Sale of Land to Patrick Ryan (Lot 52, 1866)

Date 29 August - 1866
Patrick Casey
Patrick Ryan
Registered 25 April 1867
at Ten O'Clock
AM on
the annexed Certificate
R.H. Crawford, Registrar

Memorandum of Agreement made and entered into this 29th day of August in the year of our Lord 1866 Between Patrick Casey on the one part and Patrick Ryan on the other part.

Witnesseth that the said Patrick Casey doth hereby for himself, his heirs sell convey and assign all his right title and interest in and to fifty acres of land, a little more or less part of Township No. 52, Kings County bounded as follows:

viz West by Edward Redmonds land on the East by William Knolans land five chains front angling on the Saint Peter's road and extending one hundred chains North to be held by the said Patrick Ryan and his heirs forever together with improvements, buildings and every advantage to the same belonging with the exception of the boards on the house which Casey is to take away.

In consideration of which the said Patrick Ryan his heirs and assignsone hundred and sixty teo pounds ten shillings lawful money of Prince Edward Island payable in five different instalments as follows:

viz thirty pounds on the 30th day of November every succeeding year until the whole L162.10 are paid.

In Witness both parties sign their names and seal the day and date above written.

Patrick (his X mark) Casey
Patrick (his X mark) Ryan

Witness Chs. Stewart

I am quite agreeable and concur in the above agreement
Elizabeth (her X mark) Casey

On the first day of April 1867 personally appeared before me Charles Stewart of Lot 52 and being sworn testified that he he is a subscribing witness to the written deed or ???ing and that he was present and did see the same duly signed by the Grantor therein received.

E Thornton - Commissioner

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