The Land Record of Maggie Henry, Georgetown




No. 184

Dated 3rd April A. D. 1893

Angus McDonald to Maggie Henry Conveyance

Registered 4th April A. D. 1893

at 1:00 o'clock P. M.

on endorsed certificate

This Indenture made the third day of April in the the year of our Lord one Thousand eight hundred and ninety-three; between Angus McDonald of Georgetown in Kings County, Prince Edward Island Labourer and Kate McDonald his wife of the one part and Maggie Henry of Georgetown aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of One hundred and fifty dollars of lawful money of Canada to the said Angus McDonald in hand well and truly paid by the said Maggie Henry aforementioned before the
sealing and delivery of these presents the receipt whereof he the said Angus doth hereby acknowledge ? of and from the same and every part thereof doth acquit release and discharge the said Maggie Henry her heirs executors administrators and assigns forever by these presents. He the said Angus McDonald Hath granted released and confirmed and by these presents Doth grant release and confirm and the said Katie McDonald doth herself release her right of Dower unto the said Maggie henry her heirs and assigns forever all that tract and parcel of land situate and being part of the Lot number fourteen in the third Range Letter C of those Lots in Georgetown in Kings County bounded and described as follows that is to say: Commencing at the north East corner of the property owned and possessed by James Burke thence running East along Richmond Street twenty-five? feet to the boundary of the property owned and in possession of the heirs of Thomas McAvoy? deceased and thence running south along said boundary eighty feet thence west twenty-five feet to the line of the property owned by James Burke aforesaid thence running ? north eighty feet to the place of Commencement containing two thousand square feet of land a little more or less.

Together with all and every the rights and privileges easements and advantages and appurtenances whatsoever to the said hereditaments belonging or in any way appertaining or thereunto or herebefore holden used occupied or enjoyed To Have and To Hold the said Messuages and tenements land and hereditaments and all and singular or other the premises hereinbefore granted appointed? and released or expressed and intended so to be with their appurtenances, and to the use of the said Maggie Henry her heirs and assigns forever Subject nevertheless to the Quit Rents to become due exceptions reservations covenants and conditions in the original grants or letters patent of the said premises reserved and contained? herein and the said Angus McDonald doth hereby for himself his heirs executors and Administrators covenant promise and agree with and to the said Maggie Henry her heirs and assigns in manner and form following that is to say that it shall and may be Lawful to and for the said Maggie Henry her heirs and assigns from time to time and at all times hereafter peaceably and quietly to enter into and upon and to have hold occupy possess and enjoy the said Messuages lands and ? hereafter before granted and released or expressed or intended so to be with the appurtenances and lets? the Rents ? and profits thereof and of every part thereof to and for his and their proper use and benefit without ? the Lawful Let? Suit? trouble? demand ? interruptions claim or demand whatsoever of or by any him the said Angus McDonald his Heirs or assigns or for or by any other person Lawfully or equitable claiming or to claim by from or under or in trusts for him them or any of them.

In Witness whereof the said parties to these presents have hereunto their hands and Seals Subscribed and Set on the day and year first within written

Signed sealed and delivered by the said Angus McDonald and Kate McDonald in the presence of me being here first read ? and explained and the said McDonald signing by his mark

D. A. McKinnon

Angus X McDonald
Katy McDonald


Received on the day of the date of the within written Indenture of and from Maggie Henry within named the sum of One hundred and fifty dollars of lawful current money of Canada being the full consideration money within mentioned to be paid.

Angus X McDonald

Witness to his
mark being first read
and explained

D. A. McKinnon

This Deed was acknowledged before me by Kate McDonald wife of Angus McDonald therein named apart from her husband to have been voluntarily executed by her and that she was aware of the nature of the contents thereof.

Dated this 6th day of April A. D. 1893

D. A. McKinnon
Notary Public

On the sixth day of April A. D. 1893 personally appeared before me Angus McDonald of Georgetown in Kings County Prince Edward Island labourer and Kate McDonald of the same place his wife and personally acknowledged that they and each of them did freely and voluntarily execute the within written Deed or paper writings to and for the use and purpose therein mentioned.

D. A. McKinnon
Kings County for taking acknowledgements of Deeds

NOTE: Maggie Henry, nee MacKinnon was the second wife of Thomas Henry of Georgetown.

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