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The primary branches of my research include:

The Descendants of Samuel Leard - Register Chart of first 3 Generations!

The Descendants of John Rose - Register Chart of first 6 Generations!

Other branches being researched include the lines below. Those in colour have lineages linked, please inquire about those not linked at the email address above!
Ayers (Union Road) Baker Bell (York) Biggar (Springfield
Bigney Boulter Bruce Callbeck
Ching (Basin Head) Clark (Tryon & Bedeque) Clements Connell (O'Connell)
CostainCottrell Davison (E. Prince, PEI) Dawson
Drummond (Brookfield)Francis (Tryon/Bay Fortune) Gillcash Gouldrup (Tryon)
GroggettHardy Haslam (Worldwide) Holland
HoseaHowatt (Tryon) Lea Leard (Tryon)
Lord (Tryon, Bedeque)MacInnis MacWilliam(s) (Tryon) Maxfield (UEL)
McClavertyMc/MacDonald Mc/MacRae (Tryon) McVean/McVain
MorelyMuttart (Tryon)Myers (Crapaud) Noys
Penpraise PollardQuinlan Rogers
RoseSchurman (UEL)Seller (York) Smith (Crapaud)
StanfieldStetson [Stitson]
(Frenchfort, Freetown)
Stordy (Tryon) Thomas
Thompson (Tryon)Toombs (York)Ulrich Warren (Tryon)
White (Tryon & Bedeque)WhiteheadWright Wood

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