The Lease of William Lowe Sr. (1781-1840, Lot 23)

After arrival on Prince Edward Island, William Lowe Sr., by making his mark, entered into a lease with David Stewart Rennie for land as follows:

"COMMENCING at a stake fixed on the East side of the road leading from Charlotte Town to New Glasgow at the northern boundary of land leased to Richard Murphy thence running north sixty four degrees east to the Division line between Lots in Townships twenty three and twenty four, thence North along said line to the southern Boundary of Land leased to Adolphus King south sixty four degrees West to the said Road, thence along said Road to the place of beginning having a front of seven chains on said Road containing by estimation twenty-six acres, more or less, together with all Buildings, Woods, Underwoods, Ways, Waters, Watercourses, Profits Commodities and Appurtenances."

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