The Loyal Electors - Memorial of William Roubel, 29 June 1812

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Submitted by Garth Bulman - [email protected]

Memorial of William Roubel Re "The Loyal Electors" 29 June, 1812

Praying copy of Affidavit of Richard Yates

Reference: Acc. 2849 Item 133 PEIPA
Transcribed by Garth Bulman 5 May 2002

To His Excellency Joseph Frederick Wallet DesBarres Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief in Andover His Majesty�s Island Prince Edward and its Dependencies.

In Council

The Memorial of William Roubel of Charlotte Town Esquire

Humbly sheweth that Memoralist hath understood from general report that a person of the name of Richard Yates Agent and Clerk to John Hill Co. Merchants in London, hath made an affidavit and swore examinations which were filed at the Council Board, containing charges of a most false, flagrant and slanderous nature against your Memorialist and sundry persons Members of the Society of Loyal Electors, and among other charges that a motion was made in the said Society for the appointment of a Secret Committee and that the same was written down by Memorialist as the Secretary of said Society.-

That such charge if the same has been actually made on oath, is a direct perjury as your Memorialist doubts not he can fully substantiate, and as Memorialist has now waited upwards of one year with patience and forbearance during which time no prosecution hath been commenced in consequence of the said charge, and as the purport of such affidavit and examinations and sundry others which Memorialist understands to have been made at the same time have been industriously and maliciously circulated not only throughout this Colony but through several parts of Great Britain, Nova Scotia and other of His Majesty�s Dominions to the infinite prejudice of Memorialist�s character. Memorialist is determined, if he shall be permitted to do in a legal way to commence a prosecution at the next sitting of His Majesty�s Supreme Court of Judicature against the said Richard Yates for willful and corrupt perjury in the said affidavit and examinations

Memorialist therefore humbly prays that your Excellency in Council will be pleased to order that the proper officer shall furnish Memorialist with a copy of said affidavit and examinations as in such cases as usual for the before mentioned purpose and your Memorialist will pray ?e?.

Will Roubel

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