Letters from P.E.I. - Letters to Ann Paterson Thomson, Bedeque Road, Tryon, Prince Edward Island, Sep 17, 1845

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Letter from Elizabeth Paterson Purvis, Portobello Barracks, Dublin, Ireland to her sister, Ann Paterson Thomson, Bedeque Road, Tryon, Prince Edward Island:

Portobello, September 17th, 1845

My dear sister,

I received your welcome letter of the 15th of June and was very happy to hear that you and family were all well indeed. I feel shame at not answering your former letters I think three. When I received them my mind was so distrest about MA (Mary Anne) and James that I could not write to anyone. I hope my dear sister that you will excuse me.

I am very glad to hear that William likes farming as it saves his father and you a great deal of trouble. I am glad that David will have a trade and that Betsy is so clever. I hope my dear sister that you will have them all settled about you comfortable. Ann and Dunne is well. We hear from them twice a week. Bess and her family are well. She has three children. George was made sergeant last March. He is still in the school. We had the pleasure of seeing James six weeks ago. He is now employed by Mr. Stuard (Stewart) a Land Agent for different noblemen in England and Ireland. Mr. Stuard came over with him from London to Waterford where he remained two months and from that he went to Sligo to survey there. He thinks it will be two months before he returns. This Mr. Steward has a great deal of ground in Prince Edward Island. He has an agent there to superintend. Your farm my dear sister might be part of his land. James says that he is a good landlord.

Mary Anne is well and we are very happy to have her at home with us. She is useful to her father in doing all his writing and keeping his accounts. He is not able to do much now. Thank God we enjoy tolerable good health. I fear that you must feel the employment there very fatigueing but as you all enjoy good health it pays you for all your trouble.

There is two companies gone from Woolwich to relieve that at Charlotte and one at Halifax. They are expected home next month.

Mrs. Weatherhead enjoys tolerable good health. She sends her love to you and Thomson and all the children. James and Mary Anne send their love to you and all your family.

Eliz. Purvis


Letter from Mary Anne Purvis Wilson, Portobello Barracks, Dublin, Ireland to her aunt, Ann Paterson Thomson, Bedeque Road, Tryon, Prince Edward Island:

My dear aunt,

I sincerely hope this will find you and my dear uncle and cousins in the enjoyment of good health. I suppose by now you have received my letter which I wrote ______ to you my dear Aunt.

Anne and Dunn to _____ or ______ in November next as they have done every year. George Grant is to have the school as soon as they get someone to fill his place qualified to undertake it but he does not think he will have to leave Woolwich. The Allens are still here he being a ______ M. Sgt.

Mary, I believe I told you before is married since April to a ___ Sgt. Ingram stationed at Ballincollig. James the third eldest is apprenticed to the wholesale haberdashery he of business in London, a fine berth got for him by Mrs. Warren widow of our old Adjutant Warren who was living here with his father Mr. Stockley who is Veterinary Surgeon here.

I sent a Scotch newspaper yesterday to Uncle which Dunn sent to me for this purpose. I hope he will get it.

You will be glad my dear aunt to hear that Joe Patrickson has left the seafaring trade and settled (the last time we heard of him) somewhere near Liverpool in a situation. Salary a guinea per week.

I will now conclude my dear Aunt with kindest love to my Uncle and cousins and remain your affectionate niece.

Mary Anne Wilson

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