Cook and others to James Murphy, Power of Atty to Sell

The following is a Power of Attorney Document from the Aaron Island relating to property owned on P.E.I.

Cook and others to James Murphy, Power of Atty. Presented for registry by James Murphy the 6th day of April, Sat. one o'clock in the afternoon. Signed: C. Binns, Dept. of Registry.

Registered at five o'clock in the afternoon of the 6th day of April, 1816 by C. Binns, Dept of Reg.

1335 words - c.73

Context of item;

Know all men by these present that we Catherine Cook, Arran, now only sister and nearest relation in life to the deceased John Cook of Prince Town, Prince Edward Island, North America, and John Cook, farmer in Gormor in the said Island Of Aaran, lawful son and only descendant of the deceased Neil Cook who was brother german to the said John Cook deceased. Considering that we together with the said William Bannatyne for himself and as taking burden upon him for the said Catherine Cook by our Power or Letter of Attorney bearing date the 26th day of April last, in the year 1810, made constituted and appointed James Murphy of Kilpatrick in the said Island of Arran, only son of Donald Murphy and the deceased Isobel Cook, who was sister Germane to the said John Cook deceased, to be our factor and Attorney for us and in our names and for our behoof with certain powers and for the purposes therein espressed as the said Power or Letter of Attorney in itself more fully bears: which Power or Letter of Attorney, I the said Catherine Cook with the special advice and consent of my said husband and I the said William Bannatyne for myself and as taking burden upon me for my said wife, and I the said John Cook do hereby not only approve of and declare still to be in full force strength and effect, but we do also in addition to the power by the said Power or Letter of Attorney vested in the said James Murphy, hereby give grant and commit full power and authority to him to sell and dispose of either privately or by public sale for our behoof such part or parts of the estate of the said John Cook deceased as by law or the will of the defunct may belong to us or either of us or to which we or either of us have or may be found entitled to pursue for; and for that purpose to execute articles ______ or sale, Minutes of sale, and grant all other writs or deeds necessary in favor of the purchaser or purchasers and hereby bind all or either of us in absolute warrant thereof. And we do also hereby give grant and commit full power and authority to the said James Murphy in case he shall find or consider it necessary to substitute and appoint one or more attornies under him which he is hereby as well as by the former power or letter of Attorney empowered to do, to vest in him or them the same power as is hereby and by the said former power or Letter of Attorney vested in himself and generally to do perform and execute all and every deed act, matter and thing whatsoever needful or necessary to done in or about the premises as fully amply and effectually to all present, and which the said James Murphy shall judge proper and expedient promising thereby to allow ratify and confirm all and whatsoever the said James Murphy and his substitute or substitutes shall lawfully do or cause to be done in virtue of these present; And our said Attorney is by acceptance hereof as well as by forsaid former Power or Letter of Attorney bound and obliged to render a just account,, reckoning and payment to us or those empowered by us or either of us of his ____ mission in virtue thereof, and of forsaid former Power or letter of attorney when required after deduction and allowance of all necessary charges and expenses in the management of our said affairs, and in reasonable gratification for his trouble and pains. In witness thereof we have hereunto set our hand and seal at Irvine this 27th day of March in the year 1811 and of the reign of our sovereign Lord, George the Third by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland King Defender of the faith ____the fifty first year.

Catherine X Cook

John X Cook

William X Banatyne

Signed sealed and delivered being first duly stamped agreeable to the laws of the country in presence of

Rich'd Reid, Not. Pub., Irvine
Matthew K. Reid, Weaver, Irvine

The before named Richard Reid and Matthew K. Reid the subscribing witnesses to the execution of the foregoring power of attorney by the said Catherine Cook, John Cook and William Bannatyne, being solemly sworn examined and interrogated upon oath, make oath and say that they were present and did see the said Catherine Cook, John Cook and William Bannatyne sign seal execute and of their own act and deed deliver sworn before me this 29th day of March in the year 1811.

Matthew K. Reid.
Rob't Montgomerie J.P.

To all Sundry to whose knowledge these present shall come I Robert Montogomerie Esquire on of the present Bailies of the Burg of Irvine, and chief residing magistrate of the Burgh of Irvine in that part of Great Britain called Scotland D-6 (?) hereby certify and attest that the above written affidavit and make oath and deposed that the several matters facts and things mentioned and contained in the before written affidavit and truth.

In faith and testimony of the Premised I have ordered the seal of the said Burgh to be hereunto appended this 29th day of March, 1811.

Robert Montogomerie - Magistrate.

Sig, Comonisne (?)
Burgi ke Irvine

Note: This is a copy of a document given to me by Beverly Murphy of Charlottetown, P.E.I. I have not viewed the original document myself.

Cheryl Cox

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