The Descendants of John Acorn, UEL

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Submitted by - Anna Lee Hogan. This family is also being researched by Carol Ann Shiels
and Don Kyle -

There are a number of additional generations of this family to share. Please direct Queries to the email links above!

The Descendants of John Acorn & Eleanor Williams

A file this large always has many contributors, and for any errors in the Jenkins, Judson, Wood, Weatherbie, Burke, Praught, or other collateral lines already posted, I attribute to myself and not to their main researchers, as I have re-researched them myself as far as possible, especially since the first three are also my direct lines. Any question marks in the text I will try to resolve as soon as possible - additions/corrections are very welcome. As the source list runs into 75 pages, I have deleted it but it can be provided upon request. Also because of the file’s size, I limited it to four generations – even so, many people who are living had to be cut out, and many long dead were automatically eliminated. I have forgone writing a biographical sketch on John & Eleanor but may do so in the future; they are already detailed in the book An Island Refuge. Also working this lineage is Carol Ann Shiels,, who is committed to finding the elusive documentation of John’s early life in Maine. I have used his transitional surname to show how Eichorn was anglicized to Acorn during his settlement in PEI.

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN5 EACHORN (MATTHIAS4 EICHORN, MATTHAUS3, MATTEUS2, JERG1)1,2 was born 1761 in Broad Bay, Waldoboro County, Maine3, and died June 19, 1857 in Pownal, Lot 49, PEI4. He married ELEANOR WILLIAMS September 1788 in PEI5, daughter of FREDERICK WILLIAMS and ELEANOR HUNT. She was born 1771 in Westchester County, New York, USA, and died Aft. 1814 in PEI.


Died - At Lot 49, on the 19th ult., after an illness of nine days duration, which he bore with Christian patience and resignation to the Divine will, Mr. John Acorn, in the 96th year of his age. The deceased was born in Broad Bay, Maine, U.S.A., where he joined H.B.M.'s 3rd Reg't. of Rangers and with them emigrated to this Island in the year 1782; and was discharged with good character, which he bore throughout his life. He leaves 14 children, 132 grandchildren, 222 great-grandchildren, and 4 great-great-grandchildren, the most of whom live and cherish his memory with fond affection. The deceased was a member of the Wesleyan Society for upwards of forty years. His end was peace. "Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord." - Islander July 3, 1857

More About JOHN EACHORN: Census: 1798, Lot 49, PEI


2. i. JANE6 ACORN, b. PEI; d. 1871, Lot 63, PEI.

3. ii. SAMUEL ACORN, d. Bef. 1870.

4. iii. MARGARET ACORN, b. November 05, 1790, Vernon River, Lot 50, PEI; d. 1855, Lot 49, PEI.

5. iv. ELEANOR ACORN, b. November 02, 1792, Vernon River, Lot 50, PEI.

6. v. JOHN ACORN, b. June 05, 1794, Vernon River, Lot 50, PEI; d. October 19, 1858, Lot 49, PEI.

7. vi. BRIDGET ANN ACORN, b. February 29, 1796, Pownal, Lot 49, PEI; d. April 01, 1879, Squaw Point, Lot 49, PEI.

8. vii. ELIZABETH ACORN, b. March 25, 1798, Pownal, Lot 49, PEI; d. December 18, 1873.

9. viii. GEORGE ACORN, b. April 07, 1800, Lot 49, PEI; d. 1872, Sturgeon, Lot 61, PEI.

10. ix. JOSEPH WILLIAM ACORN, b. November 25, 1802, Lot 49, PEI; d. December 06, 1873, Lot 48, PEI [Stewart's Mill].

11. x. JAMES GAY ACORN, b. March 30, 1805, Lot 49, PEI; d. 1896, Lot 54, PEI.

12. xi. WILLIAM WILLIAMS ACORN, b. 1806, Lot 49, PEI; d. February 12, 1874, Acorn's Mills, Lot 49, PEI.

13. xii. MARY ANN ACORN, b. Abt. 1811, Lot 49, PEI; d. Aft. 1881, Lot 49, PEI.

14. xiii. BENJAMIN GREY ACORN, b. 1814, Pownal, Lot 49, PEI; d. 1898, Lot 55, PEI.

This file is huge. The First Generation is presented here, and the full four Generation zipped file may be downloaded here:

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