Land Transfer of Henry McNeill to Levi McNeill of Lot 4, Prince County

Land Transfer of Henry McNeill to Levi McNeill of Lot 4, Prince County

Dated 31st July AD 1895

Henry McNeill to Levi McNeill

Transfer Registered 3rd day of February AD 1897 at 3:50 O' Clock PM on endorsed certificate D. Montgomery, Registrar.

Know all men by these Presents that I, Henry McNeill, of Lot or Township number four in Prince County in the Province of Prince Edward Island for and in consideration of the sum of one dollar of lawful money of Canada to me in hand this day paid by Levi McNeill of Township and county of aforesaid Farmer the receipt of which I do hereby acknowledge have bargained and sold and by these presents do bargain sell alienate and confirm unto the said Levi McNeill his heirs and anyone all that tract piece or parcel of land situate lying and being on Township number four in the said Island bounded and described as follows that is to say commencing on the north side of the Dock Road at the southeast angle of land owned and occupied by William Matthews thence following William Matthews eastern northeastwardly to the Wells O'Brien Road thence eastwardly along the last mentioned road to Michael O'Brien west line thence following the said last mentioned line south westwardly to the Dock Road thence westwardly to the place of commencement containing

by estimation one hundred acres of land be the Same or little more or less to hold to the use of the said Levi McNeill his heirs and assigns forever and I do hereby relinquish all claim or right whatsoever thereto and do hereby establish and confirm the said Levi McNeill in full possession of the same and do hereby authorize and empower the Commissioner of Public Lands for the said Island to accept him as the purchaser of the fee simple of the said premises to him his heirs or assigns he or they complying with the provisions of the law in that case made and provided as witness my hand and seal this thirty first day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eighty hundred and ninety five.

Henry X McNeill

Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of being first ? Over and explained Mr. R. Leard; Benj Rogers on the second day of February AD 1897 personally appeared before me Hon Benjamine Rogers of Alberton and being sworn testified that he is a Subscribing witness to the withing written deed or writing and that he was present and did see the same duly executed by the grantor therein named. J G Wiggins, Commissioner

NOTE: Henry McNeill and Elizabeth Matthews were Levi's parents. Levi was married to Jane Henderson.

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