Petition for Land, Duncan McNaughton - (Charlottetown, 1810)

Petition of Duncan McNaughton for Town Lot 37 & Pasture Lot 133 in Charlotte Town. Jany 16, 1810 [overscribed with 10] (Petitions 1809-1916 Vol 34, No., 10, 1810 (From PARO))

To His Excellency Joseph Frederick Wallet DesBarres, Lieut-Governor and Commander in Chief in and over His Majesty’s Island Prince Edward and its Dependancies [sic] Chancellor and Vice Admiral of the same. Etc—Etc--- Etc---

In Council

The Petition of Duncan MacNaughton humbly sheweth; That petitioner is desireous [sic] of building on and improving Town Lot No 37 in the 5th hundred, and pasture lot No 331 in Charlotte Town Royalty.

Petitioner therefore humbly prays that your Excellency in Council may be pleased to order petitioner a grant of said Town and pasture lot on the usual terms – and petitioner will [last word obscured]

Duncan McNaughton

Jany 18, 1810: Read in Council. License of occupation advised to be granted.

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