Letter from P.E.I. - Dembo Suckils to Lieut. General Fanning, Jan 19, 1803

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The following letter was transcribed for us by Mike Salmon, [email protected] from his collection of Prince Edward Island Covers.

To His Excellency Lieut General Fanning Lieut Governor of Island Prince Edward Etc.

This Humble Petition of Dembo Suckles Shewith

That your Petitioner is desirous of Settling On the Royalty of Georgetown and therefore Humbly prays that your Excellency will be pleased to give him a Grant of a Town (interlined number 3 in 4th hundred?) and Pasture Lot (interlined Number 52) and that your petitioner will as in Duty Bound (interlined ever) pray.

January 19th, 1803 Dembo Suckils

The outside of the letter reads:
His Excellency
Lieutenant General Fanning

on the opposite fold reads
Petition of Bembo Suckills (one of many known spelling variations of his name)
Dated 19th January 1803
9th Sepm 1803
Text overlayed in red over the addressing of the letter....

Bimbo No. 3 Range lot A.
Pas/Lot 52 A.
John Livingston No. 1.1 R.1.A
Pasture Lot 75

Land Registry shows: Liber 11 Folio 207
From Edmund Fanning to Bembo Suckills, George Town, farmer, grant of Lot 3, 4th Range, Letter A measuring 80' x 140' & Pasture Lot 52 containing 12 acres; Bembo must build a dwelling at least 16' x 12' within 3 years on the town lot and must fence and clear at least 3 acres of the pasture lot within 6 years; transaction dated 9 Sep., 1803; registered 9 Sep., 1803. [Thanks, Gary Carroll for looking this up, and thanks of course, to Mike Salmon for this interesting document!]

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