Sale of Property: Winckworth Allen to Leonard Wisener, Aug 2, 1790

Sale of Property in Charlottetown of William Allen by his son Winckworth Allen to Leonard Wisener

Note: Leonard Wisner's Birth and Death dates were 1754-1793 and he was a resident of Charlottetown.

Know all men by these present that I Winckworth Allen Esquire of Halifax in the Province of Nova Scotia For and in consideration of the sum of Forty pounds Lawful money or Currency of the Province of Nova Scotia aforesaid to me in hand well and truly paid by Leonard Wisner of Charlotte Town in the Island of Saint John Blacksmith the Receipt of which said sum I do hereby confess and acknowledge I the said Winckworth Allen as well as in my own Right as likewise being one of the Executors of the last Will and Testament of my Father William Allen of Halifax in the Province of Nova Scotia aforesaid deceased and by virtue of all other Rights powers and Authorities enabling me hereto Hath granted Released Confirm aliened Conveyed Transferred Assigned and Set over. And by these presents Doth grant release confirm alien Convey Transfer Assign and set over unto the said Leonard Wisener his Heirs Executors Administrators and Assigns all the Right Title Interest and Estate of the within named William Allan and his Heirs or Assignsof in and to the within mentioned Messuage Tenement several tracts pieces or parcels of Ground Land or Town and Pasture Lots Hereditament and all and singular other the premises within mentioned with the appertenances unto the said Leonard Wisenor his Heir and Assigns forever To hold to the said Leonard Wisenor his Heirs and Assigns all privileges and profits Advantages and Enrolments Forever in as full and ample a manner in every particular and Respect as the same is or ought to be conveyed by the within written Deed or Instruments to the within named William Allen his heirs and Assigns. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the Thirteenth day of July in the year of our Lord One thousand Seven hundred and Ninety.

Sealed and delivered in the presence of

David Ross

Winckworth Allan (L.S.)

Robít Fox

Received the day and year above written of and from the above named Leonard Wisenor the above sum of Forty pounds Currency being the Consideration money above mentions to have been paid I say Received.


David Ross

Winckworth Allan


Robít Fox


David Ross of Charlottetown in the Island of Saint John -----

Gentleman maketh Oath that he the Deponent was present did see Winckworth Allan of Halifax in the Province of Nova Scotia Esquire duly Sign Seal and as his Act and Deed deliver the above Written Assignment and also sign his name to the Receipt for the Consideration money thereunder and above written and that the name Winckworth Allan severally and respectfully set and subscribe to the said Assignment and to the said Receipt thereunder written as the party executing and signing the same as of the proper hand Writing and signing of the said Winckworth Allan and that the names David Ross and Robert Fox signed as Witnesses to the Assignment and Receipt are of the proper hand writing and signing of the said Robert Fox and Deponent. Deponent further saith that he Delivered this Deed with its Indorsations for the purpose of having the above Assignment and Receipt likewise this Affidavit Registered to Ben Grosvenor Gent. D Register this second day of August 1790 at or near the hour of three oíclock after noon of the said day.

Sworn before the 2nd of August 1790

Benjm. Grosvenor

David Ross

For Colonel Desbrisay Regt


Source RG 16 Series 1769-1872 Land Conveyance Liber 2, Folio 214
Public Archives of Prince Edward Island

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