The Reilly/Cameron/McRae/Crawford Data Base

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We wish to thank Jo-Anna for making this very valuable collection of databases available to you via the Island Register.

The PEI Cameron/Crawford/McRae/Reilly Database
Jo-Anna Reilly

The Reilly/Cameron/McRae/Crawford etc. data base consists of information extracted from the PEI Historical Society's new and old master files, church baptism records, Canadian census records from 1841-1861-1881-1891, death records, cemetery headstones, obituary notices, newspaper references and land records. Additional information was obtained from Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormon) microfilm/data base, Cambridge (Mass.) City records, Cambridge City Directories for the period 1860-1920, State of Massachusetts birth/death/ marriage records, U.S. Census records (1880-1900-1920),PEI history books and various family informants.

General Info & Caveat Re: PEI Cameron/Crawford/McRae/Reilly Data Base

The information is by no means complete. And by no means perfect.

Names were entered with variant spellings intact, e.g. Reilly, Riley, Reiley, Ryley, O'Reily, McRea, MacRay, Crofford etc.

Some spouses are cross-referenced by maiden name, and married name: Jessie Cameron who married Hugh Reilly is listed both as JESSIE CAMERON and JESSIE REILLYm. No parents are cross-referenced.

In order to "time frame" them, and enable sorting by date of birth, people from marriage records were arbitrarily taken to be 25 years of age at time of marriage; widows/widowers,40 years of age. Their tentative date of birth was guessed as "abt".

Other dates of birth, interpolated from more substantive information, are designated ABT(about) or BEF(before) or AFT(after). For example, if child #1 was born in 1860 and child #3 was born in 1864,the date of birth of child #2 was designated as ABT 1862. Or if the mother died in 1865, the age of the youngest child is designated as BEF 1865.

Date of birth from census records was taken to be year of the census minus age listed on census records. For example if they are listed as 10 years old on the 1881 census, their date of birth was assigned as 1871.

Files Included:

The information was posted in the following separate data base files:

Note: all the following files are provided in a comma separated database format
which may be read into almost any database program.

14.1841.csv - names from 1841 Canadian census
16.CAMEMAST.csv - Cameron
17.CRAWMAST.csv - Crawford
18.MCRAMAST.csv - McRae
19.REILMAST.csv - Reilly

There are some files which may be helpful for general research:

PEICEMP.csv - list of cemeteries w lot #, county, religious affiliation etc.
PEILOT#P.csv - list of towns w/lot numbers and map co-ordinates
PEILOT#.csv - raw sortable file of above print file

Also included within the .zip file, is PEIBookNew.rtf, which is a series of lineages for the Cameron/Large/MacNeill/McRae/Platts and Reilly families of Prince Edward Island. This file is in RTF format, ready to load into your favorite word processor.

Download the Reilly/Cameron/McRae/Crawford etc. data base in .zip format.

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