Resolutions of the House of Assembly - September 17, 1812

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Resolutions of the House of Assembly
Reference: Acc. 2849 Item 128 PEIPA

Thursday September 17, 1812

Transcribed by Garth Bulman 11 May, 2002

The House of Assembly came to the following Resolutions Resolved

That the representatives in General Assembly are at all times bound to obey the King�s Summons calling them to meet together for the dispatch of business, but at this important moment when the defense of the Colony is committed to their care, such His Majesty�s commands have a peculiar on the obedience of every Representative who regards his allegiance to his Sovereign, his compact with the Constituents, or his duty to the country.


That James Curtis, Lemuel Cambridge, Charles Worrel Fade Goff, George Bernie and Charles Stewart Esquire Having retreated from their duty in the Assembly at a time when the House were about to vote the supplies for the defense of the country, and when it was supposed that a House could not be formed without the attendance of twelve Members and a Speaker, and consequently that the absence of the six defaulters would frustrate and render ineffectual the proceedings of the remaining twelve, and several of those persons having on Tuesday last secreted themselves in Town when the Messenger of the House was sent to require their attendance, the said Mr. Curtis, Cambridge, Worrel, Goff, Bernie and Stewart have been guilty of gross contumacy and failure in their parliamentary duty and a dangerous attack upon the privileges and character of the Honorable House.-


That Mr. Speaker be required forthwith to issue his Warrant for taking those Members into custody, and Bringing them to the Bar of the House.-

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