The Descendants of George M. Lee

1999 - R. D. Lee - [email protected]

This is a very small lineage, and R. D. needs you help. If you have any information you think might help please pass is along to the email address above.

The Descendants of George M. Lee

George M. Lee was born in England 1811 Died in Fredericton, NB 1890 Married a Flora born in Scotland in 1813

They had 11 children, nine were born in PEI.

i. George M. Lee Jr. born about 1836

ii. William H. Lee born about 1838

iii. Eliza Lee botn 1840

iv. Ann Lee born 1842

v. Henry Lee born 1844

vi. Elenor Lee born 1846

vii. Sophia Lee born 1848

viii. Alexander F. Lee born 1850

ix. Nuton Lee born 1852

x. Amanda Lee born 1854 in NB.

xi. Milinda Lee born 1856 in NB.

Anyone have any more information that could help out?

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