The 999 Year Lease of Malcolm Blue (1799 - 1874, Little Sands, Lot 62)

The 999 Year Lease of Malcolm Blue (1799 - 1874, Little Sands, Lot 62)

Earl of Selkirk (Ex.ord of)
To Malcolm Blue
lease for 999 years of 100 acres on Lot 62
Registered the 16th Day of
May 1834 at or about the hour
of 1/2 past 12 o'clock on the
oath of Robt. Stewart a subscribing
John P. Hanks

This indenture made the third day of March in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand eight hundred and twenty nine Between Andrew Colville of Achiltrie and Crommie in the County of Fife and of Leadenhall Street in the City of London Esquire Adam Maitland of Dundrennan in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright in Scotland.Esquire John Hallbrith of Waring in the County of Surrey Esquire and Lic. James Montgomery Baronet of Stobo Castle in the County of Perth Trustry appointed by the Last Will and Testamony of the Right Honourable Thomas Earl of Selkirk deceased and Executors thereof by William Forgan of Prince Edward Island Esquirestheir attorney lawfully constituted and appointed adheris of the mentioned of the one part and Malcolm Blue of the Lot or Township number Sixty two in the said Island of the other ........ WITNESSETH that for and in consideration of the yearly rent covenents and provisos hereinafter mentioned reserved and contains in the part and behalf of the said Malcolm Blue his exors advisors and for James Montgomery trustees and executors as aforesaid these h...,, or a .....of or by any persons lawfully claiming or to claim the said thereby d.....p.......or any parcel thereof IN WITNESS whereof the above named William Forgan hath hereto let the hand stand affixed to the seals of the said Andrew Coville Adam Maitland John Halbrith and Sir James Montgomery Trustees and Executors aforesaid by the virtue of a Power of Attorney for that purpose only executed and registered and the said Malcolm Blue hath hereto in his hand and seal the day and year first above written://:

Andrew Colville by Wm.Forgan his atty
Adam Maitland by Wm Forgan atty
John Halbritt by Wm Forgan his atty
James Montgomery by Wm Forgan his Atty

Sealed and delivered in the presence of Rob't. Stewart

Malcolm Blue

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