The Descendants of John Hickey and Margaret Larkin

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The Descendants of John Hickey and Margaret Larkin

Generation One

1. John Hickey snr, b. 1817. He married Margaret Larkin, b. 1826, d. 1894. John died 1877.


2. i. John Hickey jr b. 19 Mar 1861.

ii. James Hickey.

iii. Robert Hickey.

iv. Henrietta Hickey. She married Peter Crane.

3. v. Mary Ellen Hickey b. Jun 1857.

vi. Anne Hickey.

Generation Two

2. John Hickey jr, b. 19 Mar 1861 in Darnley PEI Canada. He married Mary Eliza Crozier, b. 22 Sep 1859 in Malpeque PEI Canada, (daughter of John Crozier and Barbara Champion) d. 1946 in Darnley PEI Canada, buried: in Malpeque PEI. John died 1946.


4. i. John Robert Hickey b. Sep 1885.

ii. George Hickey, b. 1887. He married Belle Montgomery.

5. iii. Percy Hickey b. 1889.

iv. Annie Hickey, d. in infancy.

v. Barbara Hickey, d. in infancy.

6. vi. James Hickey b. 1890.

vii. Charles Hartwell Hickey, b. 29 Aug 1893 in Darnley. He married Irene Burns. Charles died 18 Oct 1919 in Kentville Sanatorium NS of effects of gassing.

viii. Edward E Hickey, b. Jun 1901. He married Adelaide Stavert.

ix. Laura Mae Hickey, d. in infancy.

x. Margaret Hickey, d. in infancy.

xi. Mary Hickey, d. in infancy.

7. xii. Clarence Hickey b. Sep 1905.

3. Mary Ellen Hickey, b. Jun 1857. She married Adam Glover, married 1877, b. May 1855, (son of James Glover and Ann McDowell) d. 1935. Mary died 1918.


i. James Glover, b. 8 Sep 1882.

8. ii. Annie Cecilia Glover b. 14 Aug 1885.

iii. Margaret C Glover, b. 30 Jan 1887.

iv. Lucy H Glover.

v. Robert W Glover, b. 8 Sep 1891.

vi. Emma Loretta Glover, b. 2 Nov 1893.

vii. Mary E Glover, b. Oct 1895.

viii. John A Glover, b. 4 Dec 1899.

Generation Three

4. John Robert Hickey, b. Sep 1885. He married Hannah Belle Harding, b. 1889, (daughter of John Robert Harding and Mary Ellen Champion) d. 1965. John died 1959.


i. Mary Hickey, b. 1912, d. 1935.

ii. Villah Hickey, b. 1914. She married Russell Clifford Craig, b. Sep 1908, (son of McNeill Alexander Craig and Sadie Crafer). Villah died 1935.

iii. Charlotte Hickey, b. 1917. She married Lester Woodside, b. 1905, (son of Keir Woodside and Mary Craig) d. 1984. Charlotte died 1984.

iv. George A Hickey. He married Elva Emily Bryanton, b. 22 Feb 1926, (daughter of Daniel Bryanton and Catherine Louise Dickieson) d. 13 July 2007.

v. Evelyn Hickey. She married Kenneth Hicks.

vi. Allan Hickey, b. 1923, d. 1964.

5. Percy Hickey, b. 1889. He married Mary Wall, b. Aug 1900, (daughter of Frederick Wall and Jane E McCarthy) d. 1968. Percy died 1981.


i. Fred Hickey. He married Florence Bassett, (daughter of John Bassett and Catherine M Burt).

ii. Dorothy Hickey. She married Eldon Harding, (son of John Robert Harding and Minnie Katherine Beairsto) d. before 2010.

6. James Hickey, b. 1890. He married Annie K Abbott, b. Dec 1892, (daughter of William Thomas Abbott and Lydia A MacLeod) d. 1960. James died 1983.


i. Phyllis Hickey. She married Horace Paynter, (son of George Godfrey Paynter and Barbara Adeline Bernard).

ii. James Hickey (junior). He married Erma Beairsto, b. in South Kildare, (daughter of John Beairsto and Beatrice Arthur) d. 21 March 2011 in Moncton.

iii. Charles Hartwell Hickey. He married Marion Barbara Stewart.

iv. Luella Hickey. She married (1) Gordon Bryanton, b. 1911, (son of James W Bryanton and Sarah Jane Macleod) d. 1984. She married (2) Mr Owen.

v. Myra Hickey. She married William Chadwick.

vi. Elmer Hickey. He married Mary Cousins.

7. Clarence Hickey, b. Sep 1905. He married Hilda Smith.


i. Paul Reginald Hickey, b. 17 Sep 1939 in Darnley PEI. He married Doreen Perry. Paul died 13 Oct 2007 in Summerside PEI.

ii. Gerald Hickey, d. before 2010.

iii. Miriam Hickey, b. 6 Sept 1933 in Darnley PEI. She married John Vernon Johnston, d. before 2010. Miriam died 27 Oct 2010 in Summerside PEI.

iv. Anna Hickey. She married Reuben Doyle. Anna died before Oct 2010.

8. Annie Cecilia Glover, b. 14 Aug 1885. She married Francis Holden Shields, d. in in WW1.


i. Francis G Shields, b. 1911. He married (1) Ruby Jane Elizabeth Champion, married 1937, b. 1915, (daughter of David Otis Champion and Anna Elizabeth Graham).

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