The Land Conveyance Cathrine to Hugh Jennings 1857

Memorandum of Agreement-Land Conveyance

August 3 1857

Memorandum of agreement made and entered into this third day day of August in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty seven. Between Cathrine Jennings Widow of the late Bernard Jennings of the one part and Hugh Jennings her son of the other part, both of St. Peters Road in Twp 35 in Prince Edward Island.The saide Cathrine Jennings doth for herself her heirs and assigns convey and sign over all Her rights title and interest in and to 48 acres of land situated on the St Peters Road Township and Island aforesaid and during the term of the lease said land together with the marsh owned and occupied by the late Bernard Jennings also one horse cart and farming implements , saving and reserving herself the said Kathrine Jennings during her natural life 10 acres of improved land on the east side of said farm also two stacks of marsh hay. The said Hugh Jennings in consideration of these presents doth for himself his Heirs and assigns agree to cultivate and fence said acres of land yearly and every year to the satisfaction of the said Cathrine Jennings for her use and benefit clear of all charge or expense also to cut and haul said stacks of marsh hay to the barn of the said Catherine Jennings and the said Hugh Jennings to agree to give the use of said horse to go on a journey or otherwise as she may require and the said Catherine Jennings shall have and hold the Dwelling House and stables for her use and benefit now erected on the above named premises and the said Hugh Jennings bind himself to cut and haul firewood to the said cCatherine Jennings off said premises. In witness whereof we the parties our signatures the day and year written.

In the presence of

John Mooney and Elinor Dwyer

Hugh Jennings

Cathrine Jennings-her X mark

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