children.

ii Madge Haszard Note: Unmarried. 93

iii Cyril TIM Haszard Note: Unmarried.93

iv Dakins Haszard.

40. Francis Longworth Haszard (17.Charles4, 5.William3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. ___ 1849,34 Occupation: Lawyer, Magistrate, Prem., m. Elizabeth DesBrisay. Francis died ___ 1938. Francis became the 10th premier of Prince Edward Island, from 1980-1911.


68. i Frederick Haszard.

ii John Francis Haszard Occupation: M.D., Note: Resided, Kimberly, B.C.

Sixth Generation

41. George HERBERT Owen Haszard (19.George5, 7.James4, 3.Thomas3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Jun 01 1851, Occupation: Printer/Bookseller, m. Edith S. Moore, Note: Resided, Charlottetown, PEI. George died ___ 1905, Charlottetown, PEI., Note: Resided, Charlottetown, PEI. Continuing his father's profession, George Herbert was a printer and bookseller with the firm of Haszard & Moore in Charlottetown. Edith: Edith is the daughter of the Rev. F. W. Moore.


i Helen Marguerite Haszard b. May 19 1890.117

ii Edith Frederica Elaine Haszard b. May 22 1894.117

42. Thomas Walter Douglas Haszard (19.George5, 7.James4, 3.Thomas3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Jan 27 1854,100 m. Sep 13 1882,100 Annie Wilson Campbell.


i Allan Campbell Haszard b. Jul 08 1883,117 m. Nov 1910,117 Lea M. Davidson.

ii Jean Douglas Haszard b. Jan 02 1885.117

iii Williston Haszard.

69. iv Arthur Alexander Haszard b. Nov 01 1886.

v Marguerite Marcella Haszard b. Sep 03 1891,117 m. Apr 1909,117 Daniel B. Harris.

vi Jessie Haszard b. Oct 29 1895.117

vii Walter Macnair Haszard b. Nov 01 1899.117

43. George ASHLEY Haszard (19.George5, 7.James4, 3.Thomas3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. May 15 1860,117 m. Sarah Bears, b. Murray River, PEI.,117 Note: Resided, Melrose, Mass. George Note: Resided, Melrose, Mass. Goerge Ashlet left P.E.I. in July 1880, moving to Melrose, Mass.


i Minnie Adele Ashley Haszard b. Jan 11 1881,117 d. ___ 1944.117

ii Edith Owen Haszard b. Jun 06 1883,117 d. Jul 18 1884.117

iii Olive Gray Haszard b. Nov 01 1886.117

iv Harry Ashley Haszard b. Sep 04 1888.117

v Grace Fairchild Haszard b. Apr 15 1890,117 d. Sep 29 1890.117

vi May Kathleen Haszard b. May 02 1891,117 m.117 Sidney H. C. Perron, Occupation: Architect.117

vii Frank Kellog Haszard b. Aug 03 1893.117

viii James Douglas Haszard b. Sep 13 1895,117 d. Aug 1896.117

ix Sarah Elizabeth Beatrice Haszard b. Jul 05 1897,117 m.117 Wiltse Hughes?.

44. Clara Haszard (20.Charles5, 7.James4, 3.Thomas3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) m. Frederick FRED Barnett.


70. i Enid Barnett.

71. ii Melville Barnett.

72. iii Morsed Barnett.

73. iv Ivan Barnett.

45. Ina Jane Haszard (20.Charles5, 7.James4, 3.Thomas3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. ___ 1870,93 m.93 Arthur Hobbs. Ina died ___ 1953.93


i Elva Hobbs b. ___ 1900,93 m.93 Tom Shepherd. Tom: Tom was Elva's second husband.

46. Henry Douglas Morpeth Haszard (21.Robert5, 7.James4, 3.Thomas3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. ___ 1862, m. Alice Elizabeth Vaughan, d. ___ 1918. Henry Interred: ___ 1938, Note: Resided, N.Z. Henry also had one other daughter, a P. Connell (married name?).


i Vivian Haszard.

ii Norman Haszard.

iii Vaughan Haszard.

iv Rhona Haszard.

47. Moore Fenwick Haszard (21.Robert5, 7.James4, 3.Thomas3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. ___ 1874, Occupation: Surveyor., m. ___ 1908,119 Muriel Swears. Moore died ___ 1949,119 Note: Resided, Waihi, New Zealand..104 Moore lived most of his life in the mining town of Waihi where he was a surveyor.


74. i Harold HARRY Haszard.

75. ii Moore Francis Haszard b. Nov 03 1911.

iii Noel Haszard d. Age 25, Australia. Noel died of pneumonia in Australia at the age of 25.

76. iv David Haszard b. Mar 08 1917.

77. v Anthony Haszard.

78. vi Clive Haszard.

48. Thomas Reginald Haszard (21.Robert5, 7.James4, 3.Thomas3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. ___ 1878,104 m. Alice, Note: Resided, Waihi, N.Z./Chile. Thomas Note: Resided, Waihi, N.Z./Chile.


i Gerald Robert Haszard.

49. Katherine KATE Carlotta Haszard (21.Robert5, 7.James4, 3.Thomas3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. ___ 1882,104 m.104 Arthur Thomas TOM Kenwick.


i Douglas Haszard Fenwick.

ii Keitha Kenwick.

50. Arthur Lee Owen (24.Matilda5, 10.Thomas4, 4.Eunice3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Aug 08 1873, Hamilton, PEI., m. Sep 16 1902, Annie B. Stewart, b. Jan 31 1881, d. Jan 1950, Note: Resided, Hamilton, PEI. Arthur died Dec 05 1943, Interred: Malpeque People's Cem., PEI., Note: Resided, Hamilton, PEI. Annie: Stewart, Annie B. married 16 Sep 1902, Arthur L. Owen, by Rev. Edwin Smith, B.A. at Hamilton, PEI." - Presbyterian Witness, PW - Sat 20 Sep 1902, Vol LV, 38, page 304.


79. i Stewart Owen b. May 08 1904.

ii Cedrick Edwin Owen b. Feb 15 1906, Hamilton, PEI.,107 m. Mary P. Inglis. Cedrick died Jan 10 1991,107 Interred: Malpeque People's Cem., PEI. Cedrick had no children.

iii Arthur Owen b. Nov 01 1907, Hamilton, PEI., d. Dec 12 1990,107 Interred: Malpeque People's Cem., PEI., Note: Unmarried.

80. iv Allison Fulton Owen b. Jul 01 1909.

81. v Mary Matilda Gardiner Owen b. Jun 22 1911.

82. vi Jean Alice Owen b. Jun 02 1914.

vii John Kier Owen b. Aug 01 1919, d. Feb 19 1941, Service, R.C.A.F. WW II., Interred: Malpeque People's Cem., PEI., Note: Unmarried.

51. Capt. Thomas James Howatt (25.Ann5, 11.Bowden4, 4.Eunice3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Oct 24 1852, Cape Traverse, P.E.I., Baptised: Nov 26 1852, Reference: Cape Traverse, Occupation: Captain, m. (1) Mary Ellen Dawson, b. Feb 23 1853, North Tryon, PEI., (daughter of Thomas Richard Dawson and Ellen Margaret Howatt) d. Jul 1871, Interred: Cape Traverse Ch. of Scotland Cem., PEI.,125 m. (2) Mar 24 1879, in Summerside Prince Edward Island, Elizabeth Campbell Muttart, b. Nov 30 1857, Cape Traverse, P.E.I., (daughter of William Belsher (or Betshe) Muttart and Sarah SALLY Campbell) Reference: Cape Traverse, d. Nov 09 1937, Cape Traverse, P.E.I., Interred: Cape Traverse, P.E.I. Capt. died Jul 30 1943, Cape Traverse, P.E.I., Interred: Cape Traverse, P.E.I.

Children by Mary Ellen Dawson:

83. i Charles Howatt Dawson b. Jul 09 1870.

Children by Elizabeth Campbell Muttart:

84. ii Mary Ellen Howatt b. ___ 1879.

iii Sarah Ann Howatt b. ___ 1880, Cape Traverse, P.E.I., m. Oct 29 1903, in Summerside Prince Edward Island, Stanley D. Allen, b. Cape Tormentine New Brunswick.

85. iv Eliza Jane (Tyzie) Howatt b. Jun 1882.

v Marion Matilda (Tillie) Howatt b. Cape Traverse, P.E.I., m. (1) Apr 28 1902, annulled, George Edward Buxton, b. Nov 28 1872, Stanhope, Prince Edward Island, (son of Charles J. Buxton and Sarah Rodd) Reference: Charlottetown, d. Sep 25 1950, Charlottetown Prince Edward Island, Interred: Charlottetown Prince Edward Island, m. (2) ___ 1910, William F. French, b. ___ 1873, Occupation: Major, Paymaster, d. Jul 29 1929, Old Soldiers Home, Hampton Roads, Va., Note: Resided, Haverhill, Mass..128 Marion died Jan 17 1920, Note: Resided, Haverhill, Mass..128 George: Tillie was his second wife. George's first wife was Mary Jane Webster a widow, his third wife was Minnie Rose Ramsay (1888-1945). Tillie's marriage to him was annulled due to her being underage. William: From a clipping in the posession of Douglas Arthur Dawson, [email protected] "In 1910, Mr. French Miss Matilda M., youngest daughter of Capt. and Mrs. Thomas Howatt, of Prince Edward Island. Her death on Jan 17 1920, was a severe blow to him, from which he never fully recovered......William French served in the Mass. House of Representatives 1915-16. He died in the Soldier's Home, Hamton Roads, Vrirginia." He was a Major during the Spanish American war, and a paymaster in the U. S. Navy appointed by Pres. McKinley.

86. vi Grace Bell Howatt b. Mar 03 1885.

52. Leonard Gray Gardiner (26.Thomas5, 11.Bowden4, 4.Eunice3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Sep 21 1889, Baptised: Jul 14 1890, Occupation: Farmer., m. Aug 19 1914, in Charlottetown, PEI., Hazel E. M'Donald, b. ___ 1897, Nine Mile Creek, PEI., Reference: MacDonald, d. ___ 1929, Note: Resided, Canoe Cove, PEI. Leonard Note: Resided, Canoe Cove, PEI. 77


87. i George Grey Gardiner b. Nov 07 1914.

88. ii Verna Janette Gardiner b. Jun 12 1916.

53. Harry Franklin Hooper (28.Major5, 14.Mariah4, 4.Eunice3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Nov 23 1871, Orleans, Franklin Co., Nebraska.,85 m. Sep 13 1893, in Orleans, Franklin Co., Nebraska.,85 Corda Pate, b. Jul 02 1872, Orleans, Nebraska.,85 d. Mar 12 1952, Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa. 85 Harry died Aug 04 1942, Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois. 85


i James Gerard Hooper b. Feb 09 1903, Dorchester, Nebraska.,85 m. Hazel Wulf, b. Mar 18 1902, Sioux City, Iowa.,85 d. Jan 31 1989, Evergreen Park, Illinois. 85 James died Jan 27 1971, Norfolk, Virginia.,85 Interred: Chariton Cem., Lucas Co., Iowa. 85

54. Tom Millan Hooper (28.Major5, 14.Mariah4, 4.Eunice3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Mar 03 1876, Orleans, Harlan Co., Nebraska.,85 m. Jun 24 1896, in Riverton, Nebraska.,85 Daisy Lucretia Gaskill, b. Jul 01 1880, Riverton, Nebraska.,85 d. Oct 30 1981, Granger, Iowa. 85 Tom died Jun 22 1960, Des Moines, Polk Co., Iowa. 85 Daisy: Daisy was the daughter of Joseph Jr. and Marrietta Reeves.


i Harry Haywood Hooper b. Dec 04 1897, Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa.,85 m. Apr 13 1915, in Creston, Union Co., Iowa.,85 Helen Cora Young, b. Dec 21 1893, Kisksville, Adair Co., Missouri.,85 d. Jan 15 1961, Long Beach, California. 85 Harry died Nov 23 1933, Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa.

ii Helena Hooper b. Nov 30 1901, Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa.,85 m. (1) Feb 07 1921, in Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa.,85 Leslie Shaw Burnett, b. Sep 21 1902, Marion Co., Iowa.,85 d. Nov 10 1944, Iowa City, Iowa.,85 m. (2) Jan 01 1925, in Mercer, Mercer Co., Missouri., Harold Overton Byers, b. Dec 12 1903, Harvard, Wayne Co., Iowa.,85 d. Oct 26 1954, Bloomfield, Davis Co., Iowa. 85 Helena died Feb 03 1997, Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa. 85

iii Lyle Gaskill Hooper b. Sep 17 1906, Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa.,85 d. Aug 25 1908, Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa. 85

iv Mildred Hooper b. Sep 17 1908, Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa.,85 m. (1) Jan 15 1931, in Oskaloosa, Mahaska Co., Iowa.,85 Archibald Duke Doyle, b. Apr 09 1898, Oelwein, Fayette Co., Iowa.,85 d. Nov 02 1978, Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa.,85 m. (2) ___ 1980, in Kansas.,85 Wesley Boten, d. +, Lee's Summitt, Missouri. 85 Mildred died Apr 10 1983, Tulsa, Oklahoma. 85

v Major Calvert Hooper b. Jan 07 1913, Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa.,85 m. (1) Oct 26 1934, in Peoria, Illinois.,85 Carolyn Sollis, m. (2) Sep 09 1935, in Lancaster, Shuyler Co., Missouri.,85 F. Pauline Allen, b. Nov 14 1917, Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa. 85 Major died Apr 24 1961, Burbank, California. 85

vi Tom Millan Jr. Hooper b. Nov 16 1914, Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa.,85 d. Jul 07 1932, Wayne Co., Iowa. 85

vii Robert Hooper b. Jan 13 1916, Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa.,85 m. Jun 22 1934, in Monmouth, Henderson Co., Illinois.,85 Evelyn Pauline Lacey, b. Mar 12 1916, Rock Rapids, Lyon Co., Iowa. 85 Robert died Apr 30 1981, Des Moines, Polk Co., Iowa. 85

55. L. Kent Hooper (28.Major5, 14.Mariah4, 4.Eunice3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Jul 27 1881, Orleans, Franklin Co., Nebraska.,85 m. (1) Nov 16 1910, in Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa.,85 Ethel Law, b. May 25 1885, Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa.,85 d. May 23 1953, Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa.,85 m. (2) Jan 31 1968, in Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa.,85 Alice Williamson. L. Kent died Dec 21 1968, Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa. 85 Ethel: Ethel was the daughter of Henry Law and Nancy Crum.

Children by Ethel Law:

i Louis Kent Hooper b. May 07 1913, Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa.,85 m. Jun 21 1941, in Oak Park, Illinois.,85 Phyllis Huffman, b. Jan 02 1912.85 Louis died Jan 21 1996, Salisbury, North Carolina. 85

ii Henry Gardiner Hooper b. Jan 29 1919, Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa.,85 m. May 14 1947, in Hololulu, Hawaii.,85 Mele Ainoa, b. Dec 08 1917, Hawaii.,85 d. Oct 16 1998, Hawaii. 85

iii Nancy Louise Hooper b. Nov 29 1921, Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa.,85 m. Rodger H. Wilson. Nancy died Jun 21 1987, Visalia, California.

56. Alice Mary Maud M'Intosh (29.Sarah5, 14.Mariah4, 4.Eunice3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Dec 29 1865,111 Reference: McIntosh, m. Jul 17 1889, in PEI.,110 George Gordon Henry, b. ___ 1862,111 d. ___ 1948.111 Alice died Jan 03 1928, Fairfield, Maine.


i Walter William Beer Henry b. Jun 01 1891, Victoria West, PEI.,111 m. Edith May Young, b. Nov 06 1893,111 d. Jun 01 1981. Walter died Oct 17 1970, Maine.

ii Percy Archibald Henry b. Apr 20 1893, Victoria West, PEI.,111 m. Aug 20 1919, in Stirling, Scotland., Margaret Comrie. Percy died Dec 05 1938, Gonic, NH. Percy was living in Gonic, NH., when he died at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital from war wounds. He served in the Canadian Army in France 1914-1919 and was awarded the Military Medal and 1914-15 Star Trio.

iii Harold Gordon Henry b. Sep 26 1894, Victoria West, PEI.,111 d. Jun 07 1916, Fairfield, Maine.

iv Major Hooper Henry b. Oct 29 1896, Victoria West, PEI.,111 m. Ona Mayo, b. Jan 22 1903.111 Major died Dec 13 1938, Maine.

v Edna Winnifred Henry b. Nov 25 1898, Victoria West, PEI.,111 d. Jan 04 1983.

vi Sophia Mildred Henry b. Mar 10 1901, Victoria West, PEI.,111 m. in Rumford, Maine.,111 J. Lee Jay. Sophia died Dec 29 1991.

vii Kenneth Alexander Henry b. Sep 25 1903, Victoria West, PEI.,111 m. in New York.,111 Grace May Peckham. Kenneth died Mar 1986, Florida.

viii Laura Irene Henry b. Dec 30 1905, Victoria West, PEI.,111 m. Douglas William Coker, b. May 26 1902,111 d. Dec 03 1987. Laura died Jul 10 1979, Madison, Maine.

ix Bertha Mabel Henry b. May 10 1908, Victoria West, PEI.,111 m. Nov 04 1926, in Fairfield, Maine.,111 Herman LaForest Brown, b. Mar 23 1902,111 d. Jun 19 1969. Bertha died Dec 31 1995, Winslow, Maine.

57. Major Hooper M'Intosh (29.Sarah5, 14.Mariah4, 4.Eunice3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Aug 12 1868, Port Hill, PEI.,111 Reference: McIntosh, Occupation: Minister., m. Cassie Mabel Simpson, b. Oct 09 1882, Bayview, PEI., (daughter of Jeremia Simpson and Maisy Clark) d. May 23 1969, Halifax, NS. Major died Jan 06 1945, Waverly, Nova Scotia..111 Major was the minister of the Cavendish Presbyterian Church from 1899 - 1903. Cassie was the church organist there, and they married during his tenure there. Marrying the organist was epidemic there - Major was followed by Rev. Ewen MacDonald, who married the then organist, Lucy Maud Montgomery. See Lucy Maud's file for history of their descendants.


i Archibald M'Intosh Reference: McIntosh, m. Mary Copp.

ii Gordon M'Intosh Reference: McIntosh.

iii Douglas M'Intosh Reference: McIntosh, Occupation: Minister., m. Beatrice Drysdale.

iv David M'Intosh Reference: McIntosh, m. Elaine Borden Dickie.

v Allan M'Intosh Reference: McIntosh. Allan married a bride from England.

vi Marjorie M'Intosh Reference: McIntosh, m. Lloyd Cushing.

58. Charles Gardiner Hooper (30.Charles5, 14.Mariah4, 4.Eunice3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Dec 09 1883, Port Hill, PEI.,85 m. Oct 28 1903, in Chambers, Nebraska.,85 Jennie Luella Layne, b. Nov 03 1884, Chambers, Nebraska. 85 Charles died Sep 28 1964, San Jose, Santa Clara, Cal. 85 Died of Congestive Heart Falure.


i Eloise Layne Hooper b. Dec 15 1904, Schuyler, Nebraska.,85 m. Sep 22 1921, in Schuyler, Nebraska.,85 Frank Kracl, b. Feb 06 1889, Bransuza, Moravia, Austria.,85 d. Aug 26 1974, Schulyer, Colfax, Nebraska. Eloise died Mar 28 1996, Lincoln, Lancaster, Nebraska.

ii Reva Elayne Hooper b. Mar 26 1907, Schuyler, Nebraska.,85 m. Apr 19 1936, in San Jose, California.,85 William Raymond Stelling, b. Sep 30 1904,85 d. Apr 27 1977, San Jose, Santa Clara, Cal. Reva died Mar 05 1941, Santa Cruz, California. 85

iii Marcia Margaret Hooper b. May 20 1911, Schuyler, Nebraska.,85 m. May 22 1930, in Council Bluffs, Iowa.,85 Melvin Luther Bowman, b. Aug 08 1907, Smith Co., Kansas.,85 d. Mar 22, 1997, Shawnee, Johnston, Ks. Marcia died Dec 28, 1988, Kansas City, Jackson, Mi.

89. iv La Vay Verleen Hooper b. Oct 28 1921.

59. Ethel Clara Haszard (32.William5, 16.William4, 5.William3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Apr 29 1875, Thames, N.Z.,102 m. Sir Christopher JAMES Parr. Ethel died Nov 04 1933, Remuera, N.Z. 93 Ethel was brought up by Charles William Andrews and wife Anna Maria Haszard Andrews. Anna was Ethel's aunt. Sir: Christopher and Ethel had 7 children.


90. i John Howard Parr b. Jan 28 1897.

91. ii Marjorie Isobel Parr b. ___ 1898.

iii Norman James Parr b. Jan 06 1901, Ponsonby, N.Z., d. Jun 17 1902, Ponsonby, N.Z.

iv Ruth Kathleen Parr b. ___ 1904,131 m.131 Eric Stevens. Ruth died ___ 1958.131

v Christopher Logan Parr b. ___ 1905,131 d. Jul 21 1909, Remuera, N.Z..131

92. vi Marie Elizabeth BETTY Parr b. Aug 17 1910.

93. vii Christine Ethel Parr b. Jan 12 1916.

60. Alice MAUD Haszard (32.William5, 16.William4, 5.William3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Dec 22 1876, Thames, N.Z.,102 m. Henry Watson Airey. Alice died May 06 1939, Auckland, N.Z.. Alice MAUD was brought up by Charles William Andrews and Anna Maria Haszard. Anna was her aunt. Henry: Henry and Maude had 3 children.


94. i George MURRAY Airey b. Sep 22 1901.

ii Noel Watson Airey b. Dec 25 1903, Auckland, N.Z.,132 m.132 Sadie Margaret Mitchelson. Noel died Jan 25 1988, Auckland, N.Z..132

95. iii Winsome Maud Airey b. Oct 07 1910.

61. Ada Josephine Haszard (32.William5, 16.William4, 5.William3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Mar 03 1878, Thames, N.Z.,102 m. Adolph Rufus Collier. Ada died ___ 1926.102 Adolph: Adolph and Ada had 3 children.


96. i May Janett Collier b. Aug 07 1914.

ii Baby Collier b. May 02 1915, Greenlane, N.Z., d. Infancy. Baby Collier lived only a few days.

97. iii Arthur Sinclair Collier b. Mar 20 1916.

62. William Alexander Haszard (32.William5, 16.William4, 5.William3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Aug 20 1879, Thames, N.Z.,102 m. ___ 1918,93 Olive Emily Roberts, Note: Resided, New Zealand. William died Jun 23 1930, Lower Hutt.,102 Note: Resided, New Zealand. William and Olive had 6 children.


98. i Olive Jean Haszard b. Nov 18 1919.

99. ii Charles William Haszard b. Jul 24 1921.

iii Gordon Haszard b. ___ 1923, Gisborne, N.Z.,102 d. ___ 1923, Gisborne, N.Z..102

100. iv Marie Janet Haszard b. Sep 14 1924.

101. v Alexander Cundall Haszard b. Sep 24 1927.

102. vi Hayden Sydney Haszard b. Jun 06 1930.

63. George Leslie Haszard (35.Alexander5, 16.William4, 5.William3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. ___ 1887,93 m.93 Ethel Campbell. George died ___ 1980.93


i Noreen Haszard b. ___ 1922,93 m. ___ 1954,93 Mr. Shorter.

ii Iris Haszard b. ___ 1923,93 m. ___ 1944,93 Mr. Allen.

iii George Haszard b. ___ 1925,93 m. ___ 1949,93 Unknown.

iv Beryl Haszard b. ___ 1927,93 m.93 Mr. Armit.

v Alexander Haszard b. ___ 1930,93 m. ___ 1952,93 Unknown.

64. Andrew Sinclair Bell (36.Elizabeth5, 16.William4, 5.William3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) b. Dec 17 1879,116 m. Mabel Leyland, b. Oct 31 1989,116 d. May 14 1973.115 Andrew died Sep 01 1931, Influenza epidemic..115


103. i Douglas Leyland Bell b. Sep 13 1911.

104. ii Mary Alison Bell b. May 21 1926.

65. Hayden Vernon Bell (36.Elizabeth5, 16.William4, 5.William3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) m. unknown. Hayden married, no further information.


i Murray Bell.

ii Charles Bell.

iii Hayden Bell.

iv Roger Bell.

66. Alice MAUD Haszard (32.William5, 16.William4, 5.William3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) (See marriage to number 60.)

67. Ethel Clara Haszard (32.William5, 16.William4, 5.William3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) (See marriage to number 59.)

68. Frederick Haszard (40.Francis5, 17.Charles4, 5.William3, 2.Thomas2, 1.Jonathan1) Occupation: M.D., m. Unknown, Note: Resided, Kimberly, B.C. Frederick Note: Resided, Kimberly, B.C.


i Geoffrey Haszard m.134 Olga Johanson.

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