The Indenturess of Thomas Gillian/Lawrence Kinch, Central Kildare

Documents regarding the farm shown in Meacham's Atlas of 1880 in Central Kildare at the intersection of the then called O'Rourke Rd. and the road toward Kildare Cape. These leases have been summarized by Tom O'Connor - the full text of each is not included. This property was listed as 50 acres, Mrs Kinch with small corner as J. R. Wood with a forge .

Content of Indenture March 2,1847 summarized Lease of 50 acres on Lot 3 by Mary Travis (widow) to Thomas Gillion Bounded on the North by Thomas Wade on the South by land leased to Matthew Cahill on the East by unoccupied land on the west by land at present occupied by Neal Ahearn.

The rent was One Shilling current money of this Island per acre for each year of lease to be paid on the First of May each year. First payment due the First of May 1848.

Signed by Mary Ann Travis and Thomas Gillion.

On one side of the original 1847 indenture of Mary Ann Travis to Thomas Gillion the following notation is made;

I hereby surrender the within written indenture of lease to the Comm. of Crown and Public Lands on my _____________ of the within described land and premises and I hereby authorize and empower the Comm. of Public Records of public records to [inform ?] a deed of the within described Fifty acres of [2 acres ?] to James Woods also 3 1/2 acres to Chas. Cannon.


[OCanty ?]

His [sic]


Catherine X. Kinch

Nov. 20th 1879


Also on one side of the above:

No. 6

Mrs. Lawrence Kinch


James Ward [Woods?]

1 [acre]

Charles Cannon

3 1/2 [acre]



On a separate document this farm was transferred in 1847 to Lawrence Kinch, formerly of Lot 4 now of Lot 3.

Transfer of the same Central Kildare property from Thomas Gillion to Lawrence Kinch. [That Fall?] This casts into doubt the story told by Marie (Wade) Wilkie that when Lawrence drowned in the Kildare River his widow Catherine nee Dalton exchanged their farm at the River for the one in Central Kildare. He was supposed to have run a ferry across the Kildare River.

Know about all men by the those present that I Thomas Gillian Doth transfer and deliver unto Lawrence Kinch formerly of Lot 4 and now of Lot 3 all my rights titles interests in, claim in and to the within mentioned farm containing 50 acres of land more or less and to lease the said 50 acres of Land more or less unto the said Lawrence Kinch his heirs and assigns for and during the [sameperiod?] of the within lease and subject to condition thereon contained dated at Lot 3 to the 1st September [probably 1847]


James Broderick
Thomas Gillian


Lawrence (X) Kinch


Note at bottom;

Agreement with
Mary Travis
Rent due 1st of May 1848

Later Lawrence leased the following. I wonder if this was the farm that his father and Bridget Aylward had. Note the note written under the signature; (son of Will Kinch's)

Lease for Lawrence Kinch Farm on Lot 4 near Kildare River.

This indenture a made the 25th day of August 1860 between Edward Cunard, late of Halifax in the Province of Nova Scotia, now residing in the City of New York, United Sates, by George Wastie Deblois of Charlottetown Prince Edward Island, his Attorney his etc. ... of the one part and Lawrence Kinch of Prince County, Prince Edward Island. Lease granted to Lawrence Kinch his heirs etc. for property on Lot 4 described.etc ....

By a line commencing at a square post on the East Bank of the Kildare River and running thereon by the Magnetic Meridian of 176.4 East forty chains thence South thirty eight chains to the bank of the Kildare River aforesaid and thence along the same to place of commencement the said land being more particularly delineated and described on the planned thereof in the margin of th_?_ pr__?__ and on the Plan of said Township containing One hundred (100) acres.

Lease from the 25th of March past for nine hundred and ninetynine (999) years. The yearly rent or Sum of 22 pounds and five pence the currency for the first year of said term and yearly rent or sum of One Shilling.

Sterling per acre during residual of the said term.

Yearly payments on the 25th of March and
signed by Geo Deblois for
Edward Cunard]

Lawrence (X) Kinch
(son of William Kinch) [sic]

Yearly payments on the 25th of March and
signed by Geo Deblois for
Edward Cunard ]

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