The Land Record of James Smith, Lot 35, 1864

Sale of land by James Smith to James Sauder 1864 - portion of 260 parcel

This Indenture made this twenty seventh day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty four Between James Smith of Township Number Thirty three in Prince Edward Island, Farmer, of the one part and James Sauder, Farmer of the same place, of the other part M… John Hodges Winsloe, late of ..…in England deceased, did in his life time by Indenture of Lease ….duly executed dated the twenty fifth day of February one thousand eight hundred and thirty five for the consideration therein mentioned…. And lease … William Smith, father of the said James Smith, a certain tract of land situated on the said Township and Township …Twenty four containing two hundred and sixty four acres of land, a little more or less to hold … the said William Smith, his executors, advisers,…and … from the first day of October last past for the term of nine hundred and ninety nine years Subject to the …and agreements therein reserved and contained as our reference to the said Indenture of Lease will ore fully appear . And whereas the said William Smith has since died and by his last will and testament lawfully cause and executed did give and bequest Sixty four acres on the Winsloe Road there in the occupation of the said William Smith (and part of the before named trust of two hundred and sixty four acres) unto the said James Smith. Now this Indenture…that the said James Smith, for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred and twenty seven pounds ten shillings, current money of the said Island to...paid by the said James Sauder, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, Hath granted bargained, sold, assigned, transferred, and set over …by these presents doth grant bargain, sell, assign, transfer, and set over unto the said James Sauder, his executor, advisors…and assigns ALL that part of the said herein before described tract of sixty four acres bounded as follows, that is to say, commencing on the west side of the Winsloe Road in the Northeast angle of land in the occupation of George Hooper, formerly William Cole, and receiving(?) thereabout eight chains and fifty links or thereabouts to a piece of land held by the said James Smith to …Hooper, thence North Three chains or thereabouts to the Northeast angle thereof, thence West to land in the occupation of Henry Chandler, hence North to James (?) , south boundary line, thence East to the Winsloe Road aforesaid, and thence along the …South…chains and fifty links or thereabouts to the … of commencement, containing fifty acres, a little more or less together with the appurtenances thereto belonging To have and To hold the said tract of fifty acres with …buildings and appurtenances …the said James Sauder, his executors, administrators and assigns for and during …………

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