The Land Record of Hugh Jennings, Lot 39

No. 531

Dated 16th October 1880
Hugh Jennings and Wife
James Goodfellow
Registered 10th December 1880
at 1:58 O Clock PM
on Oath of Patrick Trainor

This Indenture made this 16th day of October in the year our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty Between Hugh Jennings of Lot or Township number 39 in Kings County in PEI Farmer and Isabelle Jennings his wife of the one part and James Goodfellow of the same place Farmer of the other part.

Witnesseth that for and consideration of the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars of lawful money of Canada to the said Hugh Jennings in hand will and truly be paid by the said James Goodfellow on or immediately before the sealing and deliver of these presents( the receipt whereof he the said Hugh Jennings doth hereby acknowledge and of and from the same and every part part thereof doth acquit, release and discharge to the said James Goodfellow his heirs, executors administrators and assigns forever by these presents he the said Hugh Jennings hath granted released and confirmed and by these presents doth grant release and confirm (and the said Isabelle Jennings doth hereby release all her right of Dower unto the said James Goodfellow his heirs and assigns all that tract? ? and parcel of land situated lying and being on Lot or Township 39 in this said Island bounded and described as follows that is to say commencing at the northwest angle of land in possession of James Quinn on the south side of Suphins?? or Bangor Road and thence running south fifty seven chains fifty links thence west fifteen chains thence north to the said road and thence east along said road to the place of commencement containing an area of 86 acres of land a little more or less.

(There is another rambling section that contains no new information)

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