The Loyal Electors - Extract from Political Club Journal, 1810

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Submitted by Garth Bulman - [email protected]

Extract from the Journal of the Charlotte Town corresponding Political Club held at Bagnalls.
Reference: Acc. 2849 Item 135 PEIPA

Transcribed by Garth Bulman 25 May, 2002

"At a monthly meeting held the 5th March 1811 Mr. Palmer moved that a secret Committee be appointed to meet occasionally to forward the objects of this Society and report their proceedings on the next monthly night which being seconded by Mr. LePage was put from the chair and carried ? + Recorder; Mr. LePage Junior. Mr. James Bagnall, Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Dockendorf were accordingly appointed.

An address was then read to the Governor praying him to call and dissolve the House of Assembly;

Ordered to be on the table.

Resolved that John Frederick Holland Esq. has in a most wanton unprovoked and ignorant manner grossly calumniated this society as a disloyal and dangerous association of persons, and has by his late conduct forfeited the confidence of this Society, and become totally unworthy of the support thereof on any occasion whatsoever.

At a meeting held the 4th Dec., 1810 Mr. Thos Robinson was proposed by Mr. Saml Nelson to be Sheriff which was seconded by Mr. Roubel and the motion being put was unanimously carried."

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